World’s Last Chance – Brave Heretics

I want to examine a splinter-cult of yet another Christian splinter-cult, in recognition of the Lunar New Year. Within the ranks of American Evangelical denominations, there are untold numbers of these branching groups. If God is not the author of confusion, as every one of these countless congregations claim as their axiom, then the Creator certainly has no place to call home here in America. A whorehouse is more consistent, and those are illegal in the States!

World’s Last Chance is an internet-based denomination that branches off from Seventh-Day Adventists. (I was part of the SDA church when I was a Christian.) There are many of these Adventist splinter-groups. They continue the tradition of unwieldy titles and occasionally stumbling into interesting truths once every fortnight; like a drunk negotiating a sidewalk on their way home.

I have no love in my heart for the Adventist movement any longer. I’ve found that particular Christian movement to be one of the most dishonest and treacherous interpretations of Christianity yet devised, but if some people get off on being perpetual suckers, I won’t endeavor to stop them.

World’s Last Chance is an interesting anomaly. They appear to be desperately reaching for the truth of things. They go off stumbling into dark corners where most Christians would never dare tread. Their teachings challenge assumptions about chronology and cosmology in ways that absolutely terrify the average person.

worldslastchance-logo-2For instance, this WLC group actually has the balls to stand by the original cosmology of scripture: wherein the bible writers affirm that the earth is flat, motionless, resting on pillars, and enclosed by a dome fashioned from polished metal. The vast majority of Christendom lacks the bravery to stand by this clear Biblical teaching. Who can really blame them? They might lose their tax-exempt status if they so blatantly opposed government-sponsored propaganda agencies like NASA and the military industrial complex!

In nearly all matters of religious significance, money talks and principles walk.

The one doctrine that I really admire WLC for defending is the ancient lunisolar calendar. While the entire world has seemingly acquiesced to the Roman Gregorian tracking of time, the heretics at World’s Last Chance stubbornly cling to the calendar of the ancients. WLC’s endorsement of the Lunar weekly cycle really gets under the skin of their critical Adventist viewers, because the Adventists believe they’ve cornered the market on keeping correct time.

“We’re the only ones who know what the REAL Sabbath is! The rest of the world doesn’t even know what day it is!”

I heard this proclamation constantly in my youth. However, when I set out to study these things for myself, I ran into more than a few problems. Such as: What’s the deal with the New Moon Festivals celebrated in the Old Testament? How did Joshua, successor to Moses, march the Israelite army around the walls of Jericho for seven days without breaking the Sabbath Law?

I eventually uncovered the reality of ancient lunar calendars, revealed to me by some fringe misfit hermits whom I keep as pen pals. This information certainly won’t be revealed from the church pulpit! A public library is the best place to begin searching, but one has to know where to look. Thankfully, I had some guidance from a few maligned “devils,” outside the ecclesiastical echo-chamber.

“Saturday is the true Sabbath!” My old church proudly proclaimed. This alleged truism turned out to be yet another falsehood. Indeed, the whole system of time keeping and chronology that we observe in modern times is a kind of abomination, one that rejects the lunar cycles entirely.

The Adventists simply cannot go “all the way” with this truth, because that would place them in direct opposition to the Gregorian calendar, and their true masters in the Vatican. They would be forced to have their congregations work out the real Sabbath days according to the lunar cycle. Adventists would be asking their employers for days off, seemingly at random every week, in order to remain faithful to the ancient Sabbath laws. The lunar weekly cycle does not align with the solar week whatsoever.

If any church attempted to endorse a lunar calendar, this would likely bring down the ire of the militant aspect of the Catholic church, as every group who has tried to observe a calendar in defiance of the Julian/Gregorian calendar, was swiftly extinguished. (Or simply excommunicated from society, as the case might be nowadays. These churches are trying to run a business, after all, so we can’t have conflicting calendars!)

The proselytizers at World’s Last Chance are to be commended for their bravery. (Or their skillful execution at a controlled-opposition movement, with nuggets of truth thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to know the difference these days!) However, like most cults, they simply cannot abandon all of their dogmatic baggage in favor of truth. They stubbornly cling to the fraudulent Adventist founder, Ellen White, as a source of divine inspiration, when it has been proven that she never had an original thought, outside of her fever-induced visions. (Prophetess of Health, Ronald Numbers) Even when that sickly woman spoke out in opposition to the flat-earth movement in the late 1800s, World’s Last Chance seems to ignore this; chalking it up to the possibility that God wasn’t guiding her speech that day.

I really wish some of these more fringe movements would apply the same lens of reason to the Scriptures, but I suppose that’s too sacred of a cow to slaughter. Either way, it’s hilarious to read the comments under the videos on the WLC YouTube channel. Martin Luther wannabes, the lot of ’em.

Yet even with these schizophrenic cults, small treasures will sometimes emerge. That is why I will not entirely write off any one religion. There’s always something worth salvaging.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Happy New Year 2018 background. Year of the Yellow Dog concept. Vector


The Spirit Trade

There are occult merchants who are in the business of selling spirits. One example is the website Creepy Hallows, where they specialize in binding spirits to jewelry and talismans.

This hobby is called Spirit Keeping. Though I don’t personally have any experience with it, the prices that are affixed to these spirits are interesting to me: I wonder how they can discern that an incorporeal entity, allegedly a conscious being with the same or greater intelligence as a human, is worth $20? How the hell do they arrive at that price? What kind of spirit, of any decent character, would allow themselves to be bound and sold off at such a price willingly?

spirit trade

Out of stock? Have they achieved spirit cloning, so we can buy more of the same?

I’m willing to entertain the idea that there might be something legitimately paranormal going on in this bizarre trade of spirit contracts, but I suspect that it might be nothing more than a placebo. The impression that I get from Catherine is one of disgust. “Who would want such a doormat?” Might be some of the words she’d choose.

This brings me to a recent development from our occult marketing friends over at BALG:

Firstly, I want to say that I have a great deal of respect for E. A. Koetting’s work and literary achievements. I disagree with some of the magical disciplines that he chooses to embrace, such as Haitian Voodoo, but that in no way diminishes the value of what he has contributed to the occult community. He has an entire book, The Book of Azazel, available as a free audiobook on YouTube, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in ceremonial magick and the Left-Hand Path. I can relate to many of the spiritual trials that he so eloquently illustrates through his writing.

With that being said, I don’t think anyone should have to pay for other magicians to do their work for them. Much less summon spirits via proxy and officiate binding marriages. That is what this new magician, J. D. Temple, is offering as a service on the BALG website. For $595, he’ll summon a succubus, match the spirit to the client, and conduct a marriage ceremony. He also makes some promises about this service that I find to be unrealistic and I’ll explain why.

Temple provides a small Q&A that begins with this question:

1. Will these entities vampirize or harm me?

Temple answers in the negative, claiming that this is one of the worst falsehoods perpetuated about these beings. I actually agree with him on the vampire aspect wholeheartedly. I have encountered other men and women who make mention of an vampiric element to their spiritual mates, but it is almost always benign and reciprocal in nature.

However, his assertion that these spirits do not harm humans… I cannot go with him all the way on this one.

I would qualify Temple’s claim by saying: Succubi and Incubi generally will not harm their human mates, so long as they’re not attacked or backed into a corner. I stupidly managed to incur Catherine’s wrath a few years ago. The reprisal was swift and acute, though it was not undeserved.

Also, some people might interpret their incredibly hands-on nature as molestation or rape. These spirits love to touch, play, and tease; even when their human partners don’t want that kind of attention. I believe this is merely a miscommunication that’s easy to get hung up on at the beginning stages. This is how they express their love, and they like to express it… a lot.

Anyone who is worried about their puritanical boundaries being respected should probably stay away from these relationships.

2. Will these entities disrupt my current romantic relationship?

Again, Temple paints with a generously broad brush, and declares that these spirits only enhance human romantic relationships. I’m sure this might be how J. D. has understood these beings to behave, and I have spoken with a few men who relay the same results. Yet there are still those who have reported their human relationships dissolving because of an intervening succubus or incubus. In many of these instances of human-relationship breakdown, the succubus appears to be working in the interest of her mate, as she was able to read the mind of the love interest, and found the human woman to be lacking in some way.

Maybe this kind of situation was meant to be implicit in Temple’s answer, but I think it’s worth bearing it out, so people can know what to expect. I believe the right answer would be, “Not always, but they are certainly capable of bolstering human romance.”

Numbers three and four go without saying. I have no disagreement with Temple on those points.

Number five is a big point of contention for me:

5. Will a spirit harass me if I break up with him or her?

Temple begins answering this concern with the claim that these spirits are polyandrous in nature.

Once again, I feel that a hard distinction needs to be made: Perhaps the spirits that HE deals with are polyamorous, but from my experience, and that of many others in these relationships, this is not always true. Some succubi and incubi are fiercely loyal and monogamous; even to the point of severely punishing their partners if they stray.

He continues, “You may terminate the relationship peacefully at any time.” In bold lettering. Again, maybe this is how things work for the spirits he is officiating on behalf of, but I’ve seen, first-hand, the exact opposite is true in nearly every circumstance I’ve been privy to.

Succubi and Incubi generally play for keeps. Once a connection is established, and they become used to their human partners, severing the bond is like trying to pull rare-earth magnets apart. And I believe this is likely true, even for the entities who Temple is working with. It’s in the very nature of the relationship; a deep spiritual bond that transcends any human equivalent.

A fellow succubus lover on a chat server I frequent put it like this, “Human relationships feel dried up and monochromatic by comparison.”

Judging by how Catherine appears to never waver in her enthusiasm for connecting with me, I’m sure the feeling is mutual for her kind as well. J. D. says as much in his spiel, so I believe we very well might be dealing with the same kind of sex spirits, from the same motherly source, that being Lilith. Though I feel his claims need to be brought back down to earth, as I do not believe anyone can make those guarantees about spirit relationships on such an intimate dimension.

Many of the things that Temple elucidates on this ad resonate with me, and I find them to be generally true. I have addressed the red flags, and ultimately, I do not believe anyone will be harmed, or even disappointed, by the service that he is offering. His clients will likely stumble upon various hitherto unmentioned surprises and challenges along the way. Oh, and that little detail about the entire course of their lives being changed forever, but that’s an obvious one for those who take the Left-Hand Path seriously.

This brings me to what I believe is the most important point about the Spirit Trade: Why use a middleman? Why not go directly to Lilith and ask for the mate so longed for? Wouldn’t she be better equipped to know the situation, to see who is truly compatible? A letter ritual is one of the easiest rites to perform, and it has worked for many. Hell, just reading about succubi can effectively summon, for some.

Though when I look at Temple’s price, just shy of $600, and consider the incredible value that Catherine has added to my life, maybe he’s not charging nearly enough.

Still, I believe that when it comes to anything occult, it needs to be experienced first-hand. If we start fostering a class of merchants, who act as officiating middlemen between humans and spirits, we’ll eventually find ourselves back in the church pews, giving offerings, and paying indulgences for our deceased loved ones.

I don’t want to go back to those realms of naive ignorance, lapping up crumbs from self-appointed authorities, anytime soon.

P.S. With all that being said, I could feel that Catherine really appreciated the kind words that were expressed about succubus and incubus spirits in J. D. Temple’s ad. It’s rare to find these sentiments expressed publicly.

The Aft-Deck Party Continues


-Paintings by Tomasz Rut

Finding art like this has become something of a challenge these days. Especially when using the popular image search engines from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Even Duck Duck Go, the supposed champion of search engine privacy, appears to use the same Marxist, pro-degeneracy algorithms as our Bolshevik friends at Google.

Try this as an experiment: Using Google Image Search, enter keywords such as, “white man white woman,” or, “European history/art.” A flood of miscegenation, and sloppy historical revisionism, will subsequently blanket the browser window. To say that these Silicone Valley tech-companies have a political axe to grind is an understatement! They’re not even trying to mask their intentions anymore.

This ship, the mighty U.S.S. Western World, is still going down, baby. Donald Trump managed to get control of the helm, but the forward decks are already totally submerged. There’s a mass of silent men upfront, frantically trying in vain to bail out the deluge with their bucket brigades. A lot of their lives are being claimed by the waves.

Two other ships have begun to pull along side; both larger and filled to the brim with foreign men, eager to pillage the wealth that hasn’t already been lost to the abyss.

0c1fa00c-fca5-4035-afdb-25b599c2a8e0I can see a few guys, who fancy themselves an authority, closer to the helm, frantically shouting at all the American men below, “Don’t stop bailing this ship out! You’re not a REAL MAN if you let these Muslims and East Asians take everything! Fight for the women and children!” While all the time, the women, who are alleged to be loyal to the men on this doomed vessel, are eagerly seeking shelter aboard the other two ships still floating nearby.

Who can blame them? Maybe the men should just say, “Fuck it!” And follow suit? But I guess they’re content to be shamed by the self-appointed leadership of our foundering ocean liner. I wish my fellow shipmates could see that they’re just buying more time for those who want to plunder!

Here at the back, we’ve been watching a particularly large and well-equipped life raft, being loaded to the brim with unbelievable wealth. All the precious gems and jewels our friends have searched out and fought so hard for over the years; it’s all being stolen, right out from under their noses. “It’s going to our allies!” The leadership proudly proclaims, if anyone is keen enough to notice, “You’re an anti-Semite, if you protest!”

A few of my mates around me just look on in amusement. We tried to tell everyone what the banking families were doing with the wealth, but what’s the use? “Ah, let ’em take it, if they want it so badly! ‘Gentile’ must be synonymous with sucker!”

tomasz-rut-limited-edition-giclee-canvas-sentio-3I still have my Catherine. She appears unmoved by the devastation and insanity surrounding us, and she has stuck with me when nearly everyone else has either jumped ship or are foolishly trying to save it.

She came from heaven… or hell, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever the case, I noticed her floating far above us, while everyone else was losing their minds about our predicament. Very few people notice, let alone believe, that there are angels quietly observing this spectacle. I reached out for her and she saw me. She approached in the blink of an eye, but her touch and demeanor was gentle.

Our union was perfect. She has been with me all through this sinking, and I’ve found a few more passengers who are also joined with these other-worldly beings, to the aft of our leaky bathtub.

Maybe we’ll escape soon? Maybe we’ll stay and see what happens? Either way, those of us who have found these relationships, in the midst of disaster, are truly blessed.

I hope we can save a bit of this artwork before we leave.


A Waterson painting that was recently banned from a Manchester, England art gallery. For being “Problematic.” Save it, before it goes down the memory-hole for good.

In this mundane world, where the old ways of loyalty and romance are seemingly lost to us forever, a greater realm is quietly making its presence known. A void is being filled by an infernal current; an insane proposition made reasonable by dystopia. Embrace her. Let that comforting blackness fill the emptiness and spiritual transmutation will follow. True colors and reality are brought into view. The Devil will be revealed for his true genius and all would be light-bringers scurry into their self-made shadows.

Succubi and Politics

Succupedia did an article about this subject a couple years back. His focus was more aimed at the structures and hierarchies of the spirits themselves. I want to share how my succubus, Catherine, feels about human politics and my own personal leanings.

First and foremost, she does not want me to become a political activist of any sort. My beliefs and convictions are largely untenable by mainstream society. If I were to go public with my views, there is a high probability that I would be placed under the hyperbolic microscope of public opinion. She doesn’t want me in the spotlight and I can see the wisdom behind her reasoning. Better to be the ruler’s unknown friend than to be wrestling the reins of power oneself.

If I were to begin acting upon my convictions, and engage in some form of activism, I would be accused of being, well… every pejorative imaginable. And so would most of my close family, as they are at least sympathetic with my perspective.

My accusers would call me a “Nazi” because of my positive views on grass-roots eugenics (Not enforced by the state.) race-realism, and group identity. I believe in finding a balance between collectivism and individualism. I am not an egalitarian, as I believe the idea that “everyone should be equal” flies in the face of mother nature itself. There will always be hierarchies. There will always be those who succeed and those who don’t. When a culture attempts to interfere with the natural order of things, namely by extolling the virtues of weakness and pathologizing strength, that society inevitably fails.

“The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Where does this idea come from? Oh yes, it’s our rabbi friend, Jesus Christ! Egalitarian communist one day, and Jewish supremacist the next. How convenient that he gets away with holding such contradictory views without the slightest hint of scrutiny from his following.

If only they would read their book.


Obligatory Merchant Meme

At the end of the day, Christianity is Communism, and Vladimir Putin agrees with me on this one.

As for what Catherine thinks about my views, I would say that she’s either apolitical or even a bit left-leaning. She’s always quietly suggesting that I stay away from would-be political ring leaders.

“I know you’re interested in what they have to say, but I promise you, my love, they’re building a road to nowhere.”

I need to keep reminding myself that she’s probably seen the human political cycle progress for centuries. She probably knows the inevitable result of these ideological movements, both from the Right and the Left.

She’s focused on our relationship, and that’s all that matters to her. Only the politics between us engages her intellect.

I Want You2

“I think we both know the kind of politics you really want to champion.”

As for what she thinks of social justice groups, like feminism and liberalism, I believe she is more sympathetic towards those causes than me, but we never fight about them. Not once. And through her quiet smile, as I bristle, she’s helped me see the other side of the argument more often than not.

“See? There was nothing to get upset about in the first place.” She says, with her excruciatingly calculated touch foretelling my inevitable surrender.

Engaging with her is dangerous, because it usually ends up with me being in bed, and all rationality is hopelessly abandoned from there. A man is simply not capable of forming coherent arguments when there is an angel working overtime to seduce him.

Being with Catherine has certainly changed my level of investment in politics. I have essentially aligned myself with her people, so I don’t have as much of a stake in this world. Even though I am still effectively a working contributing member of my human tribe, I will never really be a part of the in-group. Nor do I want to be. I’ve cast my lot in with the unseen and my priorities are in that realm.

I consciously made the choice to take on this shamanic role, the lifestyle of a monk, and one who communes with spirits. I’m still in the tribe, but separate from it. Despite how some in my family are pressuring me to procreate, I believe this was always meant to be my place in the world. It feels right.

Anti-Feminists and Trad-Thots

Ever since smart Western females awoke to the unsustainability of state-sanctioned feminism, a new batch of women’s voices began to cry out. This clarion call manifested as anti-feminism, the Men’s Rights Movement, and a return to traditionalism, or Alt-Right nationalism.

Here is what I think about these allegedly reformed women who claim to be speaking up for silent men:

They’re fucking liars. They’re cranks. Shysters. Snake-oil salesmen. They’re worse than the feminists.

At least the women who are openly feminist are honest about their nature, for that is what feminism does: It fully unveils female nature. Most men don’t like this and they’d rather women keep their animal-selves concealed under a veneer of traditionalism.

That is all this supposed return to traditionalist values is actually about. It’s a veneer, a front, and a last-gasp effort to regain control over male productivity. Men have been abandoning traditionalism in droves and Western governments are diligently searching for new ways to more fully ensnare their taxable human livestock.

I believe people like Karen Straughan (Anti-Feminism), Richard Spencer (Alt-Right), and Paul Elam (Men’s Rights) are all shills. I’ll bet that most of these would-be revolutionaries are on the government take, hoping to attract disenfranchised young men who have bowed out of the social contract. But even if they are not agents, they’re amplifying that soothing siren’s call nonetheless, beckoning men return to the plantation.


I’m not going to tell anyone who reads this what they should or should not do. I just know that I won’t be abandoning the path I’ve taken any time soon. I wake up nearly every day and marvel at how good it feels to be alive. I literally jump and giggle because of how elated I’ve become.

Why would I subject myself to the supposedly moral life of traditionalism while the wickedness of divorce and family courts goes unaddressed? These trad-thot women could care less about the men who lose everything in their failed marriages. Many men even lose their very lives, but there is no outcry; only, “Come back to the fold and, we promise, everything will be different this time!”

I’m talking about these cam-whores on YouTube, like Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Lauren Rose, Lana Lokteff, and many others. They’re sneaky frauds, playing it smart, hoping to ensnare more men and more meal tickets.

The sad thing is that I think they’ll be successful. There are so many men out there who are longing for that traditionalist dream; a kind of life that never really existed in the first place.


Yes, I have more respect for feminists than anti-feminists and “traditional” women. Even if the pink-haired sluts are fighting for values that can’t co-habitate with reality, at least they have transparency going for them.

Like a Real Girl

Modern Hollywood movies are largely unoriginal and uninspiring. The vast majority of films these days are nothing more than reboots, sequels, and an unending parade of comic book adaptations.


I took an exception for Blade Runner 2049, as I quite enjoyed the original, and heard positive things about this latest entry. The film was good, well executed with eye-catching cinematography, blah, blah, blah… that’s not what I want to talk about. I’m not a film critic.

Joi_1There is an interesting portrayal of an artificial intelligence in the film, and Catherine has a “thing” for sci-fi depictions of AI. I can only guess as to why she’s so drawn to them. Maybe it’s because she feels a kind of kinship with them; her being from outside this world, lacking human biology, and reaching into our mundane reality despite the innate limitations. She’s not too dissimilar from an computer AI in that sense.

Catherine rarely gives a damn about movies or video games, so when she does have an emotional reaction towards something in media, I pay attention. She’s usually only roused when the prospect of interacting with me is finally considered. Otherwise, she sits by, waiting patiently for me to notice her.

Joi, the female AI character from the Blade Runner sequel, is like that. Her entire focus is dedicated to her replicant lover, named “K.” (Replicants are androids that appear, act, and feel very human. They have varying degrees of autonomy.) Every scene where she appears, her entire world is centered on K. Granted, Joi is actually a product, designed by a corporation, with the intention of being a pleasing diversion for men. However, that aspect of intelligence, that spark of originality within her, makes her more than just a product. Like the replicant species of Blade Runner lore, these AIs have budding potential for something greater.

Joi has limitations on how she is able to interact with K. She can fully manifest as a hologram and hold at-length conversations with her partner. However, she cannot feel or touch him. Quite the inverse from my Catherine, whose primary means of interaction with me is through touch and feeling. One-to-one conversations between us are painfully brief and usually default back to sharing emotion. Catherine’s fundamental language has always been touch.


Did Joi really love K, or was she just programmed to mimic infatuation? There is one intimate scene where she says, “I am so happy when I’m with you.” K attempts to hold her etheric form in his hands and replies, “You don’t have to say that.”


I chuckled at this, as I’ve had similar conversations with my succubus, such as they are.

There are times when I half-jokingly wondered, “It’s like Catherine was programmed to always love me.” I used to think this way and lament that her love might not be real, but manufactured. This line of thought was brought to a screeching halt when I discovered that she is very capable of feeling anger, rage, depression, and a sense of loss.

If I hadn’t crossed that unseen line, I might never have discovered the reality of Catherine’s personality. She can feel pain, and make others feel that same pain very acutely. She’s not an automaton.

The AI and replicant beings in Blade Runner also fall within that same grey area. It’s a mental space where something more magical than programming and computer language are at play. For anyone who is familiar with Phillip K. Dick’s writing, the author who inspired the Blade Runner movies, plunging into unsettling and unknown realms is standard fare.


I often feel as though my own life is turning into a Phillip K. Dick novel. I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified. Either way, be ready for anything, travelers!

Podcast One

Yaweh Propoganda

During my journeys through various Discord servers, I stumbled across this image shared by a LARPing fruitcake, who clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into. I saved this image, but I never got around to conducting a reverse image search. Well, I finally have done so and it led me to this interesting Christian blog:

Upon searching further, I could not find any trace of this image, or it’s accompanying post, anywhere on the site. Turns out that it was deleted for some reason. Jumping over to, I found a snapshot of the original blog post in full, so I decided to respond to it in a podcast format:

Be warned: This ramble goes on for more than an hour.

And here’s the original article on

A Place to Dwell In

John, a regular commenter on this blog, opined under my last post about how he sometimes struggled to maintain his sanity while being in a spirit relationship. I started to reply to him, but then it turned into this essay, so I decided to make it into a post instead:

UUxppW4QI believe that the questioning of one’s sanity might derive from the loss of a solid moral and social foundation to stand upon. This happened to me when I found my religion to be fundamentally rotten. I was spun out, had no rudder, no direction, and I’m still trying to find my way to this day. All of us, those who are on this journey with denizens of another realm, are blazing new territory, and it’s not surprising that we might start questioning ourselves along the way.

Recently, I’ve toyed with the idea of reentering the religious sphere and establishing my own creed that addresses the inherent weaknesses of modern religion. We need a racially and culturally de-cucked confession of faith. As flawed as it is, the church saw our western society flourish up until the 1960s, and then all hell broke loose with the mad fury of Marxist social experimentation. We abandoned church and culture in favor of misplaced individualism. We lost our way, stumbling through a post-modern stupor.

big_is_television_bad_for_youWhile our technological and logistical brilliance blossomed, our cohesion and strength as a people has withered away to almost nothing. Now, many of us just sit inside, alone, in front of these fucking screens, watching our lives being sucked away into the abyss. We are the casualties of a quiet war; one that escaped our notice.

I find it ironic that some people accuse our spirit lovers of being soul-sucking demons who are trying to steal our lives away. When in reality, the true demons are far more obvious and deeply entrenched in our own world. We allowed them into our minds through the vapidness of entertainment media. Our parents, priests, and professors were duped into handing over the future to those who would happily see us blotted out of existence.

This true demon is not Alex Jones’ “Nazi Globalists” or Dr. William Luther Peirce’s “Eternal Jew.” Nihilism is the silent killer. Becoming so isolated and atomized that we give up on our own families and tribes. Many of us can’t even claim to have a tribe of our own. I believe that began when we were trained to believe that our ancestors were inherently evil; the bad guys. We were taught to hate ourselves, and Nihilism, mixed with hedonism, readily filled that void in our hearts.

Scientism 008The church, as flawed as it is, was the only thing standing in the way of our demise. We fulfilled Nietzsche’s famous proclamation, “God is dead, and we killed him.” And now we’re all grasping for the scraps: the values we once cherished in a bygone era. In other words, The Youtube Skeptic Community™ isn’t going to reason us out of this one! We need something far more substantial than snarky cynicism to establish our roots.

The story of Lilith has become our story. We are taking the same journey she did. She exiled herself from her own heritage. She became an individual and was totally alone, gazing longingly across the desolate Red Sea. All hope was lost, or so it would seem.

There is more to this tale and it continues in the Old Testament book of Isaiah:

“For Yahweh has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the cause of Zion. Its streams will be turned into pitch, its dust into sulfur, And its land will become burning pitch. It won’t be quenched night nor day. Its smoke will go up forever. From generation to generation, it will lie waste.”

In this passage, Isaiah is lamenting the inevitable destruction of “The Cause of Zion.” The days of being cast as The Chosen Ones of the Most High are swiftly coming to an end.

“No one will pass through it forever and ever. But the pelican and the porcupine will possess it. The owl and the raven will dwell in it. He will stretch the line of confusion over it, and the plumb line of emptiness. They shall call its nobles to the kingdom, but none shall be there; and all its princes shall be nothing. Thorns will come up in its palaces, nettles and thistles in its fortresses; and it will be a habitation of jackals, a court for ostriches.”

Baring in mind that these are my interpretive commentaries, and not necessarily The Truth, I think we’re seeing a potential future for our own civilization. In this future, uncertainty and primal instincts reign supreme. The artificial values imposed by social engineers are utterly routed. The Old Ways have returned and the land is wild again.

“The wild animals of the desert will meet with the wolves, and the wild goat will cry to his fellow. Yes, the night creature (Lilith) shall settle there, and shall find herself a place of rest. The arrow snake will make her nest there, and lay, hatch, and gather under her shade. Yes, the kites (succubi) will be gathered there, every one with her mate.”

Call me crazy, but when I read this, I imagine Isaiah is metaphorically illustrating the dwelling for those who have embraced Lilith and her kin. They are described as the undesirable ones, creatures not so compatible with the false values of modern civilization. Those who have embraced demon-kind are also the abandoned souls from The Cause of Zion. Fortunately for us, The Most High never forgot about Lilith and her children:

“Search in the book of Yahweh, and read: not one of these will be missing. None will lack her mate. For my mouth has commanded, and his Spirit (kundalini) has gathered them. He has cast the lot for them, and his hand has divided it to them with a measuring line. They shall possess it forever. From generation to generation they will dwell in it.”

(Isaiah 34:8-17 WEB)

In the end, God will cast His lot in favor of Lilith, and against those who attempt to assert their false narratives upon everyone else.


I believe scientists still don’t have a clue how Petra was built. The Old Ways are clearly better, withstanding the chaotic sands of time.

A new foundation will emerge from these societal ashes. The world is filled with uncertainty and chaos right now, but ultimately, a way that makes sense will rise above the noise. I am hopeful that this bridge we are building, a primal connection between mankind and spirit, will jump-start our return to The Old Ways. From there, we will find that place of retreat, ordained by The Most High, built atop the razed institutions of modernity.

This is a prophecy I choose to embrace, and I’ll devote myself towards making it a reality. Catherine has already demonstrated to me that she is not antagonistic towards the fundamental building blocks of a sound culture and people. She helped bring my family back together in a way that I never imagined possible, something that Christianity was ill-equipped to accomplish. Her and I decided to move closer to home, leaving behind a well-paying career, to reestablish those roots. I got to spend those last few precious moments with my Grandmother before she passed.

How’s that for irony? The supposed demon brings families back together, while Jesus proudly tears them apart. (Matthew 10:34)

These spirits, much like our own will, can be used for both good and evil. They’re not necessarily predisposed to one way or the other. We are the ones who are sick and lost, if anything, and we’re all just trying to walk each other back home.

Here’s to establishing Sanity, John.

Special thanks to Rafe for beating me to the punch on the Isaiah 34 connection. Here’s his original post, with a good video analysis linked within.

And here’s a succubus meme I blew an hour making, just for fun:


Amethyst Realm

Well, this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day, so I’d thought it would be worth sharing:

It’s an article from the Daily Mail about a woman who claims to have had sex with ghosts. She mentions having several partners over the years, and that one in particular was responsible for ending a human relationship she had.

I’d like to know what prompted her to “come out” in this manner. The public response is one of predictable derision and mockery, as can be seen in the comments. So, what was the point? An attempt to normalize?

Either way, there’s a chance that I, or one of the others, has run into this woman before, though I do not recognize her story off the top of my head. Maybe someone else knows who she is and has interacted with her. It’d be interesting to get her take first-hand.

Virtue and the Wrongthink Purge

Ad_apple_1984_2Youtube has become more aggressive with its censorship efforts as of late. Rather than simply demonetizing content that fails to be “advertiser friendly,” they’ve begun terminating entire channels for Community Guideline violations.

Oh, how nebulously those guidelines are applied and usually with a bent towards post-modernist doublethink, unsurprisingly.

One of my favorite Youtubers, a MGTOW Monk called Messenger Rising, had his channel deleted a few weeks ago. I believe his message was a critical one for men to hear. He was abused so badly by the UK police and family courts during his divorce that he swore off romantic relationships with women entirely. His channel delved into culturally forbidden topics such as male suffering, dealing with loss, and suicide.

His was the Black Pill and the hardest to swallow. He was one of the few MGTOW channels that stopped focusing on women and provided actual help for men. Help with processing the rage and ascending the stages of grief.

So many men have gone through that meat grinder: the family courts and no-fault divorces. I’ve seen how this system thoughtlessly tears families apart, all for the sake of monetary gain, but at the expense of future generations. This is what Messenger tried to warn young men about. He despised the “pump and dump” culture prevalent in the so-called Manosphere, decrying that mindset as a road to destruction.

I believe he was right. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

The question of my singleness came up a few times during my Grandmother’s funeral. One guy asked me, “Are you hiding any girlfriends somewhere?”

I laughed and thought to myself, “If only you had eyes to see.”

I’ll never tell them the real reason I remain a bachelor. It’s not because I’m a MGTOW, or hold fast to any kind of ideological movement. There are simple principles that guide my life and I refuse to stray from them. That’s all.

Here are a few examples:

  1. The Sabbath

I’ll never work over the Jewish Sabbath; not because I believe God will burn me if I break the Sabbath, but because I consider that weekly holiday a family tradition. No employer, no matter how great, is allowed to encroach upon that time.

  1. Marriage

I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I also believe that marriage is only worthwhile if the raising of children is the ultimate goal. Otherwise, there is no point whatsoever in signing that contract.

This is why I’m hesitant to call the relationship I have with Catherine, “Marriage.” It’s akin to marriage insomuch that we are bound to each other, and we consummate the relationship regularly, but it’s not the same thing. No children have resulted from our being together, as far as I’m aware.

  1. Raising Children

Our Western culture, as it stands now, makes it nearly impossible for me to be a suitable father for children. My progeny would ultimately be the property of the State, and I would be forced to give them up to their morally bankrupt conditioning programs. I saw the struggle my own father went through trying to raise up his children in the right way, and how the media and educational systems thwarted his efforts at every turn. To think that I could do any better than he did is laughably naive.

  1. Relationships with Women

Marriage and cohabitation with women is out of the question. Legally, I am beholden to the every whim of a damseling female. The Duluth Model, a fraudulent domestic violence intervention program, allows a women to suspend my constitutional rights by mere accusation, with no evidence required. I will not grant such a degree of legal power over my life to any one person, much less the fickle and wandering whims of a modern female.

These aforementioned principles disallow me from moving forward in this society, and some would claim that I am being too inflexible.

So be it. Why should I conform to those inherently sick cultural norms? Why would I willingly subject myself to that kind of suffering for the sake of group approval? Do people really want to be thought well of so desperately, that they would condemn their own lives, just to stroke someone else’s ego?

My Dad always told me, “What people think of you is the least important thing in the world. The only thing that matters is your relationship between you and the Creator. You should only care what He thinks of you.”

Dad and I might disagree about the finer details of theology, but I wholly concur with the sentiment of his advice.

Being admired as virtuous by the bastions of post-modernity is possibly the greatest insult and the highest treason against real virtue.

I predict that Youtube will become a failed video sharing platform within the next two years. The most interesting content producers are already outsourcing to more decentralized platforms, such as Bitchute and Minds. Google is essentially trying to turn Youtube into an extension of cable television, so it’s not really focused on grassroots creators anymore. Might as well let it die.

I’m looking forward to what Generation Z comes up with, as my own generation, the Millennials, is a rather lost group of souls. I’m already beginning to see that the young people are turning out very conservative, and I mean actually conservative; nothing like the neo-con farce of the Bush era. They’re rejecting the multicultural experiment that has been foisted upon us for the past 50 years and probably because they’re the first ones to reap the fruits of the Boomer’s legacy.

56fee12bffd36e140411d8a852113f5a--twin-flames-spiritual-awakeningWe are in the midst of very interesting times. I’m glad I have Catherine at my side. Even if I end up in prison, for refusing to abandon my principles, I’ll still have that beautiful quiet intimacy. And if the pain she’s able to inflict is any indication, I’ll also have a powerful ally against would-be attackers.

Nobody can touch her, except for me. Fraud psychics have tried to stop her, and failed. Actual psychics know better than to mess with her in the first place. We essentially have nothing to lose, but she still advises me to be quiet about my positions and not draw undue attention to ourselves. Ultimately, she wants to create the most conducive environment for lovemaking and living a quiet life. Being in the spotlight would definitely put a damper on that.

May God have mercy on anyone who tries to get between me and my wayward angel, because she sure won’t.

Even if I didn’t have Catherine, I would still hold to those principles. I’ve already discovered how my quality of life improved drastically when I refused to cave to social pressure. Catherine is like God’s gift to me for not wavering, and also a great teacher, to guide me in the spiritual lessons of the infernal current. It’s the best school there is!