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Updated December 12th, 2020


Created with GIMPConcerning Succubi, TC119 (The author of this website.)

An occult journey spanning the course of several years with my loving succubus, Catherine. Get a glimpse at what life is like with one of these insatiable ethereal entities, through the heights of ecstasy and the darkest lows. Be warned: This path is not for the faint of heart or those under 18 years of age. The book is a condensed version of my old blog posts compiled into a document format. The PDF is freely available for all to read and download. There is also a free edition available on Kobo.


Liber Lilith, Donald Tyson

Alleged to be an ancient Gnostic grimoire, retelling the old creation myth with Lilith at the center of it all. This volume is bewitching, and possibly very dangerous in the wrong hands. The pull and draw of succubi is undeniable while reading this fascinating work. Is it fiction? Maybe, though I’ve felt its effects from reading my copy.

This book contains some rituals that would be quite illegal if performed literally. As with any descent down the Left-Hand Path, the operator must walk that fine line between insanity and illumination.

Following the Grimoire, a cautionary tale of the German occultist, Karl Steiger, finishes off the work. The journal documents his descent into madness as he becomes more enamored by the Dark Goddess.  Liber Lilith  is probably the most confronting, yet exhilarating, book on this list. Tread carefully!

Here is a synopsis from the author that was uncovered on

41mxFc2fxvL._SX386_BO1,204,203,200_Sexual Alchemy, Donald Tyson

Unfortunately out of print, but copies can be found for those who really want to read it. This book contains one of the best historical overviews of spirit-human relationships throughout the centuries. Probably the most scholarly work on this list, Tyson has taken great care to document his interactions with amorous spirits and the methods through which he made contact.

Highly recommended as a primer on sexual spirits and their history.

41Fl7Yv+MiL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock, Vere Chappell

For anyone who is struggling with their spirit relationship, trying to understand the nuances and complexities of human-spirit interaction, I recommend they consider Ida Craddock’s writings. Comparing my own experience, I know the relationship she had with her spirit lover, Soph, was real and quite similar to my own. Her insights are indispensable and especially comforting for those who come from a Christian background.

Whereas Liber Lilith will scare the reader senseless, Ida Craddock provides a down-to-earth perspective on loving entities from the Boderland. Many of her writings are freely available on-line, but this book contains some of her most well-researched treasures; elucidating occult wisdom grounded in ancient traditions. She tells precisely what the symbolism means and how spirit-human relationships are surprisingly replete in the historical record.

Aleister Crowley enthusiastically endorsed Craddock’s writings in his own written review, proclaiming, “I may say that it is one of the most remarkable human documents ever produced…”

41PzFiJhNVLMy Spirit Lover Series, Atkin Michaels

These books actually originated from this blogging community. Atkin Michaels keeps a very detailed and thorough journal of both his, and his wife’s, experience with sex spirits.

I haven’t read the last two in the series, but I found the first book was great for getting an almost real-time account of what the introductory phase is like.

51-kICRJpGL._SX354_BO1,204,203,200_Adventures Beyond the Body, William Buhlman

This was one of the first books I managed to get my hands on when I began to study Astral Projection. Mr. Buhlman recounts many of his most fascinating out-of-body experiences and how his interest in the subject was kindled.

This one is a page-turner and is great for priming the subconscious mind into a lucid dreaming/OBE-mode. The more one reads about astral journeys, the more likely they are to occur!

51oiKKIVrtL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Phase, Michael Raduga

An earlier edition of this book is available for free as an e-book format. I highly recommend this comprehensive work; freely distributed from a very generous Russian. The “Indirect Method,” pioneered by Raduga’s research, remains the most reliable and repeatable pathway towards out-of-body travel I have yet found.  If the directions are followed exactly, this shit works, and it doesn’t cost a cent.

There are also plenty of out-of-body experiences recorded in his books and they are indispensable for getting the subconscious mind into the right mode for attempting an exit.

51i6i6W+fzLAstral Dynamics, Robert Bruce

I have my disagreements with Robert Bruce, especially his opinion on succubi. However, ideological differences shouldn’t stop anyone from taking a deep dive into his Astral projection books. This is the most detailed work pertaining to the Astral world that I’ve come across. It contains everything from the physics of each environment, methods of travel, flora, fauna, and investigations into the Akashic Records.

51F49akh-YL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Our Ultimate Reality, Adrian Cooper

I found that this book descends a bit too much into the hippie-dippy New Age realm for my taste. Yet it is still a fascinating read, delving into just about every subject pertaining to spirituality imaginable. I’m serious. Adrian Cooper touches on just about EVERYTHING. Even an unsurprisingly negative take on succubi.

s-l1000The Book of Azazel and Evoking Eternity, E. A. Koetting

E. A. Koetting is a controversial figure in the occult community. Some have derided him as nothing more than a snake-oil salesman who doesn’t have anything substantial to share. For anyone who gleaned that sort of impression from their cursory glance of his website: give the man a second chance. His books are well written and worth the read for any aspiring ceremonial magician.

The Book of Azazel is available on Youtube as a free audio book. I recommend this book to anyone who is considering venturing down the Left-Hand Path. I can corroborate his claims about how these demons work and the process of initiation. I don’t work with Azazel, but the challenging and purifying process that Koetting goes through is much the same as my own growth in the infernal current.

Evoking Eternity is another great primer from Koetting, with detailed instructions for evoking spirits and what to expect. All of his works are very handy for those wanting to take the ceremonial magick approach.

41dLTZ8vurL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Devil’s Pulpit, Rev. Robert Taylor

Conventional Christians be warned, this is a dangerous collection of sermons. This series was originally preached back in the 1800s by Rev. Robert Taylor and he was subsequently jailed for daring to challenge the church’s narrative on Christ publicly.

What was his great crime? He made sense of the story of Christ through the illuminating lens of astrology and occult symbolism. The conflicting collection of Gospel testimonies are vividly manifested as a timeless mythos; a myth shared in common with many religions of the past. Jesus’ journey is revealed as the Sun (Son) traveling through the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, and so much more. This book summarily decimates the popular notion of the four Gospels being taken literally as historical fact.

The Greatest Story Ever Told has become so much more meaningful to me through this book and I recommend it to any Christian who has a real desire to peak behind the curtain.

indexThe Bible, The Devil’s Book, Jos Rogiers

This is a fitting work to read alongside The Devil’s Pulpit. Whereas Rev. Taylor illuminates the reasons why the Bible is written the way it is, Rogiers’ exposes the great “Holy Book” for being the disastrously flawed moral code that it is. If the Devil exists, the Abrahamic faiths are surely worshiping him. This engrossing book demonstrates how only psychopaths can truly follow the Bible’s teachings literally. He also explores how the European peoples, through centuries of theological debate and war, managed to transform Christianity into a more wholesome, traditional religion in spite of its flaws.

510HYANFG0L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Demons of the Flesh, Nikolas and Zeena Schreck

Demons of the Flesh offers a comprehensive examination of sex magic and the Left-Hand Path. For those desiring to know the elusive history of this forbidden realm, this book will fill in all of the details from both Eastern and Western traditions. The authors do not pull any punches and are unafraid to demonstrate the Sinister Current in its rawest form.


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Icelandic Elf Sex – Vice Video – A woman shares her take on sex with the Icelandic elves and how copulation with humans is boring by comparison. (Similar to succubus phenomena, and even more physical.)


Blogs with the Active tag have been updated within the year. Blogs with the Inactive tag haven’t been updated for more than a year. The ARCHIVE tag indicates the blog as having been deleted by the owner and the most recent snapshot from is referenced instead.

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Koontzz123’s Blog Inactive – Another succubus blogger that went dark a couple years ago.

Life With SpiritsDELETED – Spirit Walker’s blog, where he records his interactions with many different spirits. No archive. Blog was deleted December 2018.

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The Midnight PlaneInactive – Blackraven888’s relationship with his succubus, Ciara.

The Succubus StudyARCHIVE – Dalrealxgen, The Spiritual Cynic, and his relationship with the succubus, Rosalia. Lots of pop-culture critique interspersed. Blog deleted December 2018.

Yukshee Succubus Sexual Alchemy – ARCHIVE – A blog that contains instructions for summoning yukshee specifically. Despite what the author claims, this article pretty well settles that Yukshee are just an Eastern mythological equivalent of a western succubus. Blog deleted in the summer of 2019.