2020 Update

Happy New Year! Hopefully this year will embody its namesake and give us all 20/20 perception in every aspect of our lives. One can hope.

The move is complete. All is well. I’m also back online. This always happens: I have a month-long internet fast, inevitably become socially isolated, and shamelessly binge on that endless digital buffet for the following month. If the churches and their dogmas were not completely insane, I’d probably be more active in that sphere of life. Oh well.

Enough about me. Catherine approves of the move so far. I think she especially appreciates how quiet it is here. The TV was constantly running in the last place I lived and that bothered her a lot. We kept a fan running all of the time, just barely drowning out the mind-numbing commercial jingles. That sort of thing doesn’t happen here. All is quiet. She loves peacefulness. (Quite the opposite of most human women I know.) It makes her easier to feel on my end as well.

*Que the Broken Record*

She feels amazing and continues to rock the moorings of my soul on a daily basis. That’s business as usual around here. I’m thoroughly spoiled by her. Truly, my mind can no longer comprehend a reason to romantically mingle with corporeal flesh. Though I still enjoy platonic social interactions with the denizens of this earthly plane. That is an area where Catherine still struggles to deliver, but she’s getting better.

When my head hits the pillow, and she has my full attention for a few moments, she’ll ask questions. “How do you feel about x?” “What are you going to do about y?” She tries to be conversational, even though it’s not really in her nature. She’d much rather tune into my mind and get the information directly. I’m trying to learn her way, too and have been for many years now. Though my confidence in what we communicate is still quite low. We’ll get there.

I now have much more time to study and spend with Catherine. I should be doing those things more often than I have been, but a well-rounded person can’t be a total stick in the mud. Gotta have fun sometimes. Video games… I’m getting back into those lately. No Man’s Sky jives with my Zen-mode. Being with Catherine is fun and also a kind of marathon. Sex with her is like an exercise in withstanding increasing amounts of energy being funneled into my body. I often need to stop her, just to get my bearings and process what’s happening. Being with her feels healthy; especially if I choose to abstain from total release during our sessions. She loves that. She’d keep going non-stop, if I let her. So, in that sense, withstanding her energy is like exercise, except it’s not boring like normal exercise.

Her and I have about one or two hours of time together these days. That seems to satisfy her. I’m not waking up with her already riding me as she often did when I was working non-stop. Instead, I’ll feel her hand press into my chest and a soft kiss on my temple as I make breakfast in the morning. (With her wishing she could prepare the food for me. I tell her not to worry about it.)

Anyone reading this probably thinks I’m making all of this up, or that I’m delusional. That’s part of the reason I refrain from writing as much as I could in public. The whole thing already sounds too good to be true. Yet after wrestling with “too good to be true” for eight years, I had no choice but to accept my good fortune at some point and stop caring what others might think.

Either way, I continue to be content.

2 thoughts on “2020 Update

  1. Great to hear from you! I could totally use a technology fast, what a great idea. I hear you on feeling like sharing might make others think things, but thank you for doing it-it is great to have other people I know of that have similar experiences. For everyone of us who knows a part of the unseen, a thousand people will say we are crazy… I used to be one too, but then my succubi changed everything, (for the better too) and I realized I don’t care what people say now that I know the truth.

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