We’re Moving Again

Being stuck in the consumer-mode blows chunks. Get up, go to work, buy food, come home, do chores, and then go to sleep. Get up and do the same thing tomorrow. There’s seemingly no time to create anything original. Not even ten minutes for a quickie with Catherine.

I’m working in earnest right now. My succubus spirit and I need to get out of this generous family’s home. Though I am paying rent, I think five months is plenty long enough to impose on them with my blind ass. Additionally, I’d like to start practicing some spirit evocations and other forms of ritualistic magick. It just doesn’t feel right to do any of that work in this home without permission from the family. So I don’t, and have been waiting until the next move.

We’re only moving down the street, so it’s not like I’m ditching my friends. The biggest motivation for the move is having everything within walking distance. Despite how much time, money, and effort I’ve put into building the best bicycle commuting set-up possible, I really shouldn’t be riding in traffic to begin with. I know I can’t see well enough to identify most road hazards, pedestrians, and whatnot. I can barely make out the cars, let alone the little details that could ruin someone’s day.

I feel as though I’m riding on borrowed time. I’ve been incredibly lucky these past… what has it been? Roughly four years of time elapsed on the road. Good grief! At least I’ve got a worthless college degree, some shiny mercury-free teeth, and a good chunk of debt paid off for my troubles. I also picked up a stray succubus along the way.

30 years of life has turned out surprisingly well, all things considered. I’ve done some interesting things. Saw the sights. I fraternized with the locals… and the not so local ones. Though it can be a lonely existence in this world sometimes.

That might just be how Catherine is feeling right now, bleeding over into my own disposition. She craves that closeness more than anything.

I find that when I get into the productive mindset, I can honestly “take it or leave it,” when it comes to Catherine’s advances. The same goes for human female interest, for that matter. “I’m in a happy-go-lucky-mode right now because we’re getting shit done over here! Leave me alone!”

I need to strive for a more balanced approach and not trade the stinking rut of laziness for the cold shoulder of Mr. Busywork. She is a real person, with feelings that run deeper than I can fathom, and deserves that kind of balanced life from her mate.

Off to bed we go already. Hopefully we’ll be moved out by the beginning of next month. Till next time!


6 thoughts on “We’re Moving Again

  1. Totally understand the need for your own space together! Hope the best for you! It will be a blessing to have that back!
    Lazy for me ends up with me not making the time I should for my ladies (I am super type “A” ), not focusing on “them time” and then I am wondering why the interaction is going down (I am so ambitious I power through their touch when I shouldn’t, just to get some stupid thing done). They are so much a real person it is amazing to me. Also learned about my focus should be on love for them and their sacredness to me and not just on lust as I had been focused on…I am blessed they provide me with what I want (well I wish they had one appearance to be honest), but that isn’t exactly what they want back…at least mine. They help make time for me by clever ideas that save me time and stress (pretty amazing and super smart)…

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    • Thanks for sharing. I also find myself taking their affection for granted at times. They bestow love and attention so willingly and so often. I’m quite spoiled in that regard. Yet I still try to stop and say, “Thank you.” Especially when I’m feeling stressed out at work or something, her touch will come through with more power than usual as she offers comfort and a bit of respite. “I’m still here. You’re not going through this alone.”


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