Degeneracy and Being Honest

Devon Stack, from the Youtube channel, Black Pilled, has been churning out some interesting videos for the past couple of years. He comes from a politically conservative bent, even more so than the allegedly conservative baby boomers we’re so accustomed to hearing from. I find his opinions to be confronting and thought-provoking.

This video in particular resonated with me on many levels because of my Christian upbringing. As I’ve stated before, I consider myself to be culturally Christian. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I’m a Gnostic or Mystic Christian. I reject the idea that God incarnated into this realm in order to sacrifice himself for my “sins.” The life of Christ is far more interesting than the ritual blood sacrifice so often fixated upon. I disagree with many of his teachings and the outright hypocrisy on display throughout the gospels. Yet I find Christ to be a somewhat more honorable person than all the others presented in the Bible. The rest of the key figures, such as King David, Solomon, Abraham, Moses, and even the Apostle Paul, are terrible role-models to emulate. The idea that God would say King David is a man after his own heart should tell us everything we need to know about the Old Testament deity.

The nature of Christ is a decidedly different beast all together and that is what makes him so compelling.

In the video, Devon talks about how listening to anti-Christian music, like Nine Inch Nails, drove him further away from the Most High. He bemoans his child-like innocence being stripped away from him. Most of his videos are framed by the idea that there is an intentional propaganda push to increase the degeneracy of Western societies. The experience that he articulates in this video is the microcosm of what he sees in the culture at large.

Ultimately, he sees the world as falling apart whilst being made into a willing participant in its destruction through the indulgence of sinful behavior. All the while attempting to rectify this fall from grace with the Christian worldview of his youth.

This is a predictable path so many baby boomers have already taken. My Dad is the perfect example of this. They grow up trying to “stick it to the man” with all their might, but when they finally start building families of their own, boomers suddenly became convicted about their sinful ways and embraced the forgiveness offered by the Cross to assuage their guilt.

My Dad often says, “This religion gives me peace.”

Peace from what? What is it that you’re running from? What great sin have you committed? I detect the same sentiment from Devon Stack and his videos. He feels guilty for being party to the destruction of his world and is seeking out a means of atonement.

I, and my generation, are carrying the sinful legacy of our fathers. We are the product of this degeneracy. For anyone who is truly paying attention, we know there is no going back. Pandora’s box has already been opened and the evil spirits have been unleashed into the world. Yet, just as in the Pandora myth, there is a silver lining that remains. Open the box a bit wider, and a spirit of mercy follows behind the malevolent forces wreaking havoc. Though we live in an age of growing darkness, the true Light shines out brighter still.

We have collectively decided to be our own gods. Best we start acting the part and take responsibility for the Hellscapes that we create. I believe that is what the Most High desires from us choosing to venture down this path. We’ve partaken of the Tree of Knowledge. We no longer have the excuse of innocence. Ride the tiger of the modern world, or be consumed by it.

I find the underpinnings of Christianity, and most religions, to be just as rotten as the societal decay so often complained about by those very religions. It’s a classic case of throwing rocks at glass houses or the pot calling the kettle black. Religion is essentially a “noble lie” oft repeated with the good intention of preserving that innocence. I understand why they do it. They’re trying to hold society and families together. Yet I also believe this tactic is doomed to failure because it is built upon a foundation of lies. If our parents truly believed the Gospel of Christ, and actually felt convicted by it, they’d be out in the streets preaching about it daily. They’d all be unstoppable zealots; not cowering inside the safe confines of a Sunday School classroom, jerking each other off about how the whole world is going to hell.

Honesty, and the courage to be honest, is the highest virtue. How are we expected to build a good world when we can’t even get the basics right? Until then, I’m content to enjoy the decline. Perhaps the next great society and culture will do the right thing and make lying punishable by death. Until then…

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