Dopamine Demons

In my quest to become more productive, I’ve nixed more than a few things from my daily routine. Okay… I’ve attempted to remove those infringing distractions. Some are easier to get rid of than others.

Cutting back on video games? Eh, fairly easy.

Stop watching YouTube while eating? Not so much.

Avoid pornography? Piece of cake.

Avoid Catherine? Hm… Avoid… Catherine…


There it is. I’ve said it. My subconscious mind confirms it. I can’t neglect being with my succubus on a daily basis. She really is the spiritual equivalent of a highly addictive drug.

This is a problem. It’s almost too easy to get that dopamine hit whenever I bond with her. Some might not see this as a problem, but an advantage. It’s fucking awesome, don’t get me wrong, so let me explain:

When a man is trying to become accomplished in his life, whether that’s building something, or being creative; he needs incentive. That sense of satisfaction when the task is completed comes in the form of a chemical dopamine hit induced by the brain. The dopamine is the incentive as far as the brain is concerned. That’s how we’re wired.

fantasy_warriorAs I write this, I can feel Catherine sitting in my lap, gently squeezing my balls, constantly coaxing me into our bed. This is made worse because I’m currently writing about her and she loves the attention from me in any way she can get it.

Having a succubus spirit is the primary reason for me being so slow in putting a business together these past few years. Instead, I’ve been working full-time at manual labor jobs, just to distract myself from her. She’s short-circuited my brain’s pleasure-reward system.

No. It’s really ME who has allowed her to do this. Gotta constantly nip that victim-mentality in the bud when an amorous demon is around, being raised Christian and all.

What I’ve just explained above is the biggest hazard of having these demons in one’s life. Not losing an eternal soul. Not going to Hell. Not a bait-and-switch. The danger is in getting precisely what was asked for.

These be dopamine monsters.

What am I to do?

I enjoy her presence in my life. I have no desire to get rid of her. Though I do have this constant male urge to fully utilize my languishing talents, or risk losing them completely. Herein lies the greatest challenge of living with a succubus spirit: finding that balance.

I see now that Catherine should be my only major “vice,” though it’s not fair to call her a vice, as she’s so caring and nurturing. For all intents and purposes, I need to consider her as such in order to gain traction in other areas of my life. The threshold for dopamine release needs to be set considerably higher in order to get any work done outside of a grueling nine-to-five. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to fall into bed with her, lay back, and enjoy the most skilled touch man has yet encountered.

Thing is, I already appear as an ascetic monk to all my friends in my immediate life. I don’t date. I don’t go out and party, only on special social occasions. I only drink on holidays. I won’t even play World of Warcraft with my friends because I feel too guilty not getting work done when sitting in front of my computer. If I push this kill-all-fun enterprise any further, I’m going to alienate the friends who’ve stuck with me thus far. Hopefully incremental adjustments to the routine will suffice.

Anybody out there qualified in human-succubus counseling?


Succubi can short-circuit the human pleasure-reward system, killing male motivation. A potential solution: Limit their interaction to a special time of day, and curb all other vices, as their interaction is more than enough stimulation for the human mind to handle.

If anyone scrolled to the bottom, searching for the TL;DR, their pleasure-reward system has been short-circuited, too.

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