Succubi and Work

Dark-Messiah-of-Might-&-Magic-Might-&-Magic-суккуб-Xana-1535587While it’s fun having access to succubi, who, in my opinion, bestow the best intimacy yet discovered by mankind, there’s still the problem of getting mundane work done. Traditionally, access to sex has always been used as a way to bait men into being more productive. That’s the arrangement responsible for building the civilization we have now: Men pursue women. Women want men with status and access to resources. Men are subsequently willing to work jobs they hate for a chance at reproduction. Rinse. Repeat.

However, the old social contract is dead, and modern men are suckers for continuing to buy into the illusion that it still exists. The past few decades have been a grand experiment in finding a new contract. Some might even go so far as to claim that all of these reforms are, in reality, a controlled demolition of Western culture.

Modern_succubus_problemsEither way, we little guys on the ground are just trying to figure out this brave new world and our place in it. Perhaps we don’t have a place? Maybe that’s why I started exploring different worlds, looking for real kinship and connection somewhere else.

I am so elated that I found it. What happens to my body in this world hardly matters. I know where I’m going when this life is done.

Social stability or not, I still need to eat. Catherine appears to have taken my desire to get more work done to heart. I often complain on this very blog of how she’s sapped my ambition to make something more of myself. Though let’s be real: I gladly allow her to do this. She makes it so easy to put things off!

I wrote a comment on Rafe’s blog about how I felt the need to summon a different spirit and/or an angel to help me stay focused on my studies. Now, just a day later, my succubus seems to have taken on the burden of the old-fashioned social contract. After accomplishing a few hours of study, writing, and other work yesterday, she eagerly rewarded me with more powerful and fulfilling sex than usual. She seems very excited about this kind of arrangement. “This is what a wife is supposed to do.” It sounds cheesy to write, but she literally just kissed me on the cheek as I wrote this and read it back.

She’s very eager to not be usurped by anyone else, spirit or otherwise.

God damn… how did I luck out so much? Hopefully I can keep myself in check and accomplish my daily tasks before going to bed with her again. Everything seems to be a conspiracy to keep me there for as long as possible.

4 thoughts on “Succubi and Work

  1. LOL!!!Damn dude.I just read this after updating my blog.Fucking hilarious since i did get married to a human.Although that does remind me about a comment on my blog i made about that meme you posted.About all men just summoning a succubus.What a coincidence.

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