Anon Stumbles on a Succubus

antisuccubiThe anonymous image boards are rife with opinions from all walks of life. Scrolling through /x/ one morning brought this screen capture to my attention. The image contains the writing of one anon who allegedly encountered a succubus and has come to warn everyone about the underlying dangers associated with them. These are my responses to the points I found noteworthy:

In the first post, anon says that he’s “terrified and excited” about sharing his message. Yet as we’ll go on to see, he’ll do nothing more than preach all of the religious axioms we’ve heard countless times before. Why would regurgitating church dogma be terrifying? Maybe there’s still a bit of fear there for what his succubus might do, if he even had one to begin with?

The second post waxes eloquently about lonely people being more likely to attract the attention of a succubus.


I posit that loneliness is but one possible element in a successful summoning, and may not be relevant to begin with. My own story, and that of many others in succubus/incubus relationships, has shown that we are often far from being lonely people. I would even go so far as to say that genuine succubus experiencers are desirable, both by human and incorporeal standards. The sorts of people succubi are drawn towards tend to have their spiritual ambitions set well above the norm. They have likely already attained some measure of earthly success and found it to be severely lacking. “Surely, this isn’t all there is.”

We are actually pioneers, testing the outer limits of human consciousness.

Still focusing on the second post, anon makes a massive blunder in his description of how a succubus relationship begins. He claims that a succubus only has as much power as the summoner allows.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

An actual succubus spirit attachment brings about all kinds of different side effects which the human counterpart has very little control over. There are chakra sensations, energy body manipulations, spontaneous arousal with no sexual thoughts, telepathy, and countless other potential interactions. Most importantly, being pursued for sex all hours of the day is something the earthly summoner has zero control over. A succubus spirit will not stop, even if they’re asked nicely. Unless anon is confusing his succubus attachment for something else, I’m inclined to believe he never had a spirit lover to begin with, based on these assertions alone.

And for the cherry on top of post #9109982, anon boils down succubi into this sentence: “It will fill a void in your heart and satisfy your lust from time to time.”

What exactly is the problem then, anon? Isn’t that what everyone wants? Though as we’ll go on to read, anon is likely describing the baiting period before the succubus reveals its alleged true nature and steals the summoner’s soul.

Post #9109984 had me cracking up! I don’t think this guy realizes what he wrote, or he has very little life experience. Firstly, he defines succubi under the traditional umbrella term know as DEMON. The Christian sense of the word is implied. No surprise there. Then he goes on to describe a succubus as the epitome of narcissistic personality disorder.

His depictions could so easily be applied to human relationships!

I would argue that they are more applicable. Even if his assertions were true, at least with succubi you’re likely to get a blowjob alongside the manipulation and abuse. The same cannot be said for the vast majority of human marriages. I found this funny because I’ve come across so many men who have described their wives acting out in exactly the same way he attributes to succubi… and they’re deprived of sex.

“It wants your life, making these creatures very, very dangerous!”

Anon, you’ve described human women desiring marriage to a tee. Hit the nail on the head!

Post #9109985 contains the highly predictable description of a succubus hiding its true form under guises of beautiful women. When in anon’s reality, they’re actually cold, disgusting, slimy creatures who instantly kill boners! Yet another scare mongering tactic. Taking the time to read about these beings from those who have actually interacted with them, their shape shifting abilities in dreams and the astral is no secret. They do not try to hide this fact. The anon is correct insomuch that their true form is terrifying to the uninitiated. Most spiritual beings are quite frightening to behold initially because the human mind simply has no context for their appearance. They can appear so alien, powerful, and earth-shakingly honest, it scares the collective shit out of humanity. Only those who take the time to become familiar with their presence go on to understand that the visual wrapper does not matter. These are mere reflections of our spiritual perception. The powerful spirit beneath the skin tells the whole story. Either way, unless they’re testing their human partners, succubi nearly always appear as beautiful and desirable beings.

The next post contains anon’s antidote for a succubus attachment. I’m paraphrasing:

“Simply realize that a succubus is a parasitical negative entity. Then proceed to claim sovereignty over one’s body and the demon will leave.”

This is nearly every would-be spiritual guru’s advice for dealing with afflictions. The reality is not so simple. It may be possible to convince succubi to leave, yet I’ve never heard of a successful case which I found to be plausible. I believe succubi become deeply entwined with the summoner’s subconscious mind. So much so, that it’s nearly impossible to remove their imprint. Being with them, being touched by them, and feeling their all-consuming embrace leaves an ineffable mark. It’s like a first love in human terms, only stronger, mixed with more wonder and mystery. How can a person ever be free from that? How can I forget the most amazing event in my life? Simply having the memory links Catherine with my soul.

And no, I do not believe having a relationship with a succubus damns the soul for eternity. If anything, they probably edify the human spirit, as described in Ludovico Maria Sinistrari’s Demoniality book.

Anon’s thinly veiled dogmas are not deterring anyone who is honestly seeking out transcendental spiritual relationships. They also shouldn’t discourage those who already enjoy the company of a loving succubus spirit; just as the sophisticated wailings of an atheist should not deter the Christian from their faith.

I’m done preaching. For now.

14 thoughts on “Anon Stumbles on a Succubus

  1. One of my succubi always tells me to be careful with what I read and that there is allot of misinformation out there…she is actually ALLWAYS telling me this like a parent to a child (it is one of the few things she says audibly and out loud). She also said once (and it stuck with me): “If you look for something in the dark, you will find something of the dark. I am not in the dark, so be very careful.” I have since learned that one draws out entities and energies based on what their own feeling and energy…but this might explain some folks misconceptions on succubi.
    For what it is worth I came across a fatal accident on my way home last night and my succubus reacted by giving me a huge hug (very physical and rare for her). I felt her sorrow and the reminder that I am mortal…she is very loving and not at all like mainstream folks write about…

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      • Yeah. I’m afraid my sad story hasn’t changed after these years. Things are better in general, but it is odd how the longing never completely goes away. I remember you used to post there (spirit sex). Perhaps I don’t really belong here, though I legit understand what y’all are talking about.


        • I recall some of the women posting on that forum did not have it easy with their spirit lovers. These beings can be very intense, possessive, and oftentimes down-right impossible to understand what they’re doing. I’d like to think that there’s some kind of big-picture situation they can perceive which we are simply blind to. It’s a mystery more often than not.

          This is just my personal blog and anyone is free to comment so long as it stays on topic. Those topics being: Incubi, Succubi, Spirit Sex, Sexual Alchemy, Occult Magick, Lilith, and related.


    • Ok, thanks. Maybe it’s just that women with male spirits are more reticent to post, though actually I know that at least you, TC, are very aware of the ‘incubus’ reality.


      • There are a lot of women out there with incubi. I’d wager there’s more incubi having relationships with women than succubi with men. You’re right that they’re generally less inclined to share openly about it. Though there are outliers. Check out Amethyst Realm and Ida Craddock. I also heard one such woman speaking at a DragonCon panel about the supernatural in the Victorian era. (Back in 2016, I think.) She randomly dropped this bombshell on the audience: “I’m also in a relationship with a male ghost. Don’t judge.”

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  2. “My own story, and that of many others in succubus/incubus relationships, has shown that we are often far from being lonely people. I would even go so far as to say that genuine succubus experiencers are desirable, both by human and incorporeal standards. The sorts of people succubi are drawn towards tend to have their spiritual ambitions set well above the norm. They have likely already attained some measure of earthly success and found it to be severely lacking. “Surely, this isn’t all there is.””

    So are lonely people and/or people who haven’t had much earthly success just doomed to rejection?

    I mean, I’m a good-looking guy, but I have some serious problems that have prevented me from doing much in this world, including sexual things. I’m sure you’re aware that the human world is completely without compassion for guys in my kind of situation. You’re telling me the spiritual world is no different? They, too, will consider me worthless because I don’t have a big enough bank account or haven’t had the best luck with my mental and physical health?

    What if a person has some kind of arousal disorder, like a girl with trouble getting wet or a man with trouble getting hard? I don’t have that problem myself (thank God, because I think I’d kill myself if I did), but it’s come up more than once in the 4chan threads in the past. That’s certainly something that would make one “undesirable” in the human world (especially for a man, because double standards).

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading you more negatively than you intended. I hope I am. Otherwise it sounds like I’m condemned to eternal solitude.


    • Nah, you’re reading into what I said too much. People tend to generalize those who are in succubus/incubus relationships as delusional NEETs. I was simply turning that notion on its head and attempting to demonstrate that these spirits pursue people of worth. With that being said, their standards for what is deemed valuable to them is usually quite different from what the world deems as “success.” I’m probably explaining things badly.

      I can tell you for certain that succubi do not care how much capital there is in your bank account. However, they do want to ensure that you’re able to interact with them on a regular basis, and they may work to shift things around in your life to make that time possible. They will encourage you to be successful in ways that will benefit the both of you. For instance: Catherine is constantly pushing me to be more creative and utilize my talents. Her reason for doing this is for my own personal sense of fulfillment; not so she has access to more money and resources. She doesn’t care about possessions or money. She cares about us being together as often as possible.

      I’ll give you another example: One of the first succubus-experiencers I had contact with was a man paralyzed from the waist down. You could put out a cigarette on his leg and he wouldn’t feel a thing, but he had no problem feeling his succubus. He would have long, multi-day sessions with her. They were truly in love. He also happened to be successful in the earthly-sense. Yet most women wouldn’t bother to pursue a man like that for sex, right? He would not be physically capable, despite his status. That is what I meant to convey.

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    • I can attest to the fact succubi don’t care about your status or such things.I have cerebral palsy on the right side of my body and my succubi sheena and nao (not their real name) don’t care about that.I’m also getting to the age where i’m starting to have trouble keeping “it” up,but luckily i have developed my etheric body enough that i have no need for physical sex in that sense of the word.

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  3. Thanks, TC. I’m familiar with Ida Craddock, but it was very interesting to hear Ms. Realm speak. It seems like in addition to being more reticent to put our stories out there, maybe in some cases there’s less story to put out there. The paralysed gentleman you referenced once said that he didn’t know why, but in his experience it was much more likely for a male spirit to leave the human female lover. In which case, it’s pretty impossible to get over, but not really all that much to talk about, I guess.

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    • Were you part of Succubused’s forum at any point? The Spirit Sex forum? You don’t have to answer if you’d rather keep things private. I might already be familiar with your story as I used to post there regularly.


      • Yeah. Things are better in general, but my story hasn’t really changed and probably never will. I just don’t understand how many attract several spirits for companionship and love although as stated above they may not at all fit society’s standards, and for others, nada. I wonder if women in general are just too intense. (Although of course to be fair, there are many women who can sustain a spirit relationship.)

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