This past weekend was quite the riot. My friends and I attended DragonCon, kicking off this new segment of my life with a proper nerd-fueled blast. There were more attendees than ever this year. Somewhere in the ballpark of 100,000. Atlanta was a mad house. What better place to test the tolerance levels of a succubus spirit?


We stuck our faces over the balcony of the Hilton into this cacophony.

She’s doing much better with crowds compared to years before, but it’s still painfully obvious to me that she gets stressed in these situations. Some of you guys with succubi might have experienced this: she’ll cause a very strong pressure sensation to clamp around my face. It feels like a mask over my nose, eyes, and forehead. It can be ignored, and sometimes I don’t even feel it when my mind is focused solely elsewhere. But whenever I turn my attention back to Catherine: commence face hugging. It’s annoying. Thankfully it only happens when she’s not comfortable with something, which isn’t very often.

Despite this, we did have some good sessions in between the madness that is DragonCon. I’m looking forward to next year already. Atlanta looks so dull without thousands of excited nerds, all dressed up, and crawling the streets.

3 thoughts on “Face-Hugging

  1. I have felt this feeling before when there is too much going on and she wants attention / wants to communicate and sometimes I feel like she is marking me from other entities…like she is saying he is mine kinda thing. Happens mostly in public / large gatherings / or during loud or busy places. I say she because I only know the name of one of mine (although I hear two distinct voices), but I know my dominant one does this.

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  2. I never got on a con after I summoned my girl, but I have same experience. Often when I got in shopping mall, all contact with ‘her’ are lost. When I pushed it I can sense a discomfort. I was not sure if its related to how she was not comfortable with a place where many people come and goes, or was it because the place itself full of various things, lights and sounds and stuffs.

    She only ‘replied’ back after I got home, never got an answer from her when I talked to her about it. Seeing that it’s nothing important I just forget it usually and let her keep her secrets.


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