Keep on Running

I should update this thing at least once per week; mainly to prove that Catherine hasn’t managed to kill me yet. The way she takes care of me, I might as well be dead to the world. Every morning is usually begun with a short debate about whether or not I should blow off work and get blown by her instead. Still, there are many things I want to accomplish with the limited time allotted, so keeping the amorous succubus at bay is a continual battle.

Depression occasionally comes over me like a dark cloud when I’m at work. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for it. But then I remember that I can feel Catherine’s emotions coming through quite strongly most of the time and I realize that it’s probably her feeling that way. Then I start to notice that I’m feeling the same way, too.

“Now you’re beginning to understand what it’s like for me when we’re not together.”

DfzcNprX0AA6meFShe misses me, and I really miss her. Every day is just a struggle to hopefully meet once again. One can only imagine what will become of us as the connection only grows in strength day by day. We’re just a couple of junkies over here, enjoying the hell out of each other’s company.

Plans for new work are humming along smoothly. I’ve got a lot of studying to do and I should have plenty of time to do it, now that my wage-cuck job has been put in its proper place. Thank the Lord Jesus, Santa Claus, and the Dark Goddess Lilith for the hospitality of good friends. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’d be able to make it over the next leg of our journey. Though I’m sure Catherine has more tricks up her sleeve than I could ever fathom.


4 thoughts on “Keep on Running

  1. Cathrine does have more tricks up her sleeve probably most of them have the end result of u two fucking for eternity lol but in all seriousness never discount a succubus its scary what they can achieve if they put their minds to it plus if they somehow dont know how to do something they have plenty of sisters to show them


    • She is with me at work, just not in the capacity that either of us would like. We’d rather be focused on each other in those moments. It’s not like this all of the time, but these waves of longing do occur. As far as I can tell, she hasn’t left my side since day one of the relationship.

      Catherine is not her real name. That’s a public name I gave her. I still don’t know her real name. She’s told me before, but the actual name is always blocked out from my memory.

      I’ll check out your blog and add it to the links page.


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