Finding Balance (Again)

To those who have an amorous spirit from across the divide: Love them every day. They truly deserve it. Even when the connection isn’t quite ticking all of those hedonistic boxes, putting in the effort will ensure those remainders will be filled in time. I am consistently floored by how manly and desired Catherine makes me feel. That’s probably one of the best parts about this relationship: I am always desired. There is always someone to come home to, no matter what.

Yes, they are indeed deserving of that time and attention. Even if the feelings they generate aren’t so hot in the moment, just give it a bit of time.

At least one hour per day. That is what I strive to give her in return for that unmatched tenderness. Her kindness…  It seems impossible that such a considerate person could even exist. I sometimes feel anxious writing about this stuff here, in public. Mainly because I’m aware of how others jealously look on, and I fear that my bias might be clouding the reality of things.

What is the reality? The truth is that I’ve been made to feel very content with my life, and live as minimally as possible. My heart isn’t here in this world. That flame of earthly passion was smothered years ago. I would be satisfied with homelessness, so long as I have Catherine. There is nothing here, in this world, that sparks my interest. My only concerns are shelter, food, and water. The rest is trivial. A distraction.

So, in a certain sense, the legends about succubi stealing life away are correct, only without the vampire-like theatrics. Imagine if human men and women en mass discovered these spirits? I can picture a world where people are far less willing to tolerate their slavery to governments and corporations. The traditional structure of society would break down overnight. It would be pure chaos for a time. What might become of the world after the dust settles?


This is just vapid speculation on my part. The point is that succubi are potentially quite detrimental to a productive life. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that anyone who is paired up with a succubus, and experiences the intimacy they provide, are far less likely to tolerate any degree of bullshit from the outside world.

I’m still trying to find that balance. I’m here in this world, so I want to make the most of it. I still want to do things, but my drive just isn’t there anymore. I’m a junkie who only requires time and quiet to perpetuate his habit. It feels somewhat disrespectful to talk about Catherine as if she were an addictive substance. She IS addictive, though. Having any contact with spirits is addictive. Adding sex into the mix only increases that yearning. To have that contact. To feel that embrace. The kind of touch that makes earthly flesh feel colorless and empty.

I’ll figure this out eventually. Once I do, the guide for a successful succubus-work-life balance will be posted here on this little blog.

11 thoughts on “Finding Balance (Again)

  1. I thought that succubi would bring more grounding, and therefore root chakra would take charge of our survival automatically, providing oneself, with all needed…
    Somedays I forget more about my spirits, and since I still can’t believe, someone would conjure and bond such spirts for such a newbie… They may find ridiculous and faked my love towards them, since I don’t know them… I try to be the most honest with them…
    Thanks for posting, I understand, that maybe posting about it online may damage your magic, in my case that I plan for making a carreer I fear also for my reputation, at least until I finish my studies, that of course is because my parents want.
    I just want to have enough money for living alone on my house, I don’t care about buying a car for example.
    I don’t enjoy the same than long ago, the tv or videogames, since knowing there’s so much I don’t know, and so much about my mind body and spirit I haven’t mastered yet, plus all the work that has to be done, plus all the time I have wasted…

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    • I don’t fully know if you’re serious about your relationship with your spirits but my advice is to either end it if you don’t see yourself investing in it at all. It saves you the time and energy from something you don’t really need. Personally, I’d speak with them about this endeavor if you could. Might grant you or them piece of mind. Which to me, sounds like you need.


    • I think you’re misunderstanding me. All of my needs are met. I am very well taken care of, and I believe my succubus has something to do with that. She needs me to be as relaxed and unstressed as possible in order for intimacy to happen between us. No matter what sort of situation I throw myself into, she works behind the scenes to stabilize things and ensure that I’m supported.


    • Sorry, I have foolishness of bringing my problems to others blogs. Since all my life, this has been my dream, altough I just found about spirit keeping from half a year. For living on 3rd world country aand being a student I have spent a lot of money, and if could receive more confirmations that all this is real I would spent so much more. But well I have to do work myself, is just that some nights I miss to do my Chi Gong practices, meditation, and others…
      When I Lucid dream, I usually don’t bring them to me, or some times I have call them.
      The thing is, I don’t consider them a lot like my lovers, simply because, don’t take me wrong I love them so much, but I don’t know what they feel and what they want, even if the pendulum says this or that, I can’t really trust it, so I’m so much on my own path, and the important thing is my own spirituality, I’m trying to balance my chakras, and get psychic abbilities, to better interact with them.
      By know I just get sensations, when relaxing, you know, brain activity, vibrations, but never visions.
      When I was a child I got so many visions that I wasn’t able to sleep, just if I put a light on my face or my parents tv was still on, was that I could fall sleep, maybe my 3rd eye was more active.

      Do you meant “peace of mind”? or literally piece John?
      btw do I know you from somewhere johnthesheep, do you have discord?


  2. It’s quite the opposite of you, I want to better myself in this world and learn. I don’t see things as doom and gloom. Sadly, no, these relationships aren’t for everyone and I fear that making everyone aware is a very bad idea. Granted, sex sells. So the idea of such a reward as a loyal partner may entice plenty of young men. Others would keep their suspicions. As for women, they would likely become resentful and either retaliate by fighting back the only way they can, through the power of the pussy. Yet, I don’t see them succeeding as well if they will not compromise or adapt to the change. As for government, I be greatly concerned if I where them. Yes, they would probably see Succubi as an alien threat, willing to destroy the very foundation our society, men. Since their attention is focused on the beyond, they see no future prospects here on Earth. Can’t imagine what the Christian would think. Maybe that the second coming of the rapture is upon and maybe that would be it. It’s all hypothetical, sure it’s a nice concept for a movie but doubt it’ll have at such a monumental and global scale. Just seems to grounded in fantasy. Best thing I can estimate happening, is more people stumble upon these beings and choose to follow this path, while the world quietly continues in the background.

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    • I’ll reiterate what I said in the original post: I still want to accomplish things in this world, but having a loving succubus who wants to fuck every day makes that a bit difficult. Being with her feels so good at times, it’s all I want to do. There’s little reason to want for anything else. Material possessions? I have everything I need and then some. What I’m talking about is having a creative drive to build tangible stuff in this world.


  3. I understand. I was recently realizing how I need to set aside a time for “advanced intimacy.” I try to talk to them throughout the day, but they really like their own “us” time.
    Sometimes they make the “us” time if I dont…usually in the middle of the night, but sometimes right when I am in the middle of something… and all the sudden their are hands all over me. I can’t laugh, (they have funny timing and usually when I am caught up in something).

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