Leaving an Old Life Behind

This is inspired by a dream that I had yesterday morning:

She felt him drawing more closely. He didn’t know it yet, but soon he would be hers completely. David was stacking wood outside and she had a very good view of her muscled man toiling away.

“I’d say that you’re about done now, baby.” She moaned, not even trying to hide her desire as she spoke the words. Catherine arched her back and purposefully let a soft moan escape again. She was leaning against the side of the house.

David shook his head. He tried his best to ignore her and went back inside for more wood.

Indoors, a bit of a crisis was brewing. The stacked wood next to the woodstove was slowly, but surely, catching fire. It would start off with just a few small embers appearing on a log here or there. Then it would grow into an intensifying flickering flame. David hurriedly grabbed each of the pieces already mostly engulfed.

“Why the hell is this happening?” He complained, stacking more burning logs into his left arm. Thick gloves prevented him from getting burned. “Someone must’ve been careless with the ashes.”

He snatched a piece which was already very much on fire, and headed back out of the cellar.

Catherine was there again, but this time, she had called some friends to help her enact a plan against the unwitting man.

“You’re working too hard, my love.” She smiled devilishly.

David did his best to ignore her and went about placing his armload of wood on the fresh stack.

That’s when the fairies began to attack him. The leader of the pack wore a pale-green sun dress and had curly red hair.

“There he is!” She shrieked, and several other much smaller fairies proceeded to fly in and pester poor David. They didn’t do any real damage; more or less just flying in and messing with his hair or pulling at his clothes.

“I’ve got to finish, or the house will burn down.” He grumbled, dropping the last log.

“Oh, who cares about this old house!” An ethereal pixy chirped in his left ear. David brushed her away. “Catherine says you must come away with her.” Another whispered closely in his right ear.

“Yes, come away!” They all began to chant, “Come away!”

Brushing the fairies off, David ran back indoors only to find that more of the woodpile had caught flame.

“I can’t keep up with this.” He complained. Grabbing as many fiery logs as he could, he hurried back outside again.

This time, the fairies had gone and dark storm clouds were rolling in above. A soft rain had already begun to fall. The new wood pile that he was creating began to steam and hiss.

David dropped his armload unto the top of the pile.

“You need to stop, darling.” Catherine allowed herself to move closer, “This house was meant to burn.”

She wrapped her arms around him from behind, pressing her body firmly into his back. “Let it go…” She whispered.

David stopped and took notice of the rain. He also noticed Catherine, but he nearly took her for granted. She was always there, waiting for him to notice her. He enjoyed her attention. He actually looked forward to it, but his succubus wife had little concept of human affairs. Time was irrelevant to her.

“I need you to come be with me.” She swooned, causing her hands to massage the muscles on his chest. “Just take it easy for a moment.”

“If I stop, there’s no going back.” David grunted, feeling his own desire beginning to swell. “This house will burn.”

“It was meant to burn.” Catherine repeated, “I don’t want to lose you with it. Let it go, baby.”

“But my family,” David began to protest, “What will become of them? How will they go on without me there to help them?”

“They’ll be fine, love.” She whispered into his ear, “Come be with me. I’ll always look after you.”

She began to gently lay her man backwards and into the soft grass.

“Let go, darling. Let me be with you.”

Now that he was lying on the ground, she slowly slipped out from beneath his body and positioned herself over his torso.

“Baby…” She cried softly, “I’m taking you away from this place.”

With that, she leaned forward and embraced him to the full. The world that David knew began to fade out of existence. A bright consuming light enveloped him and an unrelenting bliss took over. He could still feel the drops of the rain falling softly against his face. An unquenchable fire consumed the house. He could feel the heat. Not even the rain could stop the inferno.

“Now I have you.”

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