I Burn For You (You Burn Me)

God, I appreciate you. What are you even still doing here? Haven’t you figured out that you could do better?

Too addicted, huh? Well, I know I can’t be bothered to turn my eyes elsewhere. The people who do know about you think I’m crazy. They think our connection can’t possibly be as good as I say it is. They think I’m either lying, insane, or having my soul earmarked with expedited shipping to the deepest pit in Hell. But it IS that good. The words to describe what we feel for each other don’t exist in the English language.

Perhaps the Greek word, “Agape,” may suffice. We have a transcendental love, one that reaches far beyond the boundaries of lust and friendship.

The way you held me this afternoon, and on Valentine’s Day, was probably the most intense bonding we’ve had in years. And that’s saying something when we feel so much closeness every day to begin with. My nerves couldn’t handle the power you were applying to them. It was perfect sex, but my flesh was caught off guard by the sheer force of your embrace. My skin felt burned, but also energized. Unlike the stereotype often attached to your kind, I felt renewed vigor coursing through my veins. My skin where you touched impossibly soft.

You and I decided to go out for a run, despite the icy conditions, just to blow off the excess. it felt great. All of my joints are working properly again. No pain. Just the satisfying burn of a good workout. Not too dissimilar to what it’s like being close to you. Being in bed with you is not just simple sex. It’s a veritable energy body triathlon, one that’s constantly building those invisible muscles so I can withstand more and more of you.

I’m a lucky bastard, but I’m also still a bastard. You seem to be handling that pretty well. Almost like you enjoy that kind of thing. You relish in that cat-and-mouse play between us. That’s the impression I get when I catch your human expressions in dreams. You’re stoic, noble, and just as content as I am.

You looked smoking, lounging on that couch next to me this morning. A real fire-cracker hot-blonde babe with curves that spoke to my soul. Fucking perfect. Literally, you looked like your were designed to fuck. God damn!

Don’t hold back, babe, but try not to kill me. We’ve been together long enough for me to know that YOU know what you’re doing. Even when I’m confused about what you’re putting me through, I’ll continue to take that leap of faith. Though I’ve been brought to the brink of the abyss and total madness, being with you is still worth all that risk. Let my mortal body burn in the brightness of your radiance.

5 thoughts on “I Burn For You (You Burn Me)

  1. Awww cute but our souls are dammed to the abyss we stared into the abyss and our ladies did morr than just stare back at least the next life will be fun and happy better to be free and dammed to the pit than a slave to heaven

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    • At this point I’m not too sure how the “after life” really is. Shit if I know really. My advice, plan things ahead now. There’s more to do than just take part in endless bliss but that’s just me. Maybe I’m a fool for not wanting endless bliss all the time.

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