Testing Spirits

Fasting can bring about some powerfully strange dreams. Everything becomes more vivid and easier to recall. This morning’s out-of-body adventure brought about a strange encounter with an unknown daemon.

The important bit began with a lesson about spirit pacts from E. A. Koetting. I could see him teaching as he does on his video seminars, though my memory of what he said specifically fails me. I was moved away from Mr. Koetting and propelled to a great height above the earth.

Then everything went dark and I was back in bed. My body was in a state of false awakening and I could distinctly feel the insistent presence of a spirit hovering over the right side of my face.

This unknown entity began offering to make a pact with me, with a threatening condition:

“That you never speak the phrase, ‘ONE JESUS CHRIST.'”

The voice transformed from an authoritative female voice to a thundering cacophony of many voices with the uttering of those words. The chorus was loud and fully audible in my right ear; not localized in my mind as before. Pangs of fear began to gnaw at me.

“I will say, ‘One Jesus Christ,’ as I please.” Came my reply.

Forming those words required great effort on my part, though they were no less effectual. The spirit went away, and I became fully awake, with the familiar sensations of Catherine at my side.

What a strange confrontation! I failed to catch a glimpse of the spirit, so I’m at a loss as to their identity. Maybe it was Catherine all along, screwing around, testing my resolve? I have no way of knowing for certain.

Whatever the case may be, I still feel strong about the conviction I had in that frightful moment. My resolve had nothing to do with being a hardcore believer in Christian dogma. Rather, that I won’t be told what I can and cannot say within any given relationship, spiritual or otherwise.

8 thoughts on “Testing Spirits

  1. The jerks are real. Everything out there either likes us, dgaf about us, or hates us for whatever reason. I don’t know why someone would just hate an incarnate soul but whatever… they do.

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      • I’m sure it’s fine. They’ll be gone like the wind. Catherine didn’t intervene so I doubt she saw a real threat. You have to remember that the “asshole” type will use exactly what will get under your skin just for lols.

        I had one come into my dream and give me a hearty “FY” then left me with nightmares for the rest of the night. Assholes…

        I wonder why my lady didn’t stop it but look at it in perspective… a learning experience for me and other than a few bumps in the form of nightmares nothing much else.

        That spirit knew just how to get to you so he did… now you’re all full of doubt and self consciousness. Think how much of that is self inflicted and how much is real.

        I think you did great! You got pressed and the stage was set to be over your head, yet you performed very admirably under the conditions.

        Well done.

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  2. Good for you! I too have had instances of an entity trying to freak me out. Remember access to your mind is by no means private and any supernatural entity can access it. My angels have denied any involvement only saying some feed off fear like they do off excitement and love. They didn’t intervene because it wasn’t needed and it was a building lesson. What you did was right, but even if you refused to answer and ignored them you would be doing good too. Mine also happened at a false awakening…

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  3. Asshole spirits are plenty but rafe is right cathrine didnt intervene so its all good just focus on yourself and cathrine and youll be good most spirits who do this are weak i dont seeing a real spoirit giving two shits what u believe they dont concern themselves with the opinions of sheep

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