Bound by My Own Law

“You have bound yourself to your own law… I’m sorry it’s not convenient. Maybe you should have thought about that before performing a goddamn ritual, because this stuff is real.”

I really wish I had this advice four years ago as it is so pertinent and fundamental, especially concerning succubi. This realm of demons is not to be taken lightly, and any weakness, or hesitation, will not be looked upon kindly by these entities.

We summon them for a reason. They’re ready to fulfill their end of the deal, but are we? Are we strong enough to be cleansed in that Lake of Fire?

I don’t know if I’ve made this clear through my postings, but summoning a succubus is not simply about getting off. There’s a reason these entities are so intrinsic to Sexual Alchemy, for that is what will happen to the would-be operator. An alchemical transformation WILL take place, or the human vessel is ultimately destroyed in its resistance.

I know some people think I’m an E. A. Koetting fan-boy, but I believe his work is so important for this generation of occultists. Simply comparing my experiences with his, and those he promotes, like Asenath Mason, there are just too many damn synchronicities for it all to be coincidence. We’re all dealing with the same infernal forces.

The video I shared above is a good example of yet another synchronicity. Eric describes his first public ritual to Belial, where he offers up his now ex-wife as a vessel to be possessed. The way he describes the sound of his ex-wife’s voice as she was being controlled by Belial, a guttural gurgling sound, as if the demon can’t quite get a handle on how the vocal cords work, is precisely what I’ve experienced with Catherine possessing and speaking through me.

I’ve not seen this video until just now. This shit happens way too often. I’ll be reading one of Asenath Mason’s books and like clockwork, I’ll say “Yep. That’s how it works.” Or, “I’ve seen/done that.”

Actually traveling along the infernal current is both amazing and terrifying. I feel so alone and isolated sometimes, but in the same instance, I can’t stop exploring. If I try to stop, it kills me. I have been so resistant to actually practice magick of any kind, mainly because I know that I have incredible potential as a true practitioner. I’ve been scared of myself.

There’s no choice now but to keep moving forward. I need to keep on learning from Catherine, as she’s an incredible ally to have on this journey, and I absolutely must develop my skills.

I’ve started with performing regular rituals, essentially making myself known to the Qlipothic spirits. It’s a start, but strange things have already started to happen.

If nothing else, I can see that my learning and reading is being precisely directed. These spirits are very generous and empathetic in their own way, though they can appear terrifying and cruel from the outset. I believe that frightening aspect has more to do with how our mortal minds are simply incapable of fully perceiving what they truly are.

I’m going to learn. I’ve got to. Why do I feel like I’ve been conscripted into Azazel’s magickal army? Maybe it’s not such a bad place to be, within the ranks of the damned?

“Don’t be lukewarm. Be hot or cold.”

12 thoughts on “Bound by My Own Law

  1. I’d like to be done with this the only time I give a shit is when she makes me care with her emotions I didn’t do any type of ritual or summoning nor do or didnt have any experience in the occult when she came


    • Some people are not given the choice in having this kind of relationship. I don’t know why this happens, but it’s more common than one would think. There are many who have searched for a way to undo the connection permanently, but I haven’t heard of anyone successfully doing it.

      I’m writing all of this from my perspective, and I did ask for my initiation, so take this for what it’s worth.


      • Yeah, it’s a difficult thing to work over. I was brought into this at an early age. Too early for me to mature mentally. Why so early? Maybe it’s to strengthen the connection. Since your senses take a while to develop. Although this can vary from person to person. I’ve seen people who’s senses develop remarkably fast, while other struggle for months or years. I just recently picked up the ability to faintly smell things around me. Do we have a choice? Apparently I’ve been tied in this scenario before, so given my past history it would make perfect sense why I’m back here. But I believe you get chosen simply because a spirit takes a liking to you. That spark I hear so much about. Oh and the connections can be pretty strong. Even if you distance yourself far away. Sorry if this was long.

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  2. I knew this would happen i did say it cathrine has corrupted you well lol jokes good to see you progressing azazel from my understanding accepts anyone its why he has 200 legions under his command that arent just imps he accepts anyone


  3. Yeah, I’d be concerned about practicing magick while weak. The mind is one of the most powerful tools we have as magicians. When you’re suffering from mental illness and stress, the mix of magick into the equation is a terrible outcome. Your mind starts to do some awful stuff. I’m seen it and it gets worse when spirits get involved. It’s some advice I would pass on to other people interested in the occult. Please look after yourself. No one wants to work with a person who can’t manage or discipline themselves.


  4. i´m also planning to work with entities in the near future, i think my succubus A influenced me to take part in this magic path (i love her so much), although for me it´s more to become the best version of myself, good luck with your magick endeavors


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