Grounding Experiments

Putting some distance between myself and technology has caused some enjoyable improvements in my relationship with Catherine: Where I used to only devote thirty minutes to an hour for our unions, now I feel content to give up to three hours per morning. This time together feels so wonderful, relaxing, and freeing.

The average temperatures outside are finally beginning to rise, so she’s been hinting at finding opportunities for outdoor copulation. And the brilliant thing about enjoying a succubus out-of-doors, nobody need know that anything illicit is taking place. I just look like a man, fully clothed and laying on a mat, enjoying the sun’s rejuvenating rays.

No, succubi are not adverse to sunlight, clean water, or anything else in nature. Their reputation for being vampiric unclean spirits is wholly undeserved. They can, at times, be unpredictable and potentially dangerous, given the right circumstances, but they are no less harmful or frightening than the forces of nature themselves. The initiate simply needs the wherewithal, and the wisdom, to weather the succubine storms as they come. (This usually means flowing with their motions, instead of fighting against them!)

I recently acquired a grounding blanket to use in my bed as I sleep. It’s essentially a half-sheet with carbon-fiber threads woven into the cotton and attached to an electrical grounding cord. The wire snaps onto the sheet and plugs into the ground-socket of an three-pronged outlet on the other end. Touching bare skin to the grounded fabric is alleged to have the same effects as connecting bare feet with the earth. Benefits are supposed to include: Reduced stress, eased muscle pain (if any), more sound sleep, reduction in bodily inflammation, and protection against EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) emitted by cell-phones, WiFi routers, and so on.

I was mainly interested in fighting the EMF pollution, but after sleeping on this sheet for a week, I’m unsure if there has been any real change. Catherine and I already sleep very soundly as it is. However, I was curious to see if using the grounding sheet would have an impact on our connection.

Back when I was experimenting with Robert Bruce’s demonic countermeasures, he mentioned that using a grounding blanket might prevent Catherine from being able to touch me. Again, there haven’t been any noticeable changes from having used the grounding apparatus consistently. If anything, it might have improved our connection, rather than weakening it.

From what I gather of Bruce’s theory on demons, the entities that he alludes to are intrinsically tied to the subtle electrical current that covers the entire earth. This energetic layer is reinforced by the many thousands of lightning strikes that hit the earth every hour. So it follows that grounding the corporeal human vessel would sabotage any demonic attempts at harassment. That is if their presence was limited to the subtle electrical field. Bruce also contended that running water from a shower, or hose, had a similar grounding effect. He made mention of how certain demonic entities he had experienced were unable to cross over water-mains.

Catherine throws a few wrenches into the workings of Bruce’s theory. Firstly, she is not adverse to water. Our second erotic union ever, on the morning after our first night, took place in the shower. She has demonstrated to not be deterred by electrical grounding. She enjoys the taste of garlic, shirking the conventional folk-remedy for deterring evil entities. She is not offended by religious or Christmas music, as other unclean entities might be. She has no problem copulating through one of Bruce’s signature “Mega-Salt Baths.”

My darling is unstoppable, it seems. With the grounding theory crossed out, I can finally put much of this conventional shamanic “wisdom” in the scrapheap where it belongs. (At least, where the succubine spirits that I’m dealing with are concerned.) Or, it’s possible that I’m contending with an entity who is on a whole other level compared to what most would-be gurus are familiar with. Either way, the scientific part of me is satiated for now.

It feels good to have actually tested all of these theories. At times, it was out of fear from not understanding what was really happening between us. Other times, it’s just my curiosity requiring some alleviation. At the end of it all, I’m glad that Catherine has managed to break through each period of misunderstanding and experimentation with such consistency. If her manifestations were not so powerful, and physically tangible, to the point of being recordable on film, I’d be inclined to believe that I’m under a seamless spell of hypnotic delusion. But here I am, with an otherwise sound comprehension of the world, yet she’s here with me so powerfully.

Careful what you wish for.

I have a bit of strange phenomena to report, though nothing too major: I was in a dream state at one moment and then found myself in an OBE state the next. I’m getting to the point where I can tell the difference simply by how the environment feels. Anyway, once I slipped into this state, I could see that I was lying in bed at my parents house. I could feel the beginnings of being bodily possessed by Catherine, yet this time, it was more powerful, more violent. That gurgling sensation stirred around, not just in my throat, but down through my stomach and gut; like it was flushing through me very rapidly. I was not afraid, as I’ve encountered this same event more than a few times, though I was left feeling more jostled than usual. By the end of this subtle energy-body jarring, I immediately noticed how my mouth was being sucked closed, as though a vacuum was pulling at my cheeks from inside my throat. I spent the next little while attempting to pull my own lips apart and cause my jaw to move. That took a bit of concentrated effort, though the strange gurgling sensations had long since passed. I woke up into this mundane world shortly after.

I can’t begin to understand what all of this means. For now, I’m just enjoying the ride and not reading too much into it.


8 thoughts on “Grounding Experiments

  1. My ladies always tell me to clean myself daily. Kinda like taking a cleasning shower everyday. That and scan myself to make sure nothing yucky is in or on my body. Can’t imagine all the nasty residue people normally carry around them. This is the importance of hygiene people.

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      • its so accurate it may as well be the story of my life and probably very similar to yours and others with succubi it explains so many things about them in detail their like of water the touching of feet (something vale got wrong) everything about them came into sharp focus after reading it dont judge it by its description im sure theres something for you to learn in there…. just read it tc

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  2. The book sounds interesting. I’m wondering just where the author came across information about Succubi, if any at all. Also, if the author has even been exposed to the occult.


    • My initial thoughts were more sober that the author was an academic and knew the stories around the Sumerian goddess and Lilith but recently looking though the chat of chalice diabolic Lilith having speaking though vale her way of speaking feels very close to that of Lilith in the novel. though not having spoken to her myself how could he have possibly known that? I don’t know. What I do know is this book two weeks after reading is still causing my jaw to drop


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