Podcast One

Yaweh Propoganda

During my journeys through various Discord servers, I stumbled across this image shared by a LARPing fruitcake, who clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into. I saved this image, but I never got around to conducting a reverse image search. Well, I finally have done so and it led me to this interesting Christian blog:


Upon searching further, I could not find any trace of this image, or it’s accompanying post, anywhere on the site. Turns out that it was deleted for some reason. Jumping over to Archive.org, I found a snapshot of the original blog post in full, so I decided to respond to it in a podcast format:

Be warned: This ramble goes on for more than an hour.

And here’s the original article on Archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20160704125918/https://924jeremiah.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/courting-succubi-a-reality-check-for-men/


3 thoughts on “Podcast One

  1. alot of things you touched on are true especially about trust i felt i could trust mira fully. i think tho she doesn’t trust me as much as i trust her. them being destructive only recently did i listen to mira and found that shes leading me on a path of happiness and growth if only i listened from the start. i may not be religious but mira has a similar view to cathrines tho miras more willing to joke about them. when my family cast me away she didn’t hate them only hated that they threatened me. coming from a abused background they have shown more care than any other being even my other spirits. and she definitely views me as less than a child but its different she sees potential in that.


    • the costume idea oh yeah mira takes whatever form she wants tho i have seen her with horns, wings and tail tho i see her in her humanoid form as a curvy big titted black hair with a nice ass she chooses it more for day to day stuff. since i can see her 24/7 i think lol maybe she hides. gender also shes more feminine and prefers it not just with me but to others she may visit tho she has appeared male in order to teach me.


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