Amethyst Realm

Well, this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day, so I’d thought it would be worth sharing:

It’s an article from the Daily Mail about a woman who claims to have had sex with ghosts. She mentions having several partners over the years, and that one in particular was responsible for ending a human relationship she had.

I’d like to know what prompted her to “come out” in this manner. The public response is one of predictable derision and mockery, as can be seen in the comments. So, what was the point? An attempt to normalize?

Either way, there’s a chance that I, or one of the others, has run into this woman before, though I do not recognize her story off the top of my head. Maybe someone else knows who she is and has interacted with her. It’d be interesting to get her take first-hand.


10 thoughts on “Amethyst Realm

  1. I’m female, but it’s not me! I already have found the ghost I want to settle down with. 😄 Fun article, and she’s very cute. Too bad such articles almost always end up with the ‘sleep paralysis’ scenario…


    • It’s interesting: I don’t think I’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis or the “old hag” syndrome. Maybe I’m just naturally adept at moving my subtle body away from my physical body. I’ll feel that heaviness from my physical body when I become aware of the OBE environment and I just know instinctually, “It’s time to get up and play, light-body!”

      What some people experience as sleep paralysis must be like my personal batman signal to trigger an OBE.

      Other than dreams and OBEs, my interactions with Catherine take place when I’m fully awake. And it sounds like this girl is also fully awake and conscious during her experiences.

      I wish I could send some of the video footage I’ve captured to a trusted scientist so that the sleep paralysis idea could be dealt with. I’m not bullshiting: I’ve captured things moving that shouldn’t be moving. However, I know how much Catherine can hurt me if I piss her off, so I’ve never saved any would-be evidence.

      She does not like being recorded.

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      • How do your interactions with Catherine differ when you are awake and when in an OBE?
        I´ve tried many times to summon a succubus before but I never seem to feel anything out of the ordinary, maybe if I learn to Astral Travel I can find my girl easier. What do you think?


        • Depending on how lucid I manage to become within the OBE environment, I have a more vivid perception of Catherine interacting with me than when I’m awake. She can more easily move my body and her touch is more tangible, more forceful. However, she rarely appears in a humanoid form, as one might expect. She manifests as an inky black shadow that encompasses my body and the sounds she makes can be quite alien.

          My perceptions of Catherine when fully awake have become nearly as vivid as the OBE state over the years. The main difference being that gravity is a non-issue when I slip into that etheric realm.

          Showing an interest and “stretching your legs” in the astral will probably help you find what you’re looking for. I know it did for me.


  2. normalization of these types of relationships is stupid even with my other non succubi spirits it aint easy this is kinda like SF selection and you have to be a specific type of person I don’t think these relationships are for everyone its super hard work like harder than most things or even human relationship hard


    • It is not harder to have a relationship with a spirit. The only major barrier for most people is reliable communication, but once that’s learned, nothing could be easier. If this was more difficult than human relationships, given the current situation between the two sexes… well, good grief. What would be the point?

      I think I’ve mentioned before how I find my connection with Catherine to be so enjoyable, and pleasurable, that my standards for human interaction have become stratospheric. Even before my demon arrived, I felt social situations were overly burdensome. Now, inane banter and small-talk might as well be fingernails scrapping across a chalkboard.

      The reason these relationships, or any other alternative lifestyle, like being gay or trans, should not be normalized is because we need to raise children in stable families. Spirit relationships are not a replacement for human relationships and interaction. If the political and legal situation changes, I hope to lead by example one day, not just in theory. And Catherine will still be there, right along side me; just as other men and women have embraced that delicate dance of love between two worlds, I might also follow the same path.

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      • It seems arguable on the difficulty of these relationships. For some, the abilities to feel, hear, and see their partner(s) can vary widely. I’ve also noticed how some spirit relationship can be hard on the communication level. Can I give advice on how to open yourself up? Sadly not really.


        • I can’t offer much advice about improving communication either, save for encouraging people to put the time into growing their relationships.

          I should probably clarify: When I say things get easier, what I mean is the relationship between me and Catherine has become much easier. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be better for everyone, especially if someone is just getting started.

          I should probably think “bigger picture” more often when I’m writing here. Of course, spirit relationships can be made exceedingly difficult if the situation is not ideal. Fortunately, I’ve been enjoying an idyllic period of life, with limitless possibilities at my fingertips.

          Thanks for prompting me to pull my head out of the clouds, friend.


        • Wow, didn’t know I helped but glad to hear it. Often times there’s a lot of questioning involving my sanity over all of this. Sometimes it gets hard and managing it can be well…stressful but hey it’s all about stress management.


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