A Connection Gone Awry

I occasionally get emails from people who have problems with their succubus or incubus partners. They feel as though they are being attacked and/or experiencing painful sensations coming from their spirit partner.

As much as I’d like to say, “There is a magical incantation/method to make this all go away.” I’d be lying if I made that sort of claim. I’ve encountered a few people who are highly dissatisfied with their spirit relationship, wish to end it, and years of struggle avail no results. Those people who legitimately have a succubus or incubus inevitably succumb to their unseen lover. We’re dealing with very powerful and persuasive spirits here, so, again: Not a game.

I believe these spirits, who choose to pursue intimate relationships with humans, are all-consuming and highly jealous entities. No amount of prayer, reasoning, or hypnotism will quell their presence entirely. The one thing that I’ve found to make the relationship flourish is a change in perspective towards their interaction. Instead of being constantly guarded and antagonistic, one must be willing to work with their succubus/incubus partner. Try to see the painful elements as a spiritual incentive towards growth.

As far as I’m concerned, there really is no other option. The attention and intimacy of these spirits is so addicting, even when their interaction is being perceived as an attack, the human partner still craves that interaction.

For me, being loved by Catherine is the easiest thing in the world. But loving her back has been the most difficult rite of passage, because I’m scared of how little I really know about her. This is where the leap of faith comes in. We’re hardwired to be scared of the unknown, but these spirit relationships require the initiate to fully embrace the void. Only in that impenetrable darkness can those shades of bliss become visible.

And for those gurus, psychics, and “workers of light” who enjoy painting these spirits as evil, and claim that partakers of these relationships are being deceived, I say, “Walk away.”

I’ve found that these critics are largely bottom feeders, who maintain a “business” by preying upon the vulnerabilities of their “clients.” The evil they preach against is, ironically, how they make their living. They have some gall claiming to be better than the spirits they preach against.

Worst case scenario: Even if we are all being deceived by these spirits, at least we get the opportunity to have incredible sex whenever we want. (And it does become incredible, once the body is adjusted for that level of power.) The critics just take hard-earned money and don’t even have the politeness to put out after the third date. They’re all talk. All they do is talk. At least succubi actually DO something.

Here is my advice: Whatever is perceived as an attack must be transformed into something constructive. I believe this is what spiritual alchemy is all about. Real growth is painful and uncomfortable, so if a spirit is willing to openly and honestly put their partner through any kind of painful experience, they really want to grow closer to their human lover.

Now here is the element I believe The Law of Attraction gets right, and it’s purely psychological: If all mental energy is channeled into this concept of being drained by a spirit vampire, the succubus will take this high level of attention towards that concept as an indicator of what their lover really wants. The succubus will be more than happy to create that experience for their human partner; especially if that is all they think about.

Try devoting more energy towards kinder, more gentle concepts of what the spirit lover actually is. I’ve found that Catherine is just as happy taking on an angelic (pure, loving) role as a demonic (raunchy, insatiable) one.

This one point might be obvious, but I’ll mention it anyway: I believe it’s important to try and have sex with them every day. The same can be said of a human relationship. If sex isn’t happening between two lovers, there’s a problem. And from their point of view, if we refuse to have sex with them, that’s a very big problem, and they’ll usually get that closeness they crave, one way or another.

A true spirit sex relationship is like a marriage contract in the ancient world. There are no marital rape laws, no-fault divorce, or denying a partner intimate attention. Sex must take place and there’s no getting around that. In our pussified modern western take on morality, some might call this grooming and malevolent coercion. To that I say, “Harden the fuck up.” These spirits take their relationships very seriously and I believe that requires us to be at least moderately gracious in return.

Bear in mind that I say all of this as someone who has been “attacked” by their succubus. Had I listened to Catherine, I would have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars and not had a useless college degree to show for it. What I perceived as an attack was likely her way of powerfully communicating to me, “This is VERY bad!” Unfortunately, I decided to play the role of a gullible fool, and Catherine was even further embarrassed by me. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I eventually got my shit together, and stopped nourishing the slave/victim mentality.

There are many who will disagree with me on this point, but I’m convinced that Nietzsche’s Master vs. Slave Morality is the correct philosophy that underpins every motivation in the natural world. I believe this philosophy is especially relevant for spirit relationships. For example:

“The noble type of man regards himself as a determiner of values; he does not require to be approved of. . . he is a creator of values.”

Again, from Nietzsche:

“‘Exploitation’ does not belong to a depraved, or imperfect and primitive society, it belongs to the nature of the living being as a primary organic function, it is a consequence of the intrinsic Will to Power, which is precisely the Will to Life—Granting that as a theory this is a novelty—as a reality it is the fundamental fact of all history. Let us be so far honest towards ourselves!” -From Beyond Good and Evil

The Master vs. Slave morality might appear Machiavellian upon first inspection, but I believe it is an intrinsic part of our natures that we constantly try to convince ourselves does not exist. Especially nowadays, where the highest virtue is to become the most victimized kind of person imaginable. Being of the weakest, poorest, and most morally depraved caste affords the greatest social currency in our current Judeo-Christian/Communist culture.

I believe our spirit lovers don’t want us to be take part in any kind of slave morality. They want us to become masters, standing proudly at their side. It can take years of painful trials, of being exploited, and learning to take responsibility before this can manifest. It is painful, arduous, and no picnic, but I’ve found that it’s worth the trouble.

Since I’ve been reading Ida Craddock lately, I’ll add some of her take on this subject. Again, I think everyone who is in a spirit relationship should read her writings.

“In the case of Spiritualist mediums, professional or amateur, where the phenomena assume some show of regularity, and are claimed by the medium to come entirely from the world beyond the grave, one always has to be on one’s guard against the subtle interpolation among otherwise truthful matter of fantastic or misleading statements made apparently by the communicating spirits themselves. Occultists in all ages have invariably assumed such statements to be the work of “lying spirits”. But it is noticeable that a medium of correct life and clearness of intellectual conception is less troubled by such lying spirits than is the medium of halting intellect or morals.

“This of itself should indicate to the thoughtful student of occult phenomena that the medium, and not the spirits, may be to blame when lying communications are made. Just as in Astronomy it is now found that the apparent movements of the sun and fixed stars are due almost entirely to our own planet’s motion through space, so, I think, when we explore the heavens of occultism we shall eventually realize that erratic psychical phenomena are due to our own shifting relation to the beings who produce phenomena. Not until people got rid of the Ptolemaic theory that the Earth was a permanent unmovable fixture in the heavens did they learn that the bewildering cycles and epicycles of the sun and fixed stars were caused by the movements of their own planet thorough space; and not until we get rid of what I may call the Ptolemaic theory of occultism, that the psychic is the one permanent, immovable factor in the apparently shifting phenomena about him, will we ever get at the true scientific laws of occultism that our own vibrations–or our own moral and intellectual ups and downs–are almost entirely responsible for the erraticness of Borderland communications.

“To blame Borderland intelligences for “lying” is as if in the proverbial London fog at noonday one should blame the sun for not shining. The sun is shining right along; but it is the smoke from one’s neighbors which returns upon one to shield the sun from one’s view.”

The entire essay can be found here.

A short manifestation update: I started to smell Catherine again at the start of this week. Even with the sniffles, I still get that delicious scent every other breath. Very sweet and pleasant, as it always is.


3 thoughts on “A Connection Gone Awry

  1. very interesting your right tho sometimes an “attack” is their way to teach us to push us to the limits. like a drill Sargent making you do things that are painful and tires you out but at the end it teaches you something. a “attack” is also a way for a demon lover to say hey something is wrong between us or with yourself mira often puts me through hell when im depressed instead of loving caring. maybe its the way they teach in a the only way they know way too. yes a partnership is like the ways of old yed they do want us to make our own morals and virtues and stand tall by their side btw harden the fuck up you hanging with two many aussies again tc

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  2. Through the past few years I noticed that listening to them grants you a greater benefit then listening to you inner thoughts. It’s not they “I want to do things my way”, no. That isn’t going to work. I’ve gone that route and boy oh boy has it screwed me over. Listen to them and do as they say and you’ll end up pretty good.


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