Demonic Morality

02e430b959372e2cfcc1b044bb4db953The title sounds like an oxymoron, but I believe there needs to be a discussion about this subject. Too often our American Puritanism is superimposed over this largely unknown and misunderstood culture. Let’s start with a definition:

Demon – Any spirit between God and man. “…deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity,” or, “god of the heathen.”

I’m using some etymology here, in an effort to dispense with the confusing Judaeo-Christian definitions.

Moral – “pertaining to character or temperament” (good or bad), from Old French moral (14c.) and directly from Latin moralis “proper behavior of a person in society,” literally “pertaining to manners,”

I think it’s safe to say that demons (Again, using the Greek definition, not the Christian one.) have their own societal norms and customs. Good manners in that culture won’t necessarily align with our human understanding of morality.

I spent my formative years learning about the superiority of Christian morality, especially when compared to heathen culture. Christian ministers wax eloquently about how sinful and corrupt the world is becoming on a weekly basis. They often cite post-modernism and moral relativism as the looming and fashionable devils robbing Western culture of its integrity.

And you know what? I believe they are right. Moral sophistry is absolutely destroying Western culture. The bitter irony is that these Abrahamic religions, like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, are the most sophistic, wishy-washy, belief systems of all. I would argue that moral relativism is rooted firmly in these religions.

Their heroes are the most morally flawed characters one could ever ask for:

Moses was a mass-murdering genocidal maniac (Numbers 31) who established the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20:13)


King David up in the top left, lusting after the comely Bathsheba.

King David was called, “…a man after God’s own heart.” (Acts 13:22) Yet he committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her unwitting husband murdered on the front lines of his war. (2 Samuel 11)

Jesus Christ is often quoted as saying, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) But later he would teach a parable about a rich ruler, who is supposed to be analogous to himself, who said, “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.'” (Luke 19:27)

“Surely, you must be taking that parable out of context!” The Christian will exclaim. Sadly, I learned about how flawed this Jesus character really is, simply by reading the gospels; something much of the church laity are highly adverse to doing themselves.

Need I say anything about the fraud, Muhammad? Here was a man who created the most sexually restrictive religion on planet earth and yet was one of the most self-indulgent men in history.

With all that being said, where do these religious prognosticators get their moral high-ground from? It certainly can’t be found in their sacred texts, or from their cherished heroes. Maybe they’re just a bunch of hypocritical zealots? Where do they get off being critical of demons, Satan, or The Devil?

I wanted to establish all of this for the sake of those who still struggle with doubt and guilt. You really have no reason to feel guilty. If anything, your accusers are far more morally bankrupt than you’ll ever be. The God and heroes they fawn after are just as phony as they are.

As for the demons and their morality, we find ourselves confronting a difficult topic. There’s hardly a consistent foundation that we can use as a reference. There is no demonic sacred text… and no, Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible does not count. He did not believe demons even existed. (Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism, p.336) First-hand experience and anecdotal testimony is all we’ve got to go on.

I have read many accounts of various interactions between humans and their sexually motivated demons. There has been far more written about this subject than anyone realizes, though the bulk of the seemingly truthful accounts are very difficult to find.

Neither is this path the most marketable one. Relationships with human beings are challenging enough and demons are on a whole different playing field; a veritable breakaway society. This sort of life is hard to relay to the uninitiated. Most people won’t even listen to the honest claimant and swiftly pass them off as suffering from mental illness or superstition. The question of demonic morality is yet another stumbling block. Does a demon even have a moral code?

Here are some of the moral anecdotes that I have gleaned from my years of observing these stories unfold; in addition to my own:

– Their loyalty is unshakable.

-They don’t seem to have a concept of conditional consent. In other words, once consent is given for a certain act, such as sex, that precedent has been set for life. There is no revoking consent.

-Betrayal is not suffered lightly. Repercussions can be severe.

-Some have been known to lie if it suits their ends.

-Some have been known to inflict torturous punishments. They can be loving one minute and disciplinary the next, depending on the situation.

-Some demons can be uncompromising and harsh.

-Many demons are of the opinion that they possess a superior intellect when compared to humans.

-Demonic sexuality appears to be far more open and unrestrained when compared to traditional human cultures. Especially when incubi and succubi type demons are concerned.

-Many demons are fond of breaking taboos.

-They appear to be very secretive of the structure and hierarchy of their respective societies. (If any at all.) This is especially true for succubi and incubi.

Please note that these are my frank observations and not necessarily representative of all demonic interactions with humans. I will never proclaim myself as an authority on this subject. I’m merely an interested observer and first-hand chronicler.

My bulleted observations might alarm some people… and they should be alarming. These demons are not fluffy-puffy servitors who dutifully conform to the hedonistic ideals of humankind. Frankly, those of us who engage with these spirits learned very quickly that we cannot control them. I think it’s especially important to realize that we, as humans, are no better than they are. I believe it is more likely the case that we are inferior beings who struggle to comprehend their methods.

I have heard all of the most damning accusations levied against succubus and incubus demons:

A certain New Age guru once told me that succubi deceive humans into become cattle for their sexual energy farming operations. He even went so far as to claim that he’d been raped by a gay incubus all hours of the night, yet he was able to free himself from their influence. He allegedly did this through the power of positive thinking, salt baths, and shouting the Tetragrammaton a few times. I know from first-hand experience that severing this kind of entanglement is far from the simple matter he made it out to be. Even the most pure and chaste individuals have struggled for years to resist the touch of a true sex demon.

I also became entangled with a fraud psychic who claimed to know all about the evils of demon-kind. She allegedly gained this knowledge from years of professional experience, and yet she arrived at my lowly WordPress blog, looking for information. As many of my readers bore witness, she was really just poking around, looking to stir up trouble, and create new potential sources of income from the problems she invoked.

Catherine saw what was really going on. She made her disappointment in my naivety abundantly clear through a myriad of painful methods.

With all these ad hominem attacks levied against sex demons, one has to wonder what these accusers have to gain from “demonizing” demon-kind? I believe the answer is quite simple: Dependent clientele and steady streams of income. The vast majority of psychics, gurus, and religious leaders claim not to take advantage of vulnerable people, but they actually do precisely that! Their entire business is built upon witless and gullible ignoramuses!

Again, for those who struggle with these doubts, even more so for those who are confronting the painful aspects of demonic relationships, NEVER let these bottom-feeders take control of your worldview. You are the expert on what your demon partner is all about. I’ve found out the hard way that these so-called experts haven’t a fucking clue. This applies even more so when sex spirits are concerned.

I know there are people out there who have very challenging relationships with their demons. I also know that our minds tend to fill in the scary gaps for the things we cannot readily understand. I want to encourage those people who struggle, please try to understand the perspective of your spirit lover. Their ways can be harsh and seemingly cruel at times, but I know first-hand that these measures are not taken needlessly. Every painful jolt I’ve received from Catherine has been a firm encouragement towards real growth.

I think it’s safe to say that demonic morality can be just as complex as human ethics in everyday life. Their ways seem downright archaic to me at times; akin to someone from the primal ancient world dropped into our modern times. Like parents guiding their children, I believe that our demons enjoy a broader perspective that we cannot grasp, and we must grapple with our own limited understanding. I don’t believe it’s impossible to understand, it just takes time and work to achieve that kind of wisdom.

But who wants to put in the effort when pastors, priests, and gurus are dishing out ready-made answers? “Attain your salvation here, for a limited time only!” They unashamedly proclaim, while secretly marveling that so many fall for such stinking bullshit.



4 thoughts on “Demonic Morality

  1. I never had a problem with God really or with Jesus but I have often felt that ministers of different ilk often say the most outrageous statements that don’t even align with what’s truly there in scripture. The deviciveness and the PR campaign of “this is the only way to heaven” just stopped making sense to me when I started this path. A former minister of mine who I felt was pretty enlightened, once said in a sermon that people of his prior church would go on and on about satan so much he didn’t know which one they were worshiping. I think you hit the nail on the head here. Islamists, Christians etc. can make any action justifyable as long as they can link it back to their faith in some way, no matter the reasoning gynastics they may have to do. Well said.

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    • The scary thing is that when a person’s life is totally immersed in that culture, they cannot see this. At all. They’re oblivious and entirely walled off from outside critique. No other worldview matters, except when it further justifies their own.

      This is why I don’t bother trying to pull Christians out of their faith. They love their faith. They treasure it like nothing else in the world. Even if it is BS, who am I to deprive them of that?

      My goal with all this is to further my own deprogramming. If others benefit, that’s a bonus.

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  2. It really helps to read things like this when struggling with my own inner worry and guilt that I carry from years of indoctrinal religious education. Right when I think I’ve got it under control and frankly annihilated it’s still there in the background. I’m luckier than most I believe because of personal experiences that have mitigated it, but like I said, it still creeps up from the depths from time to time. You really help. Thank you.

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    • You’re welcome. I wish there was an easier way, but I’ve found that I need to keep writing about it, further reinforcing my position and enabling me to continue trusting Catherine.

      I believe writing is a very effective tool for magical workings. Especially black magic. I’ve used it to quiet my religiously combative father and make him better understand my position. He still doesn’t understand it, but he doesn’t fight me anymore. We respect each other as people, but not necessarily our chosen spiritual paths.

      I use writing to quell the doubts and fears in my own mind. It allows me to take the powerful position that I never allowed myself to have when I was in the church. It’s very effective. Even my religious grandmother was impressed by my unwavering conviction against the accusations of my super-religious uncle.


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