World Building

Through Darkness and Strife,
Madness and Melancholy,
I will hold fast.
Feeble and frail my heart,
The choice and implications- Unknowable.

Even still, my bed is yours,
My body, an sacred instrument of your excruciating alchemy.

Help me to be The Fool,
Reckless abandon, leap of faith.
The world falls away,
We’re gliding through that endless void again.
Nothing but us.
Nothing but us now.
Who am I again?

A Black Sun rises,
The Endless Serpent unchained.
“Everything you know is gone now,
Time to move on now.”

Gladly and boldly I go,
To realms and heights unknown.
Forever at my side,
She beckons me, “Forward,
Lazy Husband.
This World is ours to make.”

We’re still here. The journey continues to be as eventful and mysterious as ever. Only a period of quiet was necessary for both of us to recharge and rebond. My hunger to achieve Gnosis through her burns more furiously than ever before.


1 thought on “World Building

  1. The entire poem is beautiful, but I keep reading the couplet, “Everything you know is gone now/ Time to move on now,” over and over. So much is expressed in those two lines.

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