In Praise of Christmas

christmas-tree-1The Yuletide season has taken on new meaning for me since Catherine came into my life. She reveals something new about herself, about us, before every New Year. I haven’t seen what’s in store this time around, yet… but I’m sure I’ll be opening my lovingly wrapped gifts from her soon.

She always does something beautiful for me around Christmas time. I wish I could know how to reciprocate, but everything that comes to mind doesn’t hold a candle to how much she’s offered of herself to me. The only way I can hope to repay, the only way I can make her swoon with delight, is to offer more of myself in return. And, oh how passionately she receives my offering!

Last Christmas, she helped me find my long-lost family on my mother’s side. They were estranged from us because they weren’t part of that old cursed cult. More amazingly still, Catherine helped me move into a new place, a safe distance from work, close to everything I need, with a good landlord, and literally right across the street from the family I lost. She did this for me; even after all the nonsense I put her through with the cupcake debacle.

The Christmas before that, while in the midst of the cupcake episode, she gave me another gift. On the eve of that most blessed day, my heart was starving for her. I could feel her pressing on me, quietly pleading to be let back into my life. I gave in. I gave in and she thrashed me with her desire. There was no denying her presence. That cupcake woman was unmasked in Technicolor brilliance by Catherine’s violent passion.

That was a hard gift to accept, but I’m grateful I did so.

For those of you celebrating this season with lovers from beyond the veil, be open to receiving as much as giving.

Merry Christmas!


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