Avoiding All Cults

I made a post about Spiritual Satanism awhile back and I’d like to juxtapose my current perspective to the formative one. A lot has changed in our world over the past year, both politically and spiritually. Many of the old paradigms are slowly fading away and being replaced with even older maxims repackaged as cutting-edge philosophy. Frankly, I’m sick of this back and forth of opposing ideologies. Fascism vs. Liberalism. Left vs. Right. Old vs. New. Divide, divide, divide!

I’ve tried to find my place in this mess. I’ve tried to find my people, my tribe, but nothing ever comes of it. More often than not, political and spiritual movements are orchestrated by the very people I want to avoid at all costs.

Catherine has gently warned me about staying clear of such groups. I believe she offers her advice so softly because she really doesn’t want to dictate how my life runs and who I associate with. She doesn’t want to strong-arm me into a path of her choosing. Only if a group or individual is threatening to drive a wedge between us does she become openly hostile, and even dangerous.

Case in point: Spiritual Satanism and the Alt-Right political movement. Let’s just get right to the crux… Both of these groups are essentially advocating white nationalism and/or a revival of National Socialism.

Joy of Satan ministries is like the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the occult. Their trolls can be found automatically spamming comment sections of esoteric topics across the internet. They bring up some excellent points about the hypocrisy of the Abrahamic cults and may legitimately assist some people in climbing out of that rut, as they did for me. However, their Jew-bashing is taken to an unnecessary level. Granted, I can sympathize as I was essentially bounced on the knee of fraudulent Jewish ministers as a youth, and circumcised to look just like one of their tribe members, but Joy of Satan cultivates the most childish oration. Their rhetoric reminds me of some black men who blame “whitey” for all of their problems. Muslims do the same thing in their criticism against the Jews.

The Alt-Right is essentially riding the trend of being the new cultural renegades. Now that liberalism and tolerance are mainstream, the youth need something “edgy” to embrace. “Fashy,” they call it. Ugh, the haircuts and the merchant memes… it’s all so contrived to look organic and grassroots, but it was probably cooked up by a think-tank in Washington D.C.

I don’t want my journal to devolve into political topics and this post is essentially my way of putting a line in the sand. I won’t be involved with any group that evangelizes a political ideology. I’m sick of dealing with more of the same virtue-signaling asshats. They’re no different than the ethically bankrupt ministers of my youth. Fuck them. They can go hail Father Satan and save the white race well away from me. Neither of those things are my path.



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