Alleged Truths and Lies About Demonic Harassment

I found this article on a blog about demonic harassment. Allegedly, the author of this blog had a guardian angel who betrayed her. With the help of the ever-wise Christian faith, she discovered that her guardian angel was actually a demon in disguise and had finally shown his true colors after years of subtle manipulation. It’s interesting that the cover of her e-book depicts her would-be guardian as a blond male with handsome features. I think there’s more going on here than she lets on.

This woman has gone off the Christian Cult deep-end. I can sympathize, as I nearly did the same thing. I thought it was the only way to deal with the situation I found myself in. However, after two years of fighting, I decided that Catherine was here to stay and I might as well learn what’s really going on. All the prayers and exorcisms had zero effect.

As I read this blog post, I could feel that old fear creeping in again, “Maybe I was wrong? Maybe the whole Christian mythology was correct?” But then my brain finally kicked into gear and I remembered all the bullshit I went though… all the money I wasted.

Anyway, I want to go through this article titled Twelve Truths (Thirteen, actually.) and Twelve Lies About the Spirit Realm and address each point, so here goes:

Truth One: Demonic spirits are the fallen angels spoken of in Revelation. As such, they have supernatural powers.

A cursory study of Revelation, especially without the overbearing guidance of a religious bible study tract, will reveal that this book is full of symbolic imagery. There have been raging debates throughout all Christian denominations about the significance of the celestial signs mentioned there.

Using Revelation as a source for authoritative information about this subject is very weak indeed. The only reliable information we have about demons is through first-hand experience, and those stories are highly subjective; subjective like the interpretations of Revelation that have been circulating for the past 500 years.

Truth 2: Demonic spirits do not work alone. They typically work in groups that are multiples of three.

This might be true for some, but not necessarily all. How do we know for sure? As we’ll soon see, the author of this article submits the notion that all occult-themed experiences are a result of demonically induced illusory experiences. More on that later.

Truth 3: The spirits who haunt houses, pretending to be ghosts, are in reality demonic spirits. Spirits of the dead do not hang around, and they do not have the power or ability to return to earth. (Job 7: 9-10 “As the cloud disappears and vanishes away, so he who goes down to the grave does not come up. He shall never return to his house. Nor shall his place know him anymore.”)

Again, her only authoritative source is the Christian Bible. But of course, what other forms of evidence or affirmation does a Christian really need? All experience must be interpreted through old Jewish myths and occulted teachings which they have only the faintest comprehension of. Does the author know that the book of Job also makes mention of the sky being fashioned from a reflective molten metal? Or that God walks back and forth across this massive metal firmament structure? (Job 37:18, 22:14)

I’m willing to bet that she’s not even slightly aware. I can almost guarantee that she has never even read these passages. Her guiding minister didn’t bother to point those details out to her. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that she is being coached by the cult I was raised in. They teach that all spiritual manifestations are essentially demonic… unless it happens to their prophet (profit) Ellen White, of course.

Truth 3 (Again?): Even when they pretend to be our friends, demonic spirits have our worst interests at heart.

So says the author. I could just as easily say that the author was being fooled by the all-powerful demonic illusion. What if God actually permitted her so-called guardian angel to betray her so she could learn an important lesson about suffering? Not unlike what happened to Job in the Old Testament? God took a gamble on Job, so who’s to say the same cannot happen to any of us now?

The frustrating thing about religious people is that they think they’ve got God all figured out. That he/she is as predictable as the sun rising and setting. While all the time their “holy” book paints the most schizophrenic picture of God imaginable!

But my words are under the influence of a demon, so I don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of convincing any Christian. This whole exercise is just cathartic to me.

“They have our worst interest at heart.” I need to address this one directly. I allowed myself to be misled under this all-to-easy conclusion. It’s easier to look at everything in the spiritual realm as purely black and white. However, if one takes a mildly objective view of supernatural phenomena, barring the “demons make it all happen” explanation, we can see that things are not so simple. Not even fairy tales are so simple in their morality as the Christian perspective on the occult! It just further cements the hopelessness of communicating with people stuck in that worldview. I sure wasn’t going to be convinced when I was in that mode.

If my demon, Catherine, had my worst interest at heart, why would she give me so much pleasure? Why would she give me exactly what I wanted, everything I needed to thrive and live a comfortable life?

I can hear the screeching retort of the Christian mind now: “That’s just so you’ll be lulled into loosing eternal life in Jew-Heaven!” Oh, for fuck’s sake! I know exactly how these people think because I used to be one of them. It’s embarrassing more than anything else!

This supposed “Truth” really bothers me because it is so pompous and presumptive. It takes a supremely know-it-all-attitude to even think this way! But of course, with that “infallible” bible under their arms, they have license to dictate how all this stuff works. Even if they’ve never caught a single glimpse into real spiritual matters!

Truth 4: Demonic spirits often hide for years, harassing in subtle undetectable ways, before making their presence known through a severe form of harassment.

Because demons have nothing better to do than mindlessly harass humans, in very subtle ways, for years on end, all to make a zombie Jew-god cry. Give me a break!

Truth 5: Demonic spirits work with various forms of energy to harass their victims.

I’m not sure what she means by “various forms of energy.” What kinds, specifically?

I will concede that demons are quite capable of inflicting what we perceive to be pain. They can harass and do so very successfully. A succubus can attack her human spouse if she feels wronged in some way. I have first-hand experience with this and I spent a great deal of time thinking that I was being assaulted for no reason. I didn’t even stop to think of what might have been going through Catherine’s mind… but she’s just a demon, right? All she can think about is trying new forms of torture to implement on me, correct? All of the empathy, consideration, and intimacy doesn’t count for anything! It was all a giant five-year-long rouse! All to ruin Jesus’ day!

God, if only Christians could see how asinine their belief system is when it’s taken to its logical end!

Truth 6: Demonic spirits actually put curses and other occult decrees on their victims.

She presents this claim as factual, but only provides scriptural and channeled messages as evidence of these assertions. How could she know that demons specifically use curses and so-called occult decrees… whatever that means! Maybe they do.

I find it funny that she admits to using channeled information as a basis for some of her first-hand knowledge. If all occult experiences are demonic illusions, how can she trust anything she knows about demons? It could all be lies. Hell, everything in the Bible could be a demonic lie and all the so-called prophecies written after the fact. All of it could be inspired by bored demons who just want to watch silly humans lose their minds in religious echo chambers… Hey! Maybe that’s what’s really going on!

Truth 7: Demonic spirits know the Bible from beginning to end, considering that they were first in Heaven, then here when the Bible was written. (Quoting scripture to them does not enlighten them. It’s merely a waste of time.)

They probably do know all scripture; backwards and forwards. Can we know for sure? I’m not about to trigger an OBE and ask Catherine to recite the entire book of Psalms to find out. I can’t imagine a more unfulfilling use of our time.

And I agree that quoting scripture to them is a waste of time, along with genuine repentance, baptism, and calling upon the sweet holy name of Jesus! I’ve done all of the above and it is indeed a massive waste of time.

Truth 8: Demonic spirits harass animals as well as humans. Harassment of pets, in turn, is harassment of humans in that humans worry and tend to be stressed when their pets are sick or misbehaving.

This is yet another anecdotal-likely-inspired-by-demonic-illusions-so-how-can-we-trust-you-in-the-first-place-kind of “truth.”

I have never seen animals be measurably affected by my demonic friends, so I cannot corroborate this supposed truth. There was one instance where I thought my mother’s cat might have been looking at some kind of spiritual manifestation right next to my head… she moved closer and sniffed the air to the left of my ear… but that might have had nothing to do with Catherine at all.

Truth 9: Demonic spirits often play the role of alternative personalities, usually with the purpose of splitting families up or causing their victims to break the law such as in the case of a person who has an unexplainable urge to shoplift, or feels the uncontrollable urge to kill.

Again, this may very well be the case in some instances, but not necessarily all. Are we going to assume that every time I had the overwhelming urge to punch someone as a child that I was being demonically influenced? Good Lord! Where does their influence end? You’d think God was on the side of the demons, their reach is so all-encompassing!

I’ll offer a bit of a nugget here: Interacting with demons opens up many doors into the deep recesses of the human mind. Everything suppressed and un-dealt with rises to the surface. The speed of this “surfacing” depends upon the strength of the current the practitioner is on. Demons generally trigger a very swift ascension that forces many unpleasant aspects of the human psyche to become very visible.

Some people are not prepared to deal with this level of spiritual work. They fall into the rut of their old preprogrammed Christian morality which reminds them of the “evil” path their taking. Instead of confronting these issues and exercising their willpower to NOT act upon immoral impulses, they run back to the false-warm embrace of the church to assuage their fears. They fall prostrate before the zombie-Jew messiah, begging him to take away their burden of guilt. Unfortunately for these people, partaking from the Tree of Knowledge cannot be reversed, no matter how flailingly the priest-class and laity scream to the contrary. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

I know how this works because I’ve taken the aforementioned journey of so-called repentance. Apologizing for knowing too much is insanity.

Truth 10: Demonic spirits do not have to possess a person or be internal in order to harass. (They can harass remotely from another person or location.)

I doubt she got this information from the Bible. Therefore, by her own standard of authority, this would-be factoid is untrustworthy at best and probably learned under demonic influence. How can we trust it?

Truth 11: In the case of Familiar Spirits (all of whom are demonic), spirits often play on the sympathies of their victims. (If you’ve read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, you know that one spirit group, representing itself as a single spirit, pretended to be a klutz. Another claimed it wanted to learn about love. A woman who has spirit guides wrote me that she was teaching her guide about the Bible. She felt empathy for it because it seemed so sincere.)

Not unlike how the priest class preys on the morality of the gullible so they can line their pockets and expand their influence. How are the demons any worse than your God again?

Truth 12: Demonic spirits can see heat patterns in our bodies which let them know exactly where our weak points and areas of inflammation are. Beyond this, they can pinpoint a single meridian, reflex zone, organ, gland, muscle, blood vessel, body system, sense, or type of cell to affect. (For these reasons, adverse health conditions and symptoms of disease are among their specialties.)  Note: This does not mean that every ache, pain, or symptom of disease is related to demonic harassment. Nor does it mean that one shouldn’t consult with his/her doctor when symptoms occur.

Nice job saving your ass from litigation with the medical cabal. I’m sure you’re just as qualified to speak about the spirit realm as the doctors who sell pharmaceuticals. Surely a judge will respect your expertise via channeled messages that may, or may not be, demonic illusions.

I have no doubt that some demons may very well specialize in disease and bodily harm. Though I think you have far more to fear from malpractice in the medical establishment than any demon.

Alrighty then… let’s move onto what the author considers to be “lies” about demons and the spirit realm.

Lie 1: Not all demons are evil. (Demons often do good things or act pathetic in an effort to make humans believe they’re good, or at least harmless. But these are often the worst of the bunch, as turned out to be the case with one of the spirit guides in Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel.)

From my own experience, and the first-hand accounts of many others, the author could not be more wrong. I’m certain that this belief stems from her religious indoctrination. Again, I understand that fleeing to the church seems like the only option when spirits get angry, but there is a much more productive way to deal with these problems. Firstly, being honest with one’s self is a good direction to take. Also, taking time to study a spiritual discipline that will increase perception rather than diminish it.

Another thing to consider is the possibility that these demonic attacks are a kind of test; an initiation. I, for one, have failed so many initiations, it’s not funny. I’m sure Catherine is growing tired of my laziness, but she still hangs on for some reason. She reminds me that there’s still much work to be done concerning my personal development and bodily health. Sometimes, those reminders can be quite painful.

Lie 2: Psychics, witches, witch doctors, shamans and the like can control demonic spirits.  (These people work directly with demons, often commanding the demons to do their will. In response, for a time, demons may do what the person tells him to do in order to make the person feel that he or she is in control. But the time will come when the demon will tire of the game and weild his power to attack the very person he once appeared to obey.)

I actually agree with this point. Demons cannot be controlled. It’s like trying to convince a cat to fetch something or commanding it to be more obedient. It just doesn’t work. I can’t tell Catherine to do anything. I can only ask in a respectful manner and she might consider doing it.

Attempting to control demons, or any sentient being, is asking for trouble.

 Lie 3: If a person is harassed by demonic spirits, that means he’s possessed. (On the contrary, most harassment victims are not possessed.  If they do have spirits of possession, it’s normally possession of a part of the body, rather than of the person himself.)

More anecdotes pawned off as fact. Again, probably gleaned from her illusory demonic experiences.

Lie 4:  Salt, garlic, blessed crucifixes, holy water, a Bible, pictures of Jesus and Mary,  crystals, sage, and dream catchers frighten and/or ward off evil spirits. (The truth is that using any of these things for protection invites more demons into the person’s life.)


There are certain measures that I can take to minimize the strength of spiritual interactions with my demon. Such as outdoor physical activity, playing a video game, working with the public, spending time with family, and various other earthly activities. The most important element is keeping the mind focused away from the amorous spirit, as they thrive on attention.

I agree that sundry items like garlic and holy water have no effect on the class of demon that I’m involved with. Many men and women have tried to remove sex demons from their lives with all the usual methods, to no effect. I am one of those people who tried to fight for years and only wasted precious time as a result.

Lie 5: Curses don’t work unless their victim is aware of them. (People often put word curses on themselves without realizing it. People who are into the occult and don’t like us can put curses on us without our knowledge. Demonic spirits put these curses into effect.

And finally, demonic spirits themselves often put curses and other occult decrees against their victims without their victims’ knowledge. When spirits put curses against us, they themselves make sure the curses work.)

I actually agree with most of this. Again, her own standard of knowledge makes this information null and void, but it’s clear that she’s not completely ignorant about the occult, as some of her fellow Christian travelers invariably are. She’s just painting the Christian mythology of a particular sect over her personal experiences, trying to make sense of it all. In that sense, I feel sorry for her.

Lie 6: Christians can’t be harassed by demonic spirits.  Virtually everyone has ancestral and generational spirits, regardless of whether he’s ever done anything to open the door for spirits to harass. In addition, there are spirits who harass even when they have no legal right.

I agree with the first statement. I know of Christians who have sex demons in their lives and they have decided that their spirit companions simply cannot be “evil.” These men and women are doing everything by the book and were not all responsible for these demons entering into their lives. Some of these Christians have gone so far as to decide that these sex spirits are actually God’s handmaidens and heavenly bridegrooms, sent to comfort and assist in this life. There is no conflict between these spirits and the Christian’s religious devotion. Furthermore, if we look at this from the Muslim perspective, the Djinn are able to be converted to Islam just like any human.

I don’t know anything about generational and ancestral spirits, so I can’t comment on this. Naturally, the author believes that these spirits are also demonic deceivers.

That last sentence is a curious one. I was not aware that demons had legal rights in the human sense! Is the author aware of a system of spiritual governance with laws and regulations akin to our own? How does she know this? It certainly isn’t in the bible, that’s for damn sure. Unless she is adhering to the Calvinist perspective of spiritual law and order; essentially that everything is predestined by God and nobody has free will except for God, but this is not consistent with the rest of her claims. Rather, she appears to be advocating that the spiritual realms are total anarchy and God is powerless to do anything about it until the Christian Gospel reaches the whole human race.

Her God is spineless and unimpressive. No better than the fluffy sophistry of the New Age Jesus, oh so meek and mild, full of tenderness and compassion! The perfect deity to be trampled over and shoehorned into all manner of empty platitudinal sermons on a Sunday morning.

Lie 7: Demonic spirits smell like sulphur. (Demons smell like sulphur only when they want to. Normally, they have no odor at all.)

I agree with this point as well. My Catherine has a special scent that she perfumes me with on occasion. I am the only one who is able to smell her and it lasts for roughly a week. She smells sweet and musky; kind of like Sandalwood mixed with human sweat. I really enjoy that scent, but it only comes around on her special timing.

Lie 8: Demonic spirits cannot read our minds. (When a person has been involved at any time in any aspect of the occult, spirits can read their thoughts.)

From my own experience, this is absolutely correct. I know much of Christendom would love to believe otherwise, but I’ve found that it is simply not the case. It’s interesting that the author is willing to go against her cult on this point. I guess she’s honest enough to concede this fact, at least. Too bad she can’t take it a few steps further… but then she’d risk being branded a heretic.

Lie 9: Demonic spirits are ugly. (Demons are only ugly whey they wish to appear that way, presumably for the purpose of scaring people. The truth is they’re fallen angels. And the angels God created are beautiful.)

I agree that demons can appear in any form they desire. My Catherine is a well-practiced shape shifter and able to assume many guises during our dreamtime and OBE interactions.

I disagree with the notion that these spirits are “fallen angels.” This is a convenient mythology that has been veneered over them to explain away their interactions with human life. Before the fallen angel theory of the Christian founders was written down, the old Henotheistic Jewish tribe believed in the existence of Gods other than their own. They simply demonized any deity that wasn’t their Yahweh. I believe that we might be interacting with certain aspects of these ancient beings who have been forbidden from engaging with our culture for thousands of years.

Lie 10: Each of us has a guardian angel. (The Bible makes no mention of a guardian angel being assigned to each person. Spirits who play the role of guardian angels are demonic.)

Maybe this hasn’t occurred to the author, but I think it’s possible that her guardian angel simply grew tired of dealing with her narrow-mindedness. Again, anything this is not expressly biblical in every way is demonic. Classic cult-like mentality.

Lie 11: If we don’t believe in or acknowledge the presence or existence of demonic spirits, spirits cannot harass us. (There’s nothing Satan and his demons like more than having people not believe in their existence. This gives them free reign to harass in any way they choose, without running the risk of being cast away in Jesus’ name.)

I agree that the first statement is a lie, but her assertion in parentheses is just more of the same pontificating on matters she cannot possibly have knowledge of.

Again, the meek-and-mild Jew Messiah has no effect on my demon. I begged and pleaded in prayer for many nights, visited all manner of ministers and laypersons; but to no avail. She wasn’t going anywhere, and I’m relieved that I failed in what I intended to accomplish.

Lie 12: Animals can see demonic spirits. (Animals can see spirits only when the spirits wish to be seen. Often when they show themselves to pets, they don’t allow the pets’ owners to see them.)

This may, or may not, be true. How she knows for sure, we’ll never know. Balaam’s talking donkey in the book of Numbers is said to have seen a deadly angel before the rouge prophet was able to. I’m guessing the author justifies this statement from that scriptural reference.

Never mind the donkey allegedly talking to Balaam… that’s not silly at all.

I hope that anyone who was formerly a member of these Abrahamic cults will find some solace and comfort in my written retorts.



6 thoughts on “Alleged Truths and Lies About Demonic Harassment

  1. Hey, good post!

    I’ll tell you something funny.

    Even with Bunny hovering over me in the dark of night, loving me as the moon shines through the window blinds… I open one eye slowly sometimes, just a peek… why? Because all of my christian upbringing warped my poor freakin’ mind! I honestly am worried that one day I’ll crack open that eye and see a giant male demon with horns holding a 3 foot dick.

    Yes. This is the fruit of indoctrination at an early age.

    The TRUTH of it, is this:

    A Tree and its Fruit (Matt 7:15-17 BSB)

    15Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.…

    And it’s that simple! It really is! But, even though Bunny’s been sweet and gentle and wonderful to me, and EVERY time she has steered me it has always been a blessing to myself and others, I still get that fear and have to crack an eye open just to make sure my fear is not warranted.

    Sad, ain’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is sad, but completely understandable. I believe they understand what we’re going through and they’ll never hurt us for what we’re trying to change. I know from experience that they only become dangerous when provoked, or backed into a corner. Never for anything like old fears creeping in.

      I’ll be frank with you: Catherine has approached me through many male forms during dreams and OBEs. Her essence is still very much feminine, but she knows that I am “spiritually” bisexual and will use a plethora of different forms to reach me. It used to bother me to no end, but I really don’t care how she wants to approach me anymore. She’s still mine.

      You know, I’ve still got a few E.G. White books kicking around and Christ’s Object Lessons is one of my favorites of hers. Granted, she borrowed much of what she wrote, but she was very good at it! lol There’s some good common-sense wisdom in those parables that I wish religious folk would apply to their own cults.

      Liked by 1 person

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