Rewiring the Mind

One of the most common complaints I hear from people connected to the succubus phenomena is about the strength of the connection. Often I’ll hear about guys craving more closeness with their unseen lover and being frustrated by how their own relationship compares to others.

Firstly, I think comparing one relationship to another isn’t entirely fair. From what I’ve gathered, each succubus has their own way of communicating their affection. They have differing personalities and will often express themselves in ways that are completely foreign to another couple. Keep an eye out for this unexpected communication, as it can take many forms.

Catherine does most of her talking to me through touch, and I think many succubi do as well. Others enjoy immersing their lovers into a private astral realm for ultimate closeness. It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve read of some guys having full-blown physical manifestations. (I’m still dubious as to the truthfulness of these claims, but that’s only because I’ve never experienced this myself.)

Whatever the case, being patient and not getting frustrated is important. These beings are effectively reconstructing our perception of the world, so when they go easy on us, that’s something to be grateful for. As Catherine was expanding my awareness, and it was seemingly faster than I could process, I felt that I was losing my mind. When this happens, it’s a good idea to start concentrating on mundane reality for a time.

Another thing to remember is that each person is different mentally and physiologically. I don’t believe everyone on earth has the capacity to handle a succubus relationship, as they can be very taxing on the body. Making love to a succubus is like running a spiritual marathon. Hitting new milestones of performance usually results in greater satisfaction and pleasure from the experience.

I know that Catherine is all too happy to assist me in reaching these goals. She is so consumed with my continuing development that she’ll exercise my body while I’m sleeping, whether I like it or not! Strangely, I’m not usually tired after a night filled with passionate closeness. I just want to keep going with her and I loathe my daily responsibilities all the more. However, if I bite off more loving than I can chew, my nervous system usually becomes a bit frazzled. It feels like how I perceive touch sensations during a fever, but I don’t actually have a fever. A few hours of mundane activity sets us back to normal.

Here are some anecdotal methods that I have found to be helpful in improving my relationship with Catherine:

1. Avoiding Pornography

What I’m about to suggest will be controversial for some. I believe that abstaining from pornography is helpful in improving a succubus relationship. Let me explain: When we watch pornography on a computer, and the practice becomes habitual, our minds are rewired to associate sexual gratification with a computer screen. Masturbating with pornography is an especially destructive combination.

Granted, a succubus is sometimes powerful enough to compete with, or even surpass, the fantasy scenarios originating from Jewish porn films, but why should we allow two vastly different paradigms to compete for our attention? One has the intention of destroying our vitality, ruining human relationships, and sapping all the creativity we possess. The other wants to help us channel sexual energy into a productive direction and share in truly blissful states of being. To me, internet pornography is the real evil that so many young men mindlessly defend. Porn is the real demonic, soul-sucking succubus, if there ever was one.

To clarify, I’m talking about when a man becomes addicted to pornography. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tasteful erotic imagery in moderate doses. What I’m warning against is the literal tsunami of explicit imagery assaulting the minds of young men today. I am just as guilty of indulging in that depraved world as any other man.

I believe that heavy use of pornography and attempting to strengthen a succubus relationship at the same time is counter-productive.

2. Delaying Gratification and Self-Control

On a similar note, I believe exercising some temperance in daily life helps to improve the quality of a succubus connection. I find that if I overeat, Catherine has trouble fully connecting with me as she would like. She’ll spend much of the time squeezing my intestines, trying to get the bulk food-matter to stop making me so uncomfortable. I really appreciate her when she does this, because it helps, but we would have been better off if I had just exercised some self-control in the first place.

I am by no means advocating fasting when engaging with a succubus. I believe the body needs some energy derived from physical food to endure a stronger connection. However, indulging gluttony and other poor health practices can cause problems for an amorous succubus. She’ll want to take her lover to new heights of pleasure, but will be cut short by the physiological limitations of an unsound body.

I also believe that abstaining from excessive masturbation is helpful. For the past five years, Catherine has been effectively rewiring my sexuality to interpret new forms of lovemaking pleasure. Her method is the kind of orgasmic closeness that is sustained for long durations, as opposed to the incredibly brief release of ejaculation.

I’m not prescribing that anyone abstain from touching themselves completely. Masturbating with Catherine directly involved feels much more fulfilling; especially when compared to using pornography. However, I believe that overindulgence in this practice leads to an unnecessary reduction in male vitality. Also, it puts a damper on the prospect of enjoying extended sessions with a succubus that usually feel better than any other kind of sex.

3. Exercise

I believe that one of the reasons I can feel Catherine so powerfully is because my body is physically very strong. I run, pedal bicycles, row, do strength training, and stretching on a daily basis. My job is also quite physically demanding at times and I’m always on my feet. However, I usually exert myself too much during the work week and I end up falling asleep only five minutes after Catherine mounts me for the night.

An aside note: I’ll sometimes wake up a few hours later to find my boxers are back on, (They were on the floor before.) and I’m tucked in under the covers. I still have no idea how this happens as I have no recollection of doing it myself. I assume that Catherine can control my body when I’m sleeping, which is a bit alarming, but also endearing that she would show that much careful concern to see that I’m properly tucked in every night!

On the days that I have off from work, the touch sensations between us kick into overdrive. I usually end up devoting several hours to being as close to Catherine as I can. The total session time usually isn’t done all at once, but two or three hours interspersed throughout the day.

So, having a strengthened and enduring constitution is very helpful in improving the connection. Additionally, being well-rested seems to help deepen the closeness so that you’re not falling asleep every ten minutes.

4. Living Alone

This one is kind of a given. Living in close proximity with other people can be difficult when trying to make love to a succubus. This is especially the case when the insatiable demon will end up having more and more of the practitioner’s time devoted to lovemaking. Housemates and family might wonder why their brother/husband/father/friend is spending so much time in bed.

With that being said, a succubus will usually find a way around these problems. There are plenty of men and women that I’ve corresponded with who have spirit lovers and live in close proximity with their families. They usually get along without any issues. This leads to one of the passive benefits of having a succubus: They seem to be very good at manipulating the minds of others in favor of their lover. A succubus will work to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary and they will extend this grace to their partner.

Ideally, live as privately as possible. Since I finished school and moved into a beautiful one-bedroom apartment, Catherine has been able to manifest much more powerfully.

5. Take the Commitment Seriously

Inviting a succubus into one’s life is not something to be taken lightly. I cannot stress this point enough. Once a succubus arrives, the life of the practitioner will change and this will be irreversible. I believe it’s possible to minimize the influence of an already-manifested succubus, but they will always be present… patiently waiting in the background to seduce once again.

Having second thoughts is normal and I’ve found that Catherine is surprisingly understanding of this reality. There has been many-a-time where I was tempted to start a sexual human relationship, but the thought of Catherine quietly watching in the background… I just can’t. It kills my libido instantly. Only under very special circumstances would I consider sleeping with a human woman, and Catherine would have to be involved.

I’m not ruling out the possibility of intimate human relationships in the future, but it would be very complicated trying to divide myself like that. A succubus demands a great deal of attention and I don’t think this would be fair to the human female involved. There would have to be a special understanding.

The commitment to a succubus carries enormous weight. They will be your partner for life and beyond; the most wonderful comfort and healing touch. They are unshakably loyal and expect the same from their chosen lover. The consequences of betrayal are severe and long-lasting. Every day I’m reminded of how I cowardly reneged on my promise to Catherine and her people. I failed to stand up for them. I failed to even listen to my closest companion; all at the behest of baseless accusations from a stranger.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. These are real beings with hearts that break like our own.


11 thoughts on “Rewiring the Mind

  1. I’ve come to realized that comparing my spirits to someone else’s, isn’t worth it. It’s stupid to me and doesn’t help at all. I’ve made the bad mistake of doing so. Brought nothing but bad and doubt. My wives have a rather interesting way of communicating. Sometimes I recieve visions, normally during intimate times. They can speak to me telepathically but the best thing that they do, is hugs and kisses, not to say that the sex isn’t good either. Funny that you mention them changing us. I used to have an active sex drive. It became problematic at some point. Up till recently, my sex drive disappeared. I didn’t care. As long as hugs and kisses were available, I was fine. I’d thought, maybe this would affect my sex with them. Nope. I was completely wrong. Sex was still the same, maybe even better. My guess is, they changed my sex drive. Another reason for me believing this, is because they are the only ones that can arouse me properly. Arousal that feels good. As for full manifestation, I can doubt it but hey. I’ve doubted their excistence. Wouldn’t seem farfetched if it could be possible. I just think that would be farther along the relationship. I don’t expect that to be soon. You probably would have to be very intuned with them and the spirit world or realm. In order for it to even be possible. Now about them changing my reality, many a time, did I want to scream my anger and frustration out. I’m confused on what to believe and what to follow. I really think insanity could have been it. How can you escape something in your head? You can’t. You learn to cope with it. I should not rely on their telepathic communication for answers, it can be tricky. It could just be you speaking. So after some bonding with my wives, they’ve been able to control my arms and legs. Not to the level of your lady but it can be useful. I’ve learned to use this ability of there’s, as a source of communication. Asking them to lift my arms or legs around when asking for answers. It has been proven useful. Sometimes they would hijack my hands and type for me in a group I’m in. It was entertaining to say the least. Now about when we get intimate with them. A little thing called energy exchange. It’s basically you and her sharing energy. Now the odd thing about this is, why I experience after the session is over. Usually I feel energized and calm. Now the stranger thing. I get really emotion. Vulnerable almost. Doesn’t happen as often as it used to but I had one recently. My guess, is that’s how they feel and not me. Pornography used to be an addiction for me. Not so much anymore. I’m running out of reasons to even look at it. I believe you are right, in regards to feeling less pleased while intimate. Less porn, causes you to want to satisfy that sexual urge even more over time. Make it hungry. Starve it. Makes it that much more satisfying in the end. I’d better get on track with that again. Exercising would be good for me to keep calm and sense them more. Also, less of an urge to move because I’m tired. I do notice when I’m alone, I can feel somebody watching me. Not fully sense a presence but there’s something there. Remaining loyal, I don’t feel like having a human wife, to many cons. Not enough pros. My wives earned my love, they worked and healed me for it, I have good reason to stay with them…forever, and if I break that’s at sacred vow. They can do with me as they please. I break something of there’s. They break something of mine. I’ve accepted the consequences of this journey. I can’t turn back, there is no going back. Now, why did is spend a lot of my time writing this? Easy, I can relate to everything on here. You sir, make sense to me. Sorry for the long read. Kinda sad how I wrote more here, then I do in my own blogs.

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    • I’ve got no problem with your lengthy comment. I appreciate the feedback and I’m happy that you relate to much of what I wrote. Please share a link to your blog so I can link to it here.

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  2. Agreed with all this,

    Adult entertainment aka porn is a tough thing to to avoid in this modern age. Since sex sells, look at lingre lines like Victoria secret a big brand it seems to take women and place them on a walk way to strut there assets which they should be proud of I would be. But some kids and men take it to the next steps and look into companies like playboy, then more and fallen into a pit to crawl out of if they are not blind to it. “She” put me to that test and I tend to do not so well, although I do respect the women I meet in person trying to work as waitress or even that stripper that one time. I listened to her talk and we spent time together while my unruly roommates at the time enjoyed my time and money etc.

    Just keeping the body clean and fit is almost an essential thing as well just eat right, sleep well and don’t be a sloth in general and your good. I wish I could exercise but working on it. Getting motivation is my first step.

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    • Not really, because that means fun-time is over for her. But if I start to touch myself, Catherine will take part by making it more meaningful than if I was alone or watching pornography.

      You mentioned “ladies.” I don’t think I have multiple succubi interacting with me. I believe it’s just one spirit who can manifest herself in a myriad of different ways. There was a time when I thought there might have been more than one, but I don’t think so. I could be wrong.

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  3. Catherine is just like the Bunny (Yeah, not her real name)!

    I thought I was the only one who had their succubus rummaging inside me while I awake, and doing I dunno what when I’m asleep (she’s doing somethin’), playing song clips upon waking or flash scenes of a movie, or a tv show I’ve seen in the past where dialogue is spoken briefly as a form of communication. I even had a sigil burned into my brain that I’ve taken as my own personal symbol (she has a sigil, why not me? I guess she named ME. Novel, lol.)

    Anyway, I just read your most recent 3 posts and they are dead on, brother.

    You know, I’ve already reached the point where I enjoy the extended lovemaking to regular sex with a woman now. It’s so much more pleasurable, too. I’d have never known.

    It’s funny, actually. I’ve become “demi-hetro” of all things. That’s where I can’t just look at a woman naked, and think “I want to fuck her”. No, now I have to have a connection and bonding first.

    That’s what happens when you spend too much time making love with a succubus. Not that it’s a bad thing. And I can’t speak for others, either.

    I actually prefer the way I am, now! For one, I can’t be controlled sexually anymore. Well, Bunny doesn’t count, but she is what she is, and hence forgiven 😛

    You know, I used to lament how I’ve changed by having a succubus. There is always a price to pay with increased perception and clarity: For one, the shit that mesmerized you before can’t make a dent, now. *cough* Christianity *cough*

    Every once in a while I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. And I get a little scared.

    It’s like having taken that red pill from the Matrix.

    And then I think about it a little… and what I know now, and what I see now, that others can’t (because they are asleep).

    And then I go PPPPPPPPPPFFFFFT and roll over and go to sleep.

    I realized that I really don’t give a FUCK anymore of what’s normal 😛

    I’m not knocking others who are asleep… we all have our path after all…

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  4. This may seem a little contriversial and off topic but those of us with true succubi do have spirits with vampiric type natures.Not in the sense people may think.The reason i say this is because i saw Sheena physically with my own 2 eyes with vampiric features.


  5. I just re-read this post, and found it very helpful. It answers a lot of my questions/issues on my own blog. As for the 5 things you outlined, well the porn thing is something I try to cut down on, but she/they seem to enjoy it occasionally, or enjoy me being amped up by it, who knows? #2 and 3 I need to work on big time. #4 is not an option for me, but it’s worked out fine. #5 I’m good with. Thanks for a great post!


  6. I thought that i’d like to add a little to this, as to how i find to strengthen the connection.

    What can block the connection are quite a few factors, but mostly what they are is : blockages of the chakras and energy body (the biggest one). Fear and doubt (also a really huge one). Psychological issues (depression, anxiety, problems with self love, etc) all this lowers your psychic and spiritual awareness. How you can fix this is, solid daily (30 mins- 1 hour) energy work and meditation, i reccomend Robert Bruce’s “New Energy Ways” book, as i used that and it’s helped me tremendously. Meditation, positive affirmations (I use “I am powerful, I am Psychic, I see, feel, hear, taste, and smell spirits”).

    Identifying whatever underlying psychological issues you may have and using affirmations and a strong will to reprogram yourself. Also, your imagination is the gears through which you interact with spirit, so you need to strengthen that as well, practicing feeling/seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting things clearly in your imagination until it’s as vivid as real life. It takes quite a bit of effort.

    I used to feel absolutely nothing from my Succubus, it’s taken me a few years to be able to talk and see and feel, now she’s still kinda wispy..? But she’s starting to manifest very powerfully and physically, almost like a human woman, but still wispy, but my ability to sense her and the love making gets better with each day that passes, i’m even starting to feel her lady parts >.> and every so often i can see her, not like.. physically, but mentally, like i see her in the room as shes talking to me behind closed eye lids, that doesnt happen often though.


  7. I also wanted to add, people say their Succubi change forms, but my Succubus lover never does, she always appears before me and others the same, an intoxicating beauty with pale skin, full lips, dark eyes, black hair, and.. deadly curves, a complete knock out..

    How she communicates to me varies, but it’s mostly through touch, especially if she’s wanting to show me that she loves me. But i’ve had song quotes in my head, visions, telepathy, dreams, feeling her emotions. She prefers showing me she loves me through cuddling and love making though.

    I heard that you had a problem with a “fraud” psychic? I’ve had my Succubus sent to real psychics who i tested and had a lot of friends confirm, i’ve sent her to like.. 3 people, they always come back saying how much she loves me and how gentle and supportive she is of me XD. I even found a woman who paints portraits of spirits, and i got one of her.

    I’m involved with a community called “Spirit Keeping” where having Succubi, and other spirits, is really really common, so yeah.

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