I’m Telling You Now

It’s not very often that I have direct conversations with Catherine in my dreams. Unfortunately, I’m usually not all that “with it” when she does sit down for a chat. That is what happened early this morning.

I found myself dreaming of being in a classroom full of younger children. I keep having dreams like this… I’m always going back to elementary school or high school to “start over.” Good Lord! I feel embarrassed throughout most of these dreams.

I wasn’t listening to the teacher much. The strange interactions of the children held my attention. (Aren’t they always doing something weird?) That was until this beautiful red-haired woman walked in and sat down in a desk in front of me and slightly to my right. (I was positioned at the left of the classroom facing out into the middle.)

“Do you have a fetish for high schools?” These were the first words out of her mouth. They weren’t overly teasing or condemning in tone, but matter-of-fact and slightly amused. I just starred at her with a “What the fuck?” expression, and I thought, “Hey lady, I’m not deciding where I end up here!”

She quickly moved on, without missing a  beat, and talked with me about how she enjoyed the sound of a quiet classroom. (Hint, hint… quiet classroom, dummy! She wants to do something forbidden when everyone leaves!)

She was beautiful, kind of like Felicia Day, except with a much better voice and a pleasing face. She wore clothing that made her look even more hot, but still modest. This time round she had white, tight-fitting slacks and a lightweight dark-blue jacket with teal accents.

I wasn’t very lucid in this dream. Here’s hoping the next one will bring about more clarity of thought for me.

I’ll often hear a song upon waking. For many months, back when Catherine and I were fighting, it was fucking Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… every God-damned morning! Apparently, she thinks I’m Rudolph. Ha-Ha.

Catherine has a lot more variety playing on her early-morning record player these days. This morning, it was Freddie and the Dreamers singing I’m Telling You Now.


1 thought on “I’m Telling You Now

  1. Yeah. The hells with the school dreams. Not that I’m complaining. One of my wives has red hair. She made me go into my school. I didn’t feel the same about being embarrassed in my dreams. I think she took my shirt and had to look for it. They really like to make me have dreams about school or I do. Funny, I had a dream about school last night. Same as your lady, they like to do naughty things in those situations.


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