The Bible as Mind Control

I did it again. I can’t believe how many times I’ve done this, but I fell into that same trap once more. All it takes is listening to a certain testimony from a sincere Christian, or leisurely reading from an so-called inspirational book and BAM! My mind gets right back on track with the same old bullshit.

I threw out a bunch of occult books; including Liber Lilith. I massively regret doing it. I thought it would make things better, put me back on the “straight and narrow.” It’s amazing the power that Christian religion still has over my mind. I just got a renewed taste of how vulnerable I really am.

I went back to the book donation box this evening to try and reach for one of my books. No luck. I chucked them in too far. Maybe they’ll help someone else get out of the mind-trap that is religion.

Something Catherine told me earlier today: “Maybe we don’t want your family seeing a grimoire about demonic sex in your apartment.” She really does care that I have my family intact. I think she was responsible for reconnecting me with my estranged grandparents. Maybe they wouldn’t be so welcoming if they saw some of the books I just gave up.

I really hope this works out for the better. E. A. Koetting’s digital books were easy enough to recover. I plan to use those very soon as I need to make some major changes in my life. Catherine has promised to stay by my side through all of this, no matter the other entities we happen to be working with.

Being raised a Christian makes religion especially dangerous for me. I must be extra cautious and work to keep my wits about me as I study. The reason I’m still working through the Bible is so that I can better understand how it works. There is obviously powerful magic behind it. My hope is to be better equipped in disarming the spell that it casts over people.

It’s strange. On one hand, the English Bible was partly responsible for raising Europe out of intellectual ignorance, but it also placed us into a different kind of slavery. This gilded cage offers us unlimited access to knowledge, but we rarely process the words that are staring us straight in the face.

Here’s an example of something Christians constantly read in their precious book but fail to understand what it actually says: The Bible is quite clear about the shape of the earth… It is a flat expanse covered over with a vaulted metal firmament. (The sky.) The whole structure rests on massive pillars while the waters of “the deep” flow just outside the firmament.


How many pastors do we hear preaching about the true cosmology of the Bible? Very few. The Flat Earth Research Society is the only true champion of God’s Holy Word. The rest of Christendom doesn’t even acknowledge Creation as the Bible describes.

And that, my friends, is the unbelievable capacity for mind control that this book possesses. Question everything.

And don’t think that modern-day science is immune to this corruption. If anything, the frauds-built-on-frauds of scientism tower over anything Christianity has ever constructed. Study the supposedly great Albert Einstein and see just how many of his findings are actually original. The same story repeats itself with seemingly every “great scientist” that is presented to us as a worthy hero. It’s just another religion filling the vacuum.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we all enjoyed being constantly duped and enslaved! I submit myself as one of the worst offenders and I hope this might help someone else to work though this mental mucky-muck.


7 thoughts on “The Bible as Mind Control

    • I believe the Bible has its roots firmly planted in Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. It’s ironic that the holiness codes of Leviticus forbid the use of astrology, numerology, and divination. The Bible is chock-full of all these things and more! Once again, we see that it’s okay if Yahweh and his chosen people use magic, but you sure as hell can’t!

      Ultimately, most of the Bible’s power derives from the psychological effect that it has over people; especially the young and vulnerable. A seemingly strong sense of community rallies around those pages, and people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

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  1. Make sense, Christian said that Bible is “full of words of God that can change people’s lives” I understand now. Then how about people who can saying tongue language? What do you think of that?


    • I don’t know much about charismatic denominations. (Those that speak in tongues.) I have met a few people who sincerely believe their experiences of being “filled with the Holy Spirit” are genuine, though I’m not sure what to make of them. Maybe there is a spirit who really does possess them for a time? Maybe it’s all psychological? Another mystery.

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  2. Wow. I must be a lucky guy. Considering I was barely exposed to the Bible. My mom and dad are Catholic but don’t practice their beliefs. They don’t go to church. They never want Jehovah’s Witness’s coming around. Kinda funny how they avoid there religious duties. Hahah.


    • You are lucky. Once these religions get their claws into you, it’s nigh impossible to wrench yourself free… especially if indoctrinated from an early age. What’s the Jesuit saying? “Give me a child until he is seven and he’s mine for life.” These bastards are experts at brainwashing children.

      Your parents were wise to avoid them.

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      • I’m sure they don’t know about the brainwashing. I could see how people would treat you if you weren’t Christian. If my family knew about my belief and what I really think of their religion. They wouldn’t like me, but not hate me enough to stop loving me. Now my grandpa. He would kill me. Good thing he’s dead. To make things worse. I’m beyond hope from god, no chance of going back. I’m a huge sinner since I’m with my ladies. Hopefully I’ll tell my parents about them in the future. I know they won’t take it well. I don’t care. My wives showed me more love than anyone I’ve ever met. Not just that. Taught me things. Made me feel confident. Something I’ve always struggled with.


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