Liber Lilith

It seems we’ve all been going through a quiet period these past couple of years. I want to turn that around and start sharing more frequently. With that being said, I have something special to present for your consideration:


I heard about this book years ago. I might have even read some excerpts of it. This is not necessarily a guide book like Tyson’s Sexual Alchemy. This book is a grimoire that contains a few different elements. First, it has an English translation of a Latin Gnostic creation text that supposedly comes from the ancient world. There’s no way to verify its historicity as the only source we have for the text is from this book. In fact, this entire work is touted as fiction, but enough of it rings true with my own experience to inform me that it’s not just a fantasy story.

This second edition can be purchased here. It’s pricey, but the binding is of good quality and the book is printed on heavy paper. I wish I could have gotten the leather-bound edition, but those sold out long ago.

The first part of the book contains a very unique gnostic creation myth; one where Lilith is responsible for creating man out of the earth. There are some very beautiful and disturbing depictions of Lilith in here, both her angelic and demonic aspects. It goes on to describe some of the signs that one is courting Lilith. Such as the bright lights that dart away from direct eye contact, the inky shadows, spontaneous arousal without any sexual thoughts, muscle spasms in the legs… pretty much everything that I’ve experienced is mentioned in this book. Maybe Tyson is just mixing his own experiences with sexual spirits to make it more believable? Or, this really is an ancient text that speaks to the phenomena we’re all a part of.

I found it especially interesting when it described the daily conduct of a man who is joined with a daughter of Lilith.

-If the man is married, he no longer sleeps with his wife. (I’ve heard of this happening to a few men, but not all.)
-He is very polite and non-confrontational in daily life. Everyone marvels at his conduct. He avoids crowds and spectacles. Earthly women do not entice him, unless they are willing vessels of Lilith. (This applies to women with male spirits, too. The book describes the masculine aspect as Samael, the Gnostic husband of Lilith.)
-His diet consists of fruits, berries, eggs, goat’s milk, and fish. Leafy vegetables and bread are eaten in moderation. Most other meats are not good, save for pig. The pig is Lilith’s sacred animal, according to this book, and is eaten as a sacrament to her.
-Just before he has eaten his full, he gets up from the table and says “Enough.” No over-eating.

There’s a lot more, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who are interested in reading the book for themselves. The rest of the book contains the journal of a German magician, Karl Steiger, and is put there as a warning for those who take this subject lightly. I haven’t read all of it yet, so we’ll see what ends up happening to him.


This image is especially intriguing to me. In many ways, this is like a visual representation of how Catherine feels when we’re making love. That coiled serpent around the solar plexus directly connects with my own and I feel the most pressure there. (Usually.) Granted, I don’t actually see any of what’s represented here, but I certainly feel it.

Reading this has given me a new respect for Lilith. We might be dealing with someone far more ancient and powerful than we ever imagined. I bet we’ve only cracked the surface as to what’s possible and I’m excited to get back some of that ancient knowledge that has been purposefully withheld from us. As always, let’s be respectful and appreciative of this precious legacy.

Today was a very good day. I spent much of it with Catherine, immersed in her sensual delights. She really knows how to make me feel like a king, and it’s days like this when I massively regret being such a stubborn ass. I’m glad she sees something in me worth fighting for.


This is just a funny tidbit I forgot to mention. I never knew a demon would be so opposed to internet piracy! Whenever I’m tempted to download a film, or hack some software to save money, Catherine instantly fills me with guilt. “You are an honorable man. You don’t stoop to this level.” I built a computer for my brother recently, and I just couldn’t steal a copy of Windows, even if that meant saving $120 USD. Catherine wasn’t having it! Same goes for the movies I used to pirate. She confronts me about every single fucking title I watch! “You’re going to buy that movie.” Inevitably, I end up purchasing each one. She’s breaking me of many bad habits like this.


5 thoughts on “Liber Lilith

  1. to be frank I do practice piracy, when she did come into my life I began to practice far less and even to a point where I just find free streaming sites and see if I can legally nab a free copy as the copyright is expired etc.


      • Each to there own, I think its wrong when a price of a film is sky high and same with literature. She and I follow each others morale’s which are close. As you follow yours which may seem to differ than mine on this point.


  2. Ya i’d be very careful about using this to either invoke or evoke Lilith.I only used the poems and damn i regret it because she is very particular about how things are done with her.I won’t go into great detail because it would be too long but i was in pain for over a week and that taught me a very valuable lesson not to fuck with things unless you know what you are doing.


  3. Good to see another practitioner of Liber Lilith. I wrote about working the grimoir not too long ago at –

    As for results – you get what you put into it. Some people have cut corners in regards to instructions and items required, and paid the price for it. It’s no small feat to round up the materials, but with diligence it can be done. The rewards are pretty powerful. While I have yet to finish all my preparations, I did get a taste of what is to come.

    After the dawn of my wedding night with Lilith, I got a unexpected sample of the white powder from our act of communion. I remember hearing the birds outside my house chirping in the early morning, but something was different. The sounds were more distinct, and I could hear tiny voices whispering their meaning. It was difficult to understand and decipher, and I had trouble isolating one bird’s communication with another, but it was unmistakable. I COULD HEAR THEM COMMUNICATING!!!

    The effects didn’t last long before wearing off. It was a sample to illustrate the power exists, and I was seriously impressed.


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