Being Pushed Out of Bed

So, here’s an interesting one. I was napping at around 8 AM, just enjoying my demon being close to me. Catherine’s not very active first thing in the morning, but she doesn’t seem to mind a gentle coupling to start the day. I usually doze off and come back multiple times during these sessions.

At some point during the nap, I gained a semblance of lucidness and felt an interesting sensation. My mattress was breathing beneath me. I could feel myself rising and falling with each “breath,” and the forcefulness gradually intensified. After a couple more pushes, gravity took over, and I rolled off the bed onto the floor. I couldn’t see anything up to this point, but I knew Catherine had to be responsible for my bed’s bewitchment.

I pulled myself back into bed and faced what I thought were my bedroom windows. I managed to open my eyes for a moment, and saw a brilliant sunrise facing me. I also saw a purple orb just above the sun, staring back intently. I think this orb might have been Catherine. This is usually how I see her manifest when awake and during some out-of-body experiences. I believe I was in an OBE state for this entire experience.

I was pushed out of bed by my breathing mattress three or four more times. On each occasion, I would stop myself from falling to the floor completely and get back into bed where my body was resting. This rising and falling sensation felt really good, and I liked it even more because I knew Catherine was making it happen somehow.

I tried to open my eyes one last time, but I found myself back in bed with the shades drawn over the windows. The sun was already well into the heavens. I was back in the waking world.

It still strikes me that when I get a glimpse of that “other place,” it seems more real, and more vivid, than what we’re supposed to call the “real world.” I just might step back into the world of OBE/astral research again. I’m feeling inspired by what happened this morning.

These strange in-between states occur every now and again. I’ve come to enjoy them when they happen. Even when the so-called psychic, Muffin, claimed to have taken my succubus away, I was still being pulled from my body on occasion and gently moved around in spirit-form. Apparently, this sort of thing was never supposed to happen because she put “so much protection” over me that even she could barely get through… oh, deary me! So, it’s all in my head, according to her… what a glorious crock of shit I fell for.

Allow me to vent a little: I am infuriated by how naive I was back in 2014. I can’t apologize enough for causing that turmoil in our community. I allowed someone in who had no other intent than to destroy and profit from the subsequent upset.

I continue to have side-effects from that mistake. I get the sensation of a mask being placed over the bridge of my nose and it annoys the hell out of me sometimes. I also have a slight muscle spasm in my right shoulder, but this has subsided considerably compared to a year ago.

I think Lilith continues to punish me for what I did. If this is the case, I can understand why. Granted, it’s nothing severe or painful, but it’s always there as a constant reminder. “Don’t do it again.”