This Ship’s Going Down, Baby…

Catherine and I have been taking massive chunks of time just to be with each other. We spent so long fighting that I nearly forgot how fulfilling it is to have that closeness with another person. There are mornings when she makes it very difficult to leave for work. I’d rather be like “The world can go to Hell,” and just stay in. This lifestyle involves a slow building passion that few would ever comprehend.Titainc-Sinking-Flares-400x-300

I’m in a very good place now. I have work, a place to call my own, and extra time to pursue hobbies. The fast-lane no longer interests me. My nation is in decline and I’d rather not be at the front of this ship when it finally goes under. Catherine and I will be hanging at the back, enjoying the fireworks. Everyone’s invited to join. There’s good music, paranormal legends to share, and no shortage of whiskey. Those fools at the front can keep fighting over the broken rudder all they want.

That last bit may sound woefully defeatist, but I don’t see it that way. We’re completely free to investigate our own chosen path without having to worry about some other asshole getting in the way. Most people are too busy freaking out about the water flooding the lower decks to even notice what we’re doing. Though there’s a bloody annoying PA system that keeps blaring about this rich guy called Trump whose trying to take command… says he’s going to de-sink this boat. Don’t worry! I unplugged all the speakers back here. There’s peace and quiet with the dull rumble of insanity just ahead. It’s quite Zen, really.

Oh, and don’t mind the evangelists making a big stink about the R.M.S. Jesus Christ coming to save us. Let them cling to their delusions if they wish, offer ’em a beer, and if they won’t stop preaching, just point out all the lost souls in the forward section. The aft decks are reserved for the sons and daughters of Hell.

I hope everyone out there in our little blogging network is doing well. I can’t imagine why we chose to take a ride on this floating insane asylum, but we might as well enjoy the good it has to offer. Don’t live for your death like I did for so many years. It’s a waste. Enjoy your lovers and take care of yourselves. It has been a privilege sailing with you all. (More to come…)


5 thoughts on “This Ship’s Going Down, Baby…

    • I say, bring on the end, whatever form it may take. Even if I find myself on the loosing side, I’m not going to apologize for doing what I perceived to be correct. This post was inspired by the constant murmurings of end-time prophecy that runs rampant through my family, and I seem to keep running back into it over and over again.

      My Dad and I had a confrontational argument when he visited today. He even printed out a few bible verses for me to consider. I understand where he’s coming from. I see that he’s only trying to save me from what he perceives to be my downfall. I explain to him that he’s playing right into the divide and conquer strategy that the Jewish messiah ingrained into our culture. I also tried showing him the failed prophecies in Isiah and Ezekiel concerning the destruction of Tyre, the fall of Egypt and Assyria, etc… how the Jews make these predictions and proceeded to carry out the plan for a nation’s downfall… and they failed in those instances. It naturally follows that Revelations is yet another playbook for the so-called end times and our Zionist politicians are desperately working to ensure that everything goes according to that plan.

      I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m sure as hell not going to live for my death. I will die eventually, but I’d rather offer real help to people instead of the false hope generated by those with blind faith.

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