Considering Spiritual Satanism

I’ve been ingesting a steady stream of occult (hidden, forbidden) knowledge for the past few weeks. Every chance I get, I’ll turn on my phone and read a bit more here and there. Black Sun 666 and Joy of Satan has been very helpful as a jumping off point into many avenues of research. I’m blown away by how much I agree with Satanic philosophy and practice. I’m seriously considering dedicating myself to Satan, as I believe his pantheon is the only one that truly exists. If my experience with Lilith is any indication, the Gods of the Gentiles are the true Gods of this world. The Jewish god, along with Jesus Christ, is a myth.

I prayed to the Jewish god for many years of my life. Nothing ever improved under my obedience to this false deity. Praying to Lilith on the other hand, who is an adversary of the Jewish cult, changed my life literally overnight. Satanism is where our true spiritual connection to the Gods is kept secret; denigrated by relentless propaganda from both the church and Hollywood. I now believe true evil comes from the Abrahamic cults and their mentally imprisoned followers. I was one of those mindless sheep for so long, constantly longing after a non-existent father figure that only spoke through a man-made book.

When I met Catherine, my demon lover, my worldview was completely blown asunder. I couldn’t make sense of anything. Why would the enemy of a supposedly pure most high god be so caring and attentive towards me? Why wasn’t she draining me of my life force like all the myths about succubi claim? To the contrary, she was filling me with energy I wasn’t prepared to handle because of my spiritual laziness; an apathy learned in the Christian group-think.

I tried to go back to Christianity and give it another shot. I really just wanted to be accepted by a group again and have that steady diet of lukewarm affirmation. I wasn’t truly prepared to be an outsider.

Now, I see a path forward that allows me to keep my individual identity and have access to real spiritual power unbridled by the dictates of the slave church.

I renounce Jesus Christ and his teachings. They imprison the mind and prepare the receiver to live under perpetual bondage. “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first…” This is a philosophy that is blatantly communist. “Blessed are the meek…” Keep people weak. “It is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven…” Keep people poor, powerless, and no threat to their Jewish masters. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s.” Always pay taxes and tithe, no matter how oppressive the government and church rule might be. After all, God appointed them, so what right do we have to complain?

“The Pharisees (Jewish leaders) sit in Moses’ seat, so you must obey them and do everything they tell you… but do not do what they do… they seek out the most favored position at a dinner party… they wear the best clothes and drive the nicest car… don’t do that. If you’re going to follow the Son of God, you’ve got to be poor!” I’m paraphrasing towards the end there, but this is essentially what the so-called Savior of the World is teaching: be poor, be powerless, be controlled by your betters. Oh, but “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Bullshit! A yoke of bondage is still a yoke of bondage, no matter how attractive it is made out to be!

“I came not to bring peace to the world, but a sword. To turn fathers against their sons and mothers against their daughters.” Indeed, I have seen firsthand how Christianity is the ultimate tool for dividing and weakening otherwise strong family traditions; all a potential threat to the Jewish powers that be.

Another thing I need to renounce is the so-called “clearing work” that Monika, the alleged psychic, performed on me. I agreed to listen to a prayer that invoked the archangel Michael and Jesus Christ. I renounce the influence of those creepy, androgynous, Jewish angels, such as Michael and Gabriel. Monika claimed to be an avatar of the archangel Gabriel. The supposed angels are the real devils. Everything is backwards. Demons are nothing but helpful, beautiful, and the true forgotten Gods of our people.

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity must be destroyed. They are a plague on this earth. Hail Satan!


6 thoughts on “Considering Spiritual Satanism

  1. Congrats! You set yourself free! I figured you would. Once a person starts, it’s not really possible to stop. You had a false start but you fought your way through to the end. And now you are a free man.

    A word of unsolicited advice though that I hope you will consider. Enjoy your freedom and take time to “decompress”. You have been through a lot. There is no rush.

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  2. Reblogged this on My Life With Lady Spirits and commented:
    Something you should think about when considering your spiritual philosophy. I don’t advocate hate even to the people brainwashed by these fanatical Abrahamic cults. I do however, challenge someone to be true to themselves. Or is true freedom and opportunities for growth so evil? Being a slave is still a slave regardless. Make your choice, however don’t curse your neighbors that decide to be free and empowered. For we are not the meek, helpless sheep that wallow at a master’s feet hoping and praying for favor that never comes.


  3. Jewish are evil from the beginning they worship they God so called YHWH or Yehovah. I don’t considered all of them to be myth because every based on religion have some thruth in it but yes after centuries of time the thruth become much more cloudy since that seems “religious” people just another hypocrites people for their own religion cause of corruption, murderer of innocent people etc such Catholic Church which I absolutely disagree about them and I very very hopeful that religion will comes to end since Catholic is the most rotten religion I know. I believe Bible still have some thruth in it like in verses John 8:32 (MKJV) “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Congrats to known the truth about Abrahamic religion for this century. I’ll have a mixing beliefs including satanism and all I consider fit for me.


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