“There is Power in the Blood!” Says the Congregation

Yes, there sure is power in the blood… and it should stay inside the body, for crying out loud! What is with these convicted believers singing about being washed in Calvary’s tide? It sounds disgusting!

Christianity has maintained a perverted fascination with blood sacrifice since its inception. I can’t understand how well-meaning people can allow themselves to be so easily misled by this repulsive doctrine. “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you will not have life in yourselves!” So says the raving mad Jesus, apparently offering himself up for a cannibalistic ritual.

Based on the teachings of the church, we are led to believe that a literal sacrifice of an innocent victim is necessary to have eternal life. On the surface, this idea makes no sense. What sort of judicial mechanism has been established in the cosmos to deem this act necessary? How do we know that a God-man’s sacrifice guarantees eternal life? Apparently, a collection of books written by men is all that’s necessary to substantiate this claim. Surely there would be an extra-biblical source to verify the truth about blood atonement, but alas, there is none.

The only way the sacrifice of the Christ makes sense to me is through the lens of astrotheology. The Sun dies in the winter, and nature falls asleep with him, but when the Son of Man, the Lamb of God (The Ram, Aries) rises in the spring, all is brought back to life through his death on the equinoxial cross. During the harvest time, as the Son dies, we must eat his flesh and blood (fruits of the harvest) to sustain ourselves through the winter, and the cycle continues on forever.

There’s still some deeply entrenched subconscious programming in me that causes a reaction of fear and stress when I write the words above. I recently had a friend express concern that I was trying to distance myself from God. A feeling of dread and lament still hangs over me since that insinuation. Despite these pangs of group-abandonment, I feel that I must continue forward this time round. I’ve teeter-tottered in and out of the churches quite enough.

If that means I have to be labeled “Anti-Christ” because I deny the manifestation of Jesus in the flesh, then so be it. If the true God of the universe is really so understanding and loving, as the churches claim, he should be able to understand my reasoning and potential ignorance at this stage.

I hate this trauma that has been put into me from these belief systems. It sounds so petty and trivial to complain about them, but they really do have a massive sway over my mind to this day. It’s not so easy as just walking away and adopting a new system. I literally believed that I would be destroyed by fire for believing anything contrary to the interpretation of the churches. I’m done with that guilt, and I can’t wait to be rid of it.


2 thoughts on ““There is Power in the Blood!” Says the Congregation

  1. I agree; it from the way I was taught before I left that the bread was blessed to be his skin, and that the wine or juice was blessed with his blood. How can you bless something with your skin and blood? What did he mold his own skin in the bread as it was being baked and his blood into the wine as it was being made? When you get down to it and actually think about it, it does sound like canniblism.


  2. ” It sounds so petty and trivial to complain about them”

    No it doesn’t. There’s nothing petty or trivial about it. You’re fighting indoctrination and that victory won’t come overnight. But if your experience is anything like mine, victory will come in an instant.

    The more you study, the more you depend on logic, and logic is the enemy of indoctrination since indoctrination is what’s used to make people believe stupid things and see it as being “truth”.

    I’m not a “trekky”(sp? and I’m more apt to use a South Park reference instead of star trek) but it reminds me of the episode where the computer took over the ship for its own purposes. Kirk heroically regained control when he ordered the computer to calculate pi to the last decimal. To me, the principle is the same. The program was destroyed.

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