Teach Me of Your Love and Wisdom

The above is a distilled version of what I prayed to Lilith, Isis, or the Goddess Tara when this journey began. All of these mythical personalities represent the same archetype. I believe they teach the truth about the interconnectedness of the material and spiritual worlds. Boy, did I get a lesson to remember!

RWS_Tarot_00_FoolI am reminded of the journey of The Fool through The Book of Truth, or Tarot as it is commonly called these days. When I look at this card, I can see myself venturing on the same journey. The Fool is not an idiot, merely ignorant about what lies ahead on his path of self-discovery. He is about to step off a cliff into the abyss; taking the ultimate leap of faith. Joining myself to Catherine was my own moment of truth.

Every quest for truth requires courage and the will to endure being an outcast. Every great man or woman in history has taken this step into the unknown that no one else would dare consider. Am I ready to progress through the uncharted wilds?

I will admit that my first immersion into the void resulted in bewilderment, struggle, and ultimately a suffocating unfamiliarity that forced me to come back to the surface, gasping for normalcy. I ran from the waves of mystery and into the castle of mindless congregations. I tried to be as one of them, but I had already seen too much of the truth.

Here I stand on the edge of that cliff once more, readying myself to rediscover the quest. I am ready to be born again of water and the spirit, back to zero, the Fool’s Journey.


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