Tarot Reading about Catherine

When it comes to divination, card spreads and insights from Holy scriptures are my favorite mediums. Here is my morning reading about the situation between Catherine and me:

Four Card Spread: Situation, Challenges, Advice, Outcome

Swords02Two of Swords:

I am presently in a state of indecisiveness… a standstill. Catherine and I should step back and assess the situation before moving forward. Don’t do anything rash! There is a vast ocean of information beyond to consider. No need to rush. Time to contemplate.

This is quite accurate, and has been for many months now. I haven’t really been certain about anything in this relationship and we both need time to assess and recharge.

Pents02Two of Pentacles:

The challenge in this relationship is one of balance; juggling earthly duties with spiritual ones. Taking care of Catherine vs. caring for my own affairs. If I’m careful, I should be able to do this with grace and humility. There is so much new information to consider and I must not bite off more than I can chew.


King of Cups:

The advice for this relationship is to be wise, generous, and emotionally mature. I should work on my personal development as it relates to the heart. I have been spending too much time in my own head!

RWS_Tarot_15_DevilThe Devil:

Ah, what an ominous card! I really wasn’t surprised when I drew this one. This is the result of the relationship going forward… there are multiple ways to interpret this. The likely outcome is increased carnal pleasure, though it might not be the best thing for me to be indulging in too much of. It could also mean that I should expect greater commitments and limitations in the future… more responsibility… great!

As with any divination tool, there is degree of subjectivity when deciding upon an interpretation. In other words, don’t take their meaning too seriously. There’s always a different perspective. I could go into greater depth about the relationships between the cards in the spread, but I need to get going!


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