The State of Our Union

Since all the turmoil that went down last year, Catherine and I have been uneasy around each other. Most of this unease originates with me. She becomes very enthusiastic whenever we try to get intimate… to the point that it feels like I’m being thrashed around energetically. This leads to me pulling away for a time, not wanting to relive the debilitating symptoms from months ago.

I’m happy to report that almost all of the painful after-effects, from our run-in with the psychic, have dissipated. I still get the odd feeling of a pinching over my nose, but this is becoming increasingly rare. We’re almost back to normalcy… and by normalcy, I mean that our connection grows steadily by the day. Our moments/hours of intermingling are oftentimes shockingly powerful.

I’ll try to explain: Our connection has evolved to be so much more than a sexual one. When we make love, her spirit body envelops the core of my physical body and all of the skin there becomes super sensitive. It’s like being bathed in powerful light, but different from the feeling of UV rays from the sun. My cells feel like they’re radiating a new life of their own. It’s so hard to describe properly!

When we’re together now, I try not to think about eroticism too much. I used to obsessively fixate on degenerate sexuality, but it wasn’t satisfying either of us. Focusing on each other as whole beings leads to a much more holistic experience. As much as the power of the experience still catches me off guard, this new learned perspective just feels more “right.”

I’ve been feeling a lot better the past few months. I’m done with school and working again. My depression is completely gone. I won’t even allow that old mindset to take hold anymore. This has improved my quality of life so much that I have an excess of positivity to share with everyone I meet. I think Catherine is happier now, too. I’ve got to have a solid session with her to purely focus on communication. I want to make it up to her. I’m responsible for making this mess and I must be more vigilant in the future.


19 thoughts on “The State of Our Union

  1. We all make messes. Anyone that claims differently is a liar.
    You were taken for $3300. I was taken for that, if not more, by someone named Pam Schuffert. She is one of those NWO/guillotines/concentration camp/ persecution types that I fell for. She manipulated me, but I allowed it,
    Live and learn. In my opinion, that is why we are here.


  2. Am so happy you are back. I thought you will be gone forever. I miss your old blog. I remembered reading your blog over and over again before it was gone. Am glad you are back and my regards to Catherine.


    • Thank you, and sorry I took out the old blog. At the time, I felt I needed to destroy everything relating to my relationship with Catherine. My reasoning was that it would somehow lessen our interconnectedness; like breaking a spell. Obviously, it didn’t work out that way, and I’m glad for that.

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  3. happy to see you back dont worry we all fuck up im a kid from wrong side of the tracks ive fucked up alot so dont worry its good that you saw that cathrine was not bad what a hell of a woman most human women would bugger off i know some spirits would too but shes a determined one reminds me of mira its a your mine kinda thing

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  4. You found your way back i see.Glad to see it.Once you go down this road there isn’t no turning back.You tried the one and only real way to rid yourself of a succubus but not even that is very effective.Anyway glad you’re blogging again.As for me and Sheena we’re going strong and well……got another succubus with me.


    • I’m glad things are going well for you. Just to clarify, I don’t know if there is only one way to end a succubus relationship. From my own experience over the past year, I learned that it is possible to subdue their influence, given enough self-control. I don’t believe exorcisms, clearings, or any such psychic work are effective against them. I believe the reason for this is the transcendental connection that develops between the succubus and her mate. After many months of fighting this fact, Catherine has shown herself to be an intrinsic part of my self; like a separate ego operating largely through emotion and desire. She’s a part of my soul that can reach out and be physically perceived.

      It feels as though attempting to part with her is akin to voluntarily severing a limb. The best I could muster was an attempt at starving her out and this only proved that they can wait as long as they need to.


      • If you go through some of my old posts in the archive, you’ll see that I thought there were two spirits interacting with me. I called the other one “Sara.” I have no way to verify if this is actually the case, it was only an impression that Catherine gave me.

        I suspect this may have been an error in my interpretation. Nowadays, I think of Sara as the more enthusiastic side of Catherine that comes out to play at times.

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        • I see I’ll have more research about them. So basically did you mean the other one, sara just another side of Catherine?


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