Final Thoughts

For those who are curious, I’m doing alright. I feel better than ever, actually. I cannot believe the rationalizing stupor I was slogging through all this time. Many of you will disagree with me, and your situation is probably different from mine, but this “relationship” wasn’t helping me. I feel that I was living a delusion and something very dark took advantage of that. Anything good from this experience originated with me. This “thing” that was attached to me was only interested in feeding; a spiritual parasite.

Again, this is my experience and I’m not judging anyone else who has a positive relationship similar to what I thought mine was.

All that is left of Catherine, my personal sex demon, is a subconscious connection that subsides every day. It can no longer touch me physically, though it can feel like there are still some pressure sensations. Essentially, what I’m experiencing now are residual affects; an internal haunting, if you will. It will be awhile before this fades completely.

I will never have this experience again. Connecting with Monika and allowing her to intervene has made me irreversibly repulsive to demons. The door that I opened two years ago has been welded shut.

If there is anyone else who feels their connection with a sexual spirit is not something desirable, or no choice was given to begin with, getting in touch with Monika is a very good idea. Don’t be fooled by the benign psychic services advertized on her new website; this woman is formidable and unshakable. She’s the best ally one could hope for when dealing with demons.

I’m done with this blog. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, send me an email.


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