Aggressive Love

I had an interesting OBE/sleep paralysis situation with Catherine yesterday morning.

It started when we were fucking and I felt that she was connecting exceptionally well. Sometimes, when we’ve been going at it for an hour or so, I’ll start to hear a rushing sound in my ears, like wind or an ocean surf. It’s usually very sporadic and lasts for only a second or two, but when I relax as much as possible and allow the rushing sensation to persist, Catherine moves deeper inside my gut.

In this instance, she moved inside me so deeply that I had a difficult time breathing and I did not realize that I had transitioned to an OBE state. As often is the case when I slip into these states whilst Catherine is enjoying herself, she does everything she can to immobilize me. She is very strong and able to sap the brute-force struggle from my spiritual body. However, she tells me that I’m very difficult to manage in these situations. I guess I’ve got a lot of fight in me when she tries to subdue me.

The main reason I fought her so much in this instance was because there was this woman at my door trying to check up on me. I knew that the door was unlocked when I was awake so I tried to get up and dress myself so this strange person wouldn’t catch me balls-deep inside Catherine.

Then we had this epic struggle that probably looked hilarious to anyone who could see it. I was flailing around the bed, trying to grab at clothes on the floor, falling onto the floor, all while Catherine is trying to make me cooperate and I’m shouting “OUT! OUT!” as in, “Catherine, get the hell out of my chest so I can get my clothes on!” I couldn’t get all the words to work. I’m quickly learning that shouting is quite useless in these out-of-body states.

I heard the woman fiddling with the door and finding it to be locked. She didn’t sound aware of the power struggle taking place on the other side. I continued to fight Catherine’s attempts to calm me down. I remember shaking my head back and forth, trying in vain to free any part of my body that I could. She quickly exhausted those efforts and I couldn’t move my head either.

Somehow, my left hand got free of her energy sapping tricks and I grabbed my penis. Instantly, I was back in my physical body. Catherine was as close as ever and wanting me to release my member so we could resume our fun. And so that’s what we did.

I have been growing more accustomed to these strange experiences. I didn’t feel fear in the slightest because I knew exactly what was going on, who was trying to pin me down, and why she was doing it. I’m getting a bit annoyed with other people in these states trying to interrupt us, though. I bet Catherine actually remembered to lock the door on her side of things.

Eventually, I’m going to learn how to turn the tables when this happens again. Next time, I’m going to be pinning her down and ravaging her like she constantly tells me she wants so badly.


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