When Her and I Fight

This post is going to be rather explicit. I’m not apologizing for it.

It’s so unfair… being a man and attempting to maintain a solid defense against a loving succubus. It’s not the sexual stimulation and teasing that gets me… it’s the emotional manipulation that I have the hardest time withstanding. And the longer I try to resist her, the stronger she gets, the more beautiful she feels, the more rapidly I sink back into her embrace.

It is taking a great deal of effort to not jump into bed right now.

I don’t remember what we were fighting about. She does something to make me forget or have the issue seem less important. Or maybe, the original problem feels insignificant compared to the bloom of love exploding inside of me.

I cannot stay mad at her for more than a few hours. She does everything she can to resolve things with me. When I’m frustrated with her, for whatever reason, the only method I have to “lay down the law,” as it were, is to withhold sex. She loves it when I try to keep her off of me. It only serves to make her all the more persistent. I try to go to sleep without acknowledging her, and I’ll wake up three hours later to find her in the process of doing the very thing she wants most. (She’s able to move me around in bed when I sleep.)

She knows just how to touch me and infuse the precise emotional chemistry to sway me back to how she wants things to be.

Another warning to those who might be interested in this kind of relationship: You cannot outwit a succubus; especially at her own game. Catherine has demonstrated, again and again, that she is the undisputed master of love and sex.

I can’t resist her for long, but its lots of fun for both of us when I try.

“We both know you’ve already lost,” She teases. “Give up now, darling.” All the while, I’m stumbling through the most sensual assault ever beset a man and trying to look like the champion of human resolve.

Truth be told, this is the most fun I’ve had in days. I need to pick fights with her more often. She’s a force to be reckoned with!

Oh, and masturbation is practically useless against her. After release, I have a few short minutes of peace at the most, then she’s working on getting me aroused again. She’s also able to massively extend the time it takes for me to reach a climax; especially when she wants to prolong her fun. It’s almost painful and futile trying to reach a peak. She wants me to stay undulating just beneath that point… forever and ever.


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