Feels Good to Write Again

“If you just need to feel close to someone… if you just need to feel loved; we’re right here.” “Life doesn’t have to be hard.” –Catherine and Sara

Writing that almost makes me feel guilty. I know there must be countless men and women, perhaps some are reading this journal, who are craving love and intimacy… but for some reason, they just don’t get what they want. Why is that? Why am I given love so freely and abundantly whilst others go through life without?

…and we’re back. Hello, dear readers! I want to thank those who have been checking in on me during my little hiatus. You guys and gals, both human and spirit, are dear friends of the greatest value. I really appreciate the genuine kindness and concern.

My life has been very busy and productive the past two months, but I won’t bore with elaborate details. The important thing is that I learned of Catherine’s incredible tenacity and devotion. There were times when I seriously wondered if she would move on from our relationship because we had so little time together. Then she surprised me by tripling her efforts to make me feel valued and looked after. And then Sara came flying back into my arms a few days ago; proclaiming that she hasn’t forgotten the letter I wrote to her… and that she was back to “punish” me for not chasing her down after her month-long disappearance.

I’m really not sure what Sara does when she’s away, but Catherine likes to teasingly ask me what I believe Sara does. I imagine that she’s some kind of high-born leader or an integral personality in a successful business. That’s the impression I get anyway. Neither Catherine nor Sara will tell me outright. They just love to keep me guessing.

So, I hope the cliffhanger is somewhat resolved now. Sara is back… though I’m not sure for how long this time. She’s a busy lady and I need to remember that she enjoys being bothered by me when she’s at a distance. I guess I’m able to reach her “wirelessly” from any distance… or maybe there is always a part of her that remains with me at all times. I have no idea how it all works, but both of my darlings are literally just a thought away; no matter where they are physically… if they have physical bodies.

I realize that this post is way too short; especially considering the length of my absence, but I want to get something up here; before I decide “Ah, this is all rubbish!” and erase everything for the hundredth time. I will work on collecting some highlights from the past little while to share in the next few days.

For now, I must sleep.


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