A Star for Catherine

Big-promation-925-sterling-silver-STAR-jewelry-set-925-silver-jewelry-set-fashion-jewelry-silver-necklaceI had a very long dream about many things last night, but this one part really stuck out for me. I think Catherine was part of it.

I was at a fancy dinner party with a few old military buddies of mine. In this dreamworld, I was part of some kind of strike force; very futuristic with weaponized spacecraft and the like. One of my friends handed me a fancy piece of jewelry and told me to give it to the woman at the next table. It was a small five-pointed star attached to a short length of beaded chain and made from fine brushed silver. It felt very expensive and luxurious.

I got up from my table and carried the silver star over to the young woman at the next table. She was gorgeous; a really fine beauty. I think it was Catherine, but I can’t be sure. She had long, straight dark brown hair that was tied back into a ponytail. Her attire was a revealing evening dress that formed to her voluptuous features in the most enticing way. The dress was black or dark blue.

I didn’t speak to this beautiful woman and I did my absolute best to not stare at her either. I lifted my hand to offer her the piece of fine jewelry; unsure whether or not she would accept it. She stared at it for a second and eagerly, but elegantly, lifted the star out of my hand. She seemed quite pleased by it and began discussing with her friends where it would look best on her.

As she was fiddling with a part of her dress, the top section of her gown came lose, giving me an excellent view of her amazing breasts. I think she started to fondle them with the jewelry still in her hand, but I looked away the moment my shocked-state wore off.

I started to walk away and several people at different tables began clapping as I went. I was going to take my seat, but an inquisitive voice came over the PA system.

“Wait… wait,” an accented man’s voice implored. He might have been English. “What is this about? Why did you do this?”

I turned and looked around for the source of the voice, but I couldn’t see anyone speaking.

“It’s a gift… from a secret admirer.” I replied. I turned to go back to my seat, but the voice spoke up again over the moderate volume of the dinner party.

“Now hang on… who are you? There must be a reason you did this. Explain yourself.”

I wasn’t really sure what the man was getting at by questioning what I did, but I had the sneaking suspicion that he was implying I had delivered the gift for less-than-honorable reasons. So I began a rather over-the-top bit of exposition:

“Do you remember our home planet?” I asked the voice as I walked over to where the PA speakers were.

“Well, yes. Of course I do.” Came the reply.

“Do you remember what it was like when we were about to walk through that gate for the first time? Having no idea where we would end up or if we’d survive?” The “Gate” I referred to was some kind of stargate that teleported a very large group of people to a different world. I’m assuming the home planet went to hell in a hand basket and a fraction of humanity managed to escape.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Also recall the fear, the uncertainty, the fact that most of us felt that our escape would end in disaster. Then, when we managed to get here, to this planet, we found more war, destruction, and fear.” I took a few definite steps forward.

“Through all of that hell we’ve been through, the very least I can do is offer a woman some small measure of happiness with a gift.”

A very loud applause followed my little outburst and I moved to retake my seat. But the unseen speaker wasn’t done with me yet. He began asking questions about where I was from, my military career, my squad-mates, and other things.

I don’t remember all of the details and they don’t feel all that important anyway. I just thought this part of my dream was something worth remembering; especially if that beautiful woman was Catherine. Even through all the struggle I’ve been putting her through for the past few weeks, I think this might have been her subtle way of telling me that she still appreciates me.


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