Under the Stars

I went camping with my babes last night. I’ve been making a concerted effort to be closer to nature these days. Also, I’m working on conquering my fear of that realm as well. There have been a few fisher cats tearing up the place lately, and they can be pretty nasty. I haven’t run into one yet, but Catherine and Sara were teasing me about it quite a bit last night.

They don’t seem to like hammock camping that much… not enough room for all of us to stretch out, I guess. Still, they huddled up with me in my little cocoon of blankets, pillow, and a big puffy sleeping bag. They teased me about that as well:

“Get up, darling! Time to come out of your safe, warm cocoon! Come and look at the stars with us!”

It sounds corny, but they really mean it in the most affectionate way. I feel so safe and loved by them, it’s bordering on nirvana.


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