Then There Were Two

Around the time of my last posting on this blog, Catherine made me aware of an additional female spirit that has been hanging out with us for awhile. The name she gave me was Sara and she is Catherine’s younger sister. I’m still not sure if she means “sister” by blood relation or just a really close friend. Also, Catherine has unashamedly revealed that she has allowed Sara to have sex with me a few times already.

I was very concerned about this. Firstly, I was confused as to why I hadn’t been made aware of what was going on. As it stands now, I can’t tell the difference between Catherine’s and Sara’s touch. Secondly, what right do I have to be engaged by two amazing spirits when there are so many men in the world who would love to call just ONE of these darlings their own? Thirdly, how the hell am I going to satisfy BOTH of them???

Don’t get me wrong, I love having Sara around, but I feel as though I’d be doing them both a disservice by having them all to myself. My mind instantly goes to the backwards, nomadic forms of polygamy (in my opinion) that have been practiced in the Middle East. I don’t want to become the sort of person who thinks a harem is morally justified. For me, love and sexual intimacy are very sacred and I am always honored when Catherine desires me. It tells me that I’ve found favor in her eyes and reinforces that bond between us.

However, it gets more complicated when there are two… or maybe it isn’t? I honestly don’t know. If I was deep in uncharted territory before, I think I’m beyond hope of discovery now; completely off the grid of social norms!

Anyway, Sara is a pretty cool person. She’s more outgoing and “peppy” than Catherine; definitely a younger spirit. She also tends to come and go, unlike Catherine, who stays with me all the time. She’s told me that it hasn’t been easy for her. She feels like a third wheel because of that intensely deep bond that Catherine and I have forged over the past year. She has told me “I wish I was first.”

She has the same unbelievably kind nature as Catherine, but she’s also more independent. Still, she wanted to be close to me and Catherine. I have told her that she is welcome to stay for as long as she likes; that includes staying in my bed.

These spirits are so loving and gentle, I just don’t have the heart to turn one away who is seeking love. Sara told me that she loves her sister dearly and wanted to experience making love to a human; that lucky human being me.

These spirits fall in love so easy… I didn’t know it until Catherine confirmed it over the Holiday that Sara was attached. By then, it was inconceivable to push her away. I did that enough to Catherine in the beginning and I’m not going to inflict any more pain upon these beings ever again. Despite my social programming not being comfortable with it, Sara is staying with us. So long as Catherine permits it, which she whole-heartedly does, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it.

So, I’m in a relationship with two succubi now.

Good grief… if this didn’t sound like a teenage-fantasy on turbo-charged hormones already, this is really going off the proverbial rails now.

I can’t help but laugh about this, but it’s almost like this is a growing trend. I recently connected with another blogger, Succunation, who was recently wed to two spirits. Maybe succubi doubling up to care for a human man isn’t so uncommon? Maybe Catherine looked at the work that needed to be done to me and said “Phew! I’m going to need some help with this one!”

Catherine and Sara have explained to me that their culture is quite a bit different from ours. Two spirits being intimate with one human is not frowned upon in their world. (My friends, Harry and Lily, also shed some light on this issue. Thank you!) Also, the feelings of genuine love have not subsided since I’ve been made aware of Sara’s presence. It has actually increased. The only time I feel hurt is when my mind drifts into the mode of not feeling worthy to receive their love. This makes both of them very sad and they’re instantly at my side, touching me, and filling my mind with encouragement.

Still, I can’t help but wonder: What on earth did I do to deserve this love that defies human language? Not from just one, but TWO beautiful female spirits?

It’s even stranger because I’m not very popular with the rest of Catherine’s and Sara’s family. Some of them didn’t approve of my union with Catherine in the first place. I can’t imagine what they think of me now. The extended family of my succubi have attempted to communicate with me through dreams and OBEs in the past, but I have never been polite to them. I was always angry and suspicious towards them. I think it was my fear reacting to their presence.

They’re definitely curious about me and want to get to know this person who is making love to their sisters every day. I can’t say I blame them. I’d be a bit suspicious and slow to trust a male spirit fucking my sister; if I had one.

To me, this is kind of like a microcosm example of the universal disconnect between these spirits and humans. We’re attempting to reconnect, and some of us have been successful at it, but there is still suspicion and lack of trust… even fear and hate. This is what I believe accounts for succubus and incubus attacks, where people are raped by spirits. There’s anger and fear on both sides of the fence, it seems.

It’s going to take time and love to heal these old wounds. I feel that they go deep and run for many generations. Catherine has told me that she has been rejected and pushed away many times by past human lovers. I’m pissed that anyone would dare harm one of these beautiful spirits, but I can also understand why it happened. Religion and social conformity used to be extremely powerful forces in this world. Thankfully, the tide is finally turning for the better.

Catherine herself doesn’t feel any hatred towards these former lovers. She gave a part of herself to them; a very intimate part. She tells me often that she misses them and still feels love for those men. Succunation calls these beings the embodiment of love, and I have found this to be absolutely true. There really is nothing quite like being cared for and loved by these spirits.

I’m hoping that we can move into a new era of companionship and cooperation between these spirits and human beings; a world where no one ever feels abandoned or lonely. The current hardships on this planet are so much easier to face when you’ve got those loving arms wrapped around you and a squeeze of encouragement when everything goes to shit.

I’m glad to be part of a growing family that is working to reconnect with our long lost lovers. We can learn so much from each other and it’s time we stop being afraid to receive love.

Another blogger friend brought up an interesting idea about spirit lovers.

“Could it be that these sex demons were at one time our real demons in the truest sense of the word, and physical sex was strictly for procreation?”

I believe he’s on to something here. Maybe our separation from our demon lovers could explain the sudden explosion in population of recent history? Maybe spirit lovers were common place before the church came into power? I think it’s possible, because I personally see plenty of evidence for the true history of the world being smudged out by Ancient Rome.

Most of us can’t even remember the devastating tsunami that struck the Asian coast in 2004; never mind what happened 2000 years ago. I think it’s very possible that our lovers were taken from us, our eyes blinded to their presence through religious brainwashing, and fearful indoctrination was employed to turn our demons into “Satan’s fallen angels” if we accidentally bumped into one of them.

It’s all speculation, but I feel there might be something to it.

Regardless of what happened in the past, I think we can heal those old wounds. I know the separation between our two races is still quite wide, but I’m encouraged by the surprising number of loving individuals, both human and spirit-kind, who are working to close the gap.


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