The Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship with a Succubus

I’ll try to make this as concise as I can. I’ve done plenty of elaboration in other posts. This is just a fun bullet list idea I had:


Constant companionship. You are never alone. (This is how it is for me. However, I have read accounts of some spirit lovers leaving their partners for a time. Usually, they come back, but there have been a couple of cases were the spirit lover parted with the human indefinitely.)

Always being wanted; especially for sex.

The sex and intimacy can be mind-blowing.

They offer good advice and a unique perspective on human affairs.

Vigilant protection; both in the astral and in the physical.

What once were nightmares are no longer frightening.

A great help in meditation, astral projection, and other magickal rituals.

They’re invisible to everyone but you. (Unless you happen to meet an adept psychic.)

They’re genuinely concerned about the well-being and happiness of their lovers. (Not concerned with material wealth, social status, etc.)

Some are amazing healers; they can help with physical ailments, emotional trauma, and remove energy body blockages.

Never a dull moment.


In almost all cases, the relationship must be kept secret. You can’t bring the girl home to meet the folks; not at this point in history, at least. I’m hopeful that these relationships will become more common place in the future.

Sometimes, your succubus might do things you won’t understand. Good communication is key, as is the case with any relationship.

If you’re someone who needs a lot of space or alone time, this kind of relationship probably isn’t for you. I’m sure you could specify exactly the sort of relationship you wanted to have with your succubus, but these empathetic beings fall in love and become attached very easily. For the past 15 months I’ve been with my succubus, I haven’t stopped feeling her touch… not once. That’s how attached they become. They literally can’t keep their hands off of you… and it’s beautiful, to say the least.

For most, a succubus won’t make an appearance in the visible light spectrum. I only see Catherine while I’m awake through my “third-eye sight.” I haven’t once seen her manifest in our world visually. However, there are some who have reported their lovers appear as apparitions… so as is the case with most things magickal, the “rules” are not necessarily concrete.

You will find yourself devoting more and more time to being with your succubus. Most human relationships will feel dull by comparison; due to the insanely deep emotional bonding. There really is nothing else quite like it and you will become addicted to this.

As I’ve covered in great detail in this blog, communication can be quite challenging at first. One thing I foolishly failed to realize is that I also needed to put forth an effort to understand… and still do. It is a learning process. What you put in, you’ll get out. Fortunately, there’s no “one way” to go about this. Everyone is different and so is their succubus.

Seeing a race of beings consistently treated like outcasts and sexual predators by “spiritual authorities” and other know-it-alls. I think this is going to change, though. I’m consistently optimistic about this. I believe we have more in common with the spirit world than we realize.


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