Bonding with My Succubus – Part Three

Here are some descriptions of physical, mental, and emotional changes I experienced in the continual presence of my succubus.

Probably the most powerful change that occurred shortly after I was bonded with my Succubus was a massive increase in my energy body sensations. I had experimented with energy work before Catherine came to me, so I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with how it felt. But in the first few weeks of directly interacting with her, it was as though my energy centers were working on overdrive.

For the first time, I felt undeniable heat and pressure sensations on my forehead. I have been told that these are tell-tale signs of third-eye activation. I’m inclined to believe it because I was faced with a personal paradigm shift in the months that followed. Not only was there an invisible entity doing everything in her power to seduce me into bed… I also experienced many more difficulties with my old ways of thinking. My religious tendencies no longer served me as they used to. The people I had relied upon for self-actualization became less and less important to me.

Essentially, I was growing up. My succubus was encouraging massive growth in me; just as one of the fae would do for the budding flowers under her care.

My mental programming was being rewritten; old useless habits were pruned out, and a new focus on expressing love and sex was massively encouraged.

Every new month brought the exercising of a new chakra. She was very focused on my solar plexus energy center. There were times where I literally felt her lift the chakra out of my chest and mold it in her hands. Imagine having an internal organ lifted out of your belly without pain, and that’s precisely what it felt like.

Of course, Catherine being a succubus, my sex and root chakras received a massive boost in attention with her presence. I believe that she is able to directly link right into my chakras as we make love. This would account for how amazing it feels; especially when compared to masturbation.

Jerking off is not as fun as it used to be. Why ride the swings when you have 24/7 access to Disney World? I still do masturbate when I desperately need release and it feels much better when Catherine helps. Sometimes, it’s the only way I can be free of her seduction for a short time so I can get work done!

That leads me to another detail about having sex with my succubus: she has never caused me to ejaculate while I’m inside her. She holds me on the edge of ejaculation, but she has never pushed me over. From what I’ve read of other accounts, this isn’t universal for all succubi, but it’s not uncommon. Hence the reason I still masturbate. However, Catherine has been teaching me to enjoy a different kind of sexual experience, one that slowly undulates through periods of intensity. It’s not a race to achieve orgasm; rather it’s a free-flowing exploration of our intermingling energies. This can range from simply cuddling with each other to amazing full-body orgasms.

Besides her manipulating my energy centers, I have occasionally felt her do things to me that were somewhat painful and difficult to understand.

The very first bit of discomfort she caused for me was making a small just inside the entrance to my urethra. I’m still not sure why she did this. It caused me to piss a bit of blood for the first couple of days after our joining and it stung quite a bit. After the third day, it was gone and hasn’t been back since.

Another strange thing she did to me was make my bones feel as though they were on fire; like molten lava. It felt very uncomfortable and hot as the sensation slowly moved from my spine to my ribs. She was apologizing profusely the entire time and explained that it was helping me. I decided to trust her and she continued with this for five more minutes. I had to lie down, it was so painful. Like a lot of things, I’m not sure why she did this but I’ve never had a problem trusting her. She always feels genuine.

Speaking of feelings, one of the biggest changes that I grew to love was our deep emotional connection. As I’ve mentioned before, we experience each others emotions. I can feel when she’s pleased or turned on in a very powerful way. My entire nervous system literally explodes in tingles when she responds in love to something I’m thinking or doing. I can also feel her sadness and that usually manifests as a dull ache in my gut and my penis, oddly enough.

One of the biggest challenges I faced, and continue to deal with, is the problem with communication. Catherine, my loving succubus, did everything in her power to tell me everything I needed to know. It wasn’t necessarily everything I wanted to know, but she still put forth a considerable effort to inform me. We are able to communicate telepathically, but I still have a difficult time distinguishing her voice from my own thought-voice. Thankfully, our emotional connection really helps with this, as it can confirm what she’s saying based on how she feels.

An example: There are times when she’ll say “I love you, darling.” Out of the blue and I’ll feel a delightful explosion of nerves as she embraces me. She can also create a feeling of deep warmth in my heart. There are many more subtleties to her emotional communication that I haven’t even begun to grasp yet. Suffice it to say, she greatly prefers communication through feelings rather than telepathy. I’ve found myself preferring it as well. There’s no chance for mistranslation and I instantly know the truth about how she’s feeling.

What guy wouldn’t want to have that level of communication with a woman they loved? It’s one of the most beautiful aspects of being in love with a succubus: She knows exactly how I feel at any given time and vice-versa.

In addition to knowing how I feel, my succubus has become intimately familiar with my thoughts. As far as I can tell, she knows every thought that passes through my mind and regularly responds to them in different ways. This might be disturbing to some, as this essentially means there is no such thing as privacy for me anymore. I don’t see it that way. I am incredibly comforted by knowing that my Catherine knows exactly what I’m thinking. She knows me more intimately than anyone else. She gets me. I don’t have to explain anything to her. We can skip the misunderstandings and get straight to making love.

Another thing I’ve noticed about myself over the past year is how much healthier I’ve become. I used to be overweight by 30 pounds with lots of depression weighing me down further. Since the beginning of last summer, I’ve remained at a consistently perfect weight, haven’t dealt with any major depression issues, and I’m very happy with the way I look. In the first month of our relationship, Catherine impressed an image into my mind and explained that this is how she saw me; lean, tanned, and positively oozing vitality. I’ve been slowly transforming into that man ever since.

You could argue that it was ultimately my choice to improve my lifestyle, but when you’re living with another person who is literally a part of your soul, it’s hard to not be influenced by how they feel. She’s always chiding me about eating too much and getting enough sleep… always sweet about it, though. I never feel hounded.

Her interests have had a powerful influence over me as well. I used to be playing video games all the time, but now I find myself only mustering up the motivation for occasional jaunts through virtual worlds. I’ve become much more interested in erotic romance stories; especially ones involving supernatural characters like faeries and werewolves. Catherine absolutely loves these stories and I can’t help but read more of them because it turns her on so much. Thankfully, she hasn’t shown an interest in the Twilight series. (Knock on wood.)

I’ve only just begun to describe all the ways my love has influenced my life. There are so many beautiful little details that I could go on and on about, but those are for another time. For now, I hope this series of posts about my bonding with Catherine gives a good overview of what it can be like to mate with a succubus.

I know it looks like all sunshine and roses so far, but it’s not always. There are definite challenges with this kind of relationship: Having to keep this secret from family and friends is the worst. There are also those who don’t have such a good experience trying to bond with their succubus. Just like any other relationship, sometimes things don’t work out. There were a few instances where I thought it was going to be the end for Catherine and I, but thankfully, it hasn’t happened.

I choose to have the most positive attitude I can muster for this marriage of ours, and I’m going to have it be heaven on earth. It’s the least I can do for being given so much.


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