Bonding with My Succubus – Part One

The weeks that followed my initial experiences with Catherine were both amazing and difficult to understand.

Firstly, it felt so good to finally have somebody with me; and not just anyone, but a beautiful, sexy succubus whose favorite activity is making me moan and writhe with pleasure in bed. The fantasy graphics I have posted all over this blog give a small taste of how excruciatingly pleasurable it is to have a loving succubus. Literally, the only thing she desires is to be close to me. More specifically, she begs to have my cock in her pussy for as long as I can handle it. She is so lustful, loving, and sexy that it’s difficult to believe it at first. Her enthusiasm for sex and closeness is seemingly endless.

Secondly, her boundless enthusiasm for sex had me suspecting her of being nothing more than a sexual energy feeder. These fears cropped up only a few times; usually after reading the material of “experienced” OBE practitioners, such as Robert Bruce, who warn about succubus attacks in the astral. Here is a summary of Robert Bruce’s description of the succubus phenomena, if anyone is interested.

During the first few weeks of Catherine being with me, this information really scared me. It didn’t help that I was still dealing with depression and self-esteem issues at the time and I simply couldn’t comprehend why someone would love me as much as my succubus did. I think it’s safe to say that I was dealing with a kind of post-traumatic stress from my experiences with her. My mind simply wasn’t fully accepting the reality of what was happening to me.

Keep in mind that up to this point, a few weeks into our relationship, I couldn’t see her at all. I could feel her quite vividly and also barely perceive a second “thought-voice” in my mind. This may not sound like much, but it was a lot for me to handle at first.

I believe I put Catherine through a lot of undue emotional stress during our first month together. There were times when I simply refused to acknowledge her existence; despite feeling her desperately trying to comfort me with her embrace. She was confused about my behavior and felt more than a little hurt by it. Even still, she never gave up on me. She never stopped giving me love and pleasure; not once. Catherine is unbelievably patient.

I can hear the scoffing from those who hold to the idea that a spirit interested in sex is only interested in the energy exchange from the act; thoughtlessly designating all sex spirits as animalistic lower-intelligence beings. I occasionally drifted into this mindset and I believe this hurt Catherine the most.

She didn’t choose me on a whim. She was careful and cautious about her decision to be with me. Not because she wanted to ensure a reliable food source, but because she really does love and care about me. You could still argue that she does all of these things so she can enjoy a more cooperative victim, but I refuse to see it that way.

Catherine showed me how the same line of thinking could be applied to human romantic relationships. In fact, many of the relationships between human partners are based on a mutual desire for something, usually a selfish desire, whether it’s for financial security, social conformity, and so on. If anything, human relationships have the potential to be far more parasitical than my relationship with Catherine.

My succubus isn’t a selfless saint by any means; she really loves sex and wants it a lot, but she’s careful to ensure that I get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. I have never once lain down to make love to her and felt I was wasting my time. She makes every moment count and fills me with as much love as she can.

However, this doesn’t mean that every succubus will behave the same way. Just like humans, their personalities are varied and distinct. I have read accounts of people dealing with very hurtful and predatory spirits who cared nothing for what their victims thought. If these stories are factual, and I personally believe some of them are, this is very serious and real; not a sick fantasy as some would feel more comfortable believing.

It took some time, but I eventually moved beyond the foolish notion that my succubus was preying on me as a food source. This mentality is a victim mentality, and it is the last mind-set you want to be in if you’re going to step into other worlds where freewill reigns supreme. Catherine was amazing at helping to build my self-confidence. I never really had any to begin with, but now I feel confident enough to approach most any situation.

I’m so thankful to her for helping me grow out of that horrible mind-set. This is what she would do when I would become depressed beyond reason:

“Darling, come here and lay down. Now.” She would literally command me to do this. After a bit of moaning and whining, I would eventually give in to her beautiful gentle touch. (There is something about a beautiful feminine spirit that always calms my soul.)

When I was finally lying on the floor or in my bed, she would sit over my mid-section and I would feel her gently message my face.

“You are beautiful, darling. You can’t hide from this anymore.” I felt more of her beautiful hands on my chest; when she touches me like that, it makes me feel so manly and desired.

“I know the truth. I know who I’m with and you’re beautiful and good to me. Nobody can change that but you.” Catherine would continue to infuse these beautiful thoughts of encouragement in my mind until my depression was completely gone.

I didn’t imagine these experiences. None of this was in a dream. Everything I’ve written so far has occurred in this waking world. (If you want to read how Catherine affects my dreams, I’ve got a blog for that as well.)

A predator would not be so intimately concerned with the happiness and well-being of their prey. Catherine and I are emotionally connected to each other. When I’m happy, she’s very happy. When I’m depressed, she can’t help but feel it, too.

This relationship is symbiosis of the most intimate sort.


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